The Women Owning the Business Arena

Insights Success’ brand-new edition of ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena!’ has brought selected admirable stories for you. Published on 17-11-2022 | By: InsightsSuccessDM

Women’s entrepreneurial spirit and enhancing aura transform India’s social and economic demographics. Their labor force participation is pulling out millions of families from the curse of poverty and leading to employment generation.

It is an approval of their business mindset and leadership skills that the many modern industries, such as electronic manufacturing, see half of their employees being women. It is because of their proven track record of high-precision work and optimum productivity levels.

Their positive attitude towards work and commendable enterprising skills further enhances their positions in the modern corporate arena. As per the IBEF report, India’s working-age women are presently around 432 million, while women-owned businesses are at a 13.5 to15.7 million mark. These enterprises give direct employment to about 22–27 million Indians.

In addition, today, an increasing number of companies are being helmed by women. New-age Indian women are emerging as independent, having a solid impetus to start their businesses.

According to the Boston Consulting Group’s study, startups established or co-established by women entrepreneurs create ten per cent more cumulative revenue across the next five years.

In addition, these startups promote a more inclusive workplace culture and employ three times more women than men. Furthermore, women-led firms are projected to grow by 90% in the next five years. And half of India’s startup ecosystem is now empowered by women entrepreneurs, out of which fifty thousand are now recognized by the government.

The year 2021 saw significant startups led by women transforming into unicorns. All these factors indicate a simple fact, the age of Indian entrepreneurial empresses has come. Not only the present but the future also will witness their unprecedented and unstoppable march to the top.

It is indeed heartening to see this. In the spirit of this occasion, to salute them and celebrate their tremendous success achieved by their constant battling the adversaries and defeating the social, economic, and traditional adversities, Insights Success’ brand-new edition of ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena!’ has brought selected admirable stories for you.

Flip through the pages to get mesmerized, enamored, delighted, enthralled, and enchanted. We guarantee you; that you will surely get the inspiration, and your belief in the future will be restored.

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