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Insights Success new edition titled ‘India’s Best Child Care Clinics’, which depicts their extraordinary tales along with two trendy articles . Published on 11-11-2022 | By: InsightsSuccessDM

Due to advances in medical science and technology, there are dramatic positive changes in the scope and reach of child health care in the country. Further enhancement in healthcare knowledge and more research in the area of child psychology, including the emotional responses of children, is paving the way for better diagnostics and prevention of many severe diseases and disorders.  

A healthy baby or child means when an individual meets in with the basic minimum nutritional, physical, physiological, psychological, intellectual, and social aspects of their own well-being appropriate to their age and gender. When a child or a baby experiences disturbance of any of its activity or prevention in an appropriate level of functioning, that child is supposed to be not feeling well.  

Here in comes childcare clinics into the situation and are supposed to provide modern child healthcare which concentrates, focuses, and emphasizes upon continuous and wholistic childcare. As per the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), children’s primary needs are not restricted to only nutritional but must include and ensure a broad-based, long-term, and holistic personal and social development.  

Apart from governmental childcare centres, local, private childcare units can play and are playing an essential role in this regard. These childcare clinics are not only treating or attending to children who are coming into their local, regional centres but also providing basic healthcare options delivered at home too, as seen especially during the pandemic times.  

These clinics are upgrading themselves according to the changing times. They embrace all the significant technological and medical advancements like digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence, data analysis, cloud computing, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), machine learning, EMR/EHR, robotic process automation, telemedicine, etc. Using these ultramodern technologies, they create a unified childcare ecosystem, which is well-equipped to tackle the personal, holistic care that UNICEF is propagating.   

To gauge their exact preparedness in terms of futuristic childcare, Insights Success has come up with this brand new edition titled ‘India’s Best Child Care Clinics’, which depicts their extraordinary tales along with two trendy articles written by our in-house editorial team.  

Flip on through the following pages to better understand the contemporary childcare scenario! 

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