Top 5 Indian Startups – Every Indian Should Know About!

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In India, one might have noticed a few budding companies turning into huge brands in recent times. Ever wondered how these companies started initially? And how do they turn into brands within a slight period?

A company in its initial stages is referred to as a startup. It is founded by one or more entrepreneurs who develop a product or service they believe is in demand. Companies start with high c

osts and restricted revenue and jump on to look for capital from various sources available as venture capitalists.

Startup initiatives get many founders who normally finance their startups in an attempt to attract investments before they hit the ground of markets. They come with a higher risk of failure however come with various opportunities to work and learn with great benefits, focusing innovation on the cause of startup.

Best startups search for capital to invest in while researching and building their business. Startups aim at mission statements, vision, goals, management, and marketing strategies.

To acquire more knowledge about the startup culture, this blog is your perfect match!

As it includes the Top 5 Startups, every Indian must know about it!

1.Living food 

Recently since the pandemic hit the nation worldwide, everyone’s been skeptical about ordering groceries online. Alongside that, organic and fresh veggies are still in question. Assuring the authenticity of high-quality groceries and delivery makes it much more convenient for people working and living in metro cities.

With the same idea in mind, Founder and CEO Akash Sajith, Co-founder and COO Shikha Lakhanpal, and Co-founder and CXO, Niranjan K S decided to take the opportunity. That’s when Living Food came into existence.

In association with locally-sourced farmers and high-quality products to customers, it is harvested or produced on the very same day. It became the only farm-to-table platform with a subscription as It comes with a vertical hydroponic farm, and it has expanded considerably.

2. CRED 

Since we all do get calls to get credit cards and it has only made it easier for people for a long time. Credit cards create a gateway for people who can find it difficult to accommodate certain investments beyond their usual capital. Regardless of that, people do opt for credit cards and later are unable to handle the hassle of paying bills.

The Founder of CRED, Kunal Shah, primarily founded it to solve the problems of the taxpayers and make them responsible citizens paying taxes on a timely basis. He also wanted to incorporate a platform for credit card users to pay bills that, in turn, rewards the user with every transaction. This fintech platform delivers utmost care in protecting user data and user information. The app offers completely safe and secure connections while keeping trust intact while dealing with the key to an economic fortune.


The moment any couple is about to welcome an offspring into their family, Looking for baby care products is a major thing every parent faces; even though baby care products do exist but not without harmful material. This hit founder of Mamaearth, also parents Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh. The couple imported some reliable products for their children, manufactured from somewhere instead. It was pretty overpriced and inconvenient.

It struck the couple later on that they weren’t the only ones facing this issue. The duo thought of making baby essentials toxin free and affordable for all the parents in India. They burned the midnight oil to create a new brand with products that were completely safe. The products were certified toxin free while choosing an R&D team and getting the required certification. The products were mum-baby friendly and met stern international standards.

Mamaearth is a brand, created by parents, for parents to solve every little problem they faced during their parenthood. After initial months of struggles like low sales and high shipping rates, and a few return rates. The duo didn’t give up and continued to work hard towards their goal. After a few months, things started to improve drastically with growth in sales accompanied by positive reviews from customers. Indeed good reviews fascinated new customers and rewarded the growth of the company.


The tech rise has resulted in paving the way for opportunities and scope over various sectors, laying the groundwork for the progress of the modern world. Another sector that gained importance is the online payment sector. With the increase in online payments, it tends to be a complicated and tiresome process.

Founders of Razorpay, Shashank Kumar and Harshil Mathur, intended to give India a swift, safe and economical way for businesses to accept and send payments digitally. This platform gives access to a lot of online payment modes such as credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI, and surplus to leading wallets in India like Mobikwik, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Ola Money, Jio Money, and PayZpp too. It provides a platform for a comprehensive dashboard for handling payments for the user that are applicable for both web and mobile applications.


During the two years of the pandemic, people faced many problems with various health problems taking place. All people need solutions to their problems to find expert advice on various health issues they face on a regular basis as well.

Founders of Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal, Shashank is also the CEO and the official owner of the Practo app, whereas Abhinav holds the position of CTO of the company. It was risky to start something in the healthcare sector, giving up their jobs through placements. They both dreamed of success. Doing so without a blueprint aimed to reward even more people on the way with greater heights success-wise.

Practo took the ball in their court to facilitate a platform with experts where they are available to answer queries and questions 24×7 around the clock. Practo provides a platform for doctor appointments with contact numbers of concerned centers. The app offers cost-effective with professional healthcare providers at one go. It comes with a doctor’s discovery and its own authorized appointment booking portal too.

In a nutshell

We have reviewed the best startups in India that fall into different niches and industrial sectors. If you are looking for some great startups to make case studies, replicate their business model, or even get the services, here is your deal. We hope that the blog will have brought value to you and contributed to your existing knowledge about successful startups in India.

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