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Software Quality assurance (SQA) PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides - . SWE 333. . Dr Khalid . Alnafjan. Software . Quality Factors. The need for comprehensive software quality requirements. Classification of requirements into software quality factors.

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Software Quality assurance (SQA) PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

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Software Quality assurance (SQA) PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides


    Software Quality assurance (SQA) SWE 333

    Dr Khalid


    Quality Factors


    The need for comprehensive software quality requirementsClassification of requirements into software quality factorsProduct operation factorsProduct revision factorsProduct transition factorsAlternative models of software quality factorsWho is interested in defining quality requirements?Software compliance with quality factors

    Presentation 3

    Software quality factors


    “Our new sales information system seems okay, the invoices are correct, the inventory records are correct, the discounts granted to our clients exactly follow our very complicated discount policy,


    our new sales information system frequently fails, usually at least twice a day, each time for twenty minutes or more. Yesterday it took an hour and half before we could get back to work . . . . Imagine how embarrassing it is to store managers . . . .


    , the software house that developed our computerized sales system, claims no responsibility . . . .”


    “Believe it or not, our software package ‘Blackboard’ for school teachers, launched just three months ago, is already installed in 187 schools. The development team just returned from a week in Hawaii, their vacation bonus.


    we have been suddenly receiving daily complaints from the ‘Blackboard’ maintenance team. They claim that the lack of failure detection features in the software, in addition to the poor programmer’s manual, have caused them to invest more than the time estimated to deal with bugs or adding minor software changes that were agreed as part of purchasing contracts with clients.”


    “The new version of our loan contract software is really accurate. We have already processed 1200 customer requests, and checked each of the output contracts. There were no errors.


    we did face a severe unexpected problem – training a new staff member to use this software takes about two weeks. This is a real problem in customer departments suffering from high employee turnover . . . . The project team says that as they were not required to deal with training issues in time, an additional two to three months of work will be required to solve the problem.”


    There are some characteristic common to all these “




    All the software projects satisfactorily fulfilled the basic requirements for correct calculations


    All the software projects suffered from poor performance in important areas such as maintenance, reliability, software reuse, or training.


    The cause for the poor performance of the developed software projects in these areas was the lack of predefined requirements to cover these important aspects of the software’s functionality.


    The need to a quality requirements document

    A software quality is based on the quality of its requirements documentMany software applications fail because the requirements document quality is poorThe need for improving poor requirements documents is widespread



    We need what is called

    software quality factors

    that is included in requirements document


    There are different



    quality factors and models.

    The classic software quality factory model is

    McCall software quality factor


    Software quality factors

    Product operation factors

    Product revision factors

    Product transition factors

    McCall's software quality

    factors model



    Product operation factors


    Product operation factors

    Correctness: extent to which a program fulfills its specification.Reliability: ability not to fail.Efficiency: use of resources execution and storage.Integrity: protection of the program from unauthorized access.Usability: ease of use of the software.




    Product revision factors


    Product revision factors

    Maintainability: effort required to locate and fix a fault in a program.Flexibility: ease of making changes required by changes in operating environment.Testability: ease of testing the program to ensure that it is error-free and meets its specification.




    Product transition factors


    Product transition factors

    Portability: Effort required to transfer a program from one environment to another system.Reusability: ease of re-using software in a different context.Interoperability: effort required to couple a system to another system.



    Software quality factors


    McCalls factor model tree


    McCall's factor modeland alternative models


    Criteria for evaluation of software quality

    Examples:Flight software that flies on a single mission satellite will not be concerned with portability but may be very concerned with reliability.A software system that remains on the ground may be concerned with portability and not very concerned by reliability.



    How Does McCall factors improve quality

    McCall quality factors could be used as a reference when preparing requirements document. Most, if not all, of those factors should be covered explicitly in the software requirements document.

    Measuring those factors tell us where we need improvement. We can use quality metrics


    Software quality factors in requirements document


    Employees salaries should not be late


    Employees salaries should be calculated accurately and must be ready five days before the end of the month



    The system should be working as much time as possible


    The system should not be in failure status during working hours (9 to 4).

    Total time of failure status should not exceed 20 minutes per month.



    Software quality factors in requirements document


    The GPS application should use as little as possible of mobile phone battery


    The GPS application should

    not use more than 10% of battery power in two hours time



    Students should be allowed to access their final marks


    Students should be allowed to view their final marks. They should not be able to make any changes



    Software quality factors in requirements document


    The billing system should be easy to use (Wrong)

    Billing staff should be able to learn the most important five functions of the billing system in 3 working hours.



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    What software quality factors are missing ?


    See Chapter 3

    Summary and try to answer some questions

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