Pebble stones are smooth, small and round shaped stones which are mostly found at the bottom of the rivers and the beaches. They are available in various textures like crystallised ones, transparent and granular as well.

Tumble stones are generally brightly coloured and polished small rocks which are used for a variety of purposes. They are placed in rock tumblers and then the edges and sides are polished and smoothened. Some of the similar types of stones are baroque gems, polished rocks, etc. Polished tumbled stones have a variety of uses; they can be used for decoration purposes and some spiritual purposes as well. You can also get gemstone pendants for sale at various stores.

Pebble stones can be used for garden decoration and landscaping. One of the most common uses of Agate pebble stones is landscaping. Landscaping needs the flow of large amounts of water as quick as possible. In some of the places, where there is water scarcity, large ditches are required to store water when it rains. Pebble stones can be used to make large depressions and you can even beautify those places with the colourful and polished ones.

There are various ways to pebble a garden. First of all choose the right kind of pebble which is suitable for your garden. You can make boundaries with them around each plant. These can be used for making rain chains, stone boot trays, stone drawer pulls, pebble art, paperweights, stepping stones, wire wrapped pendants, etc.

Some of the other types of stones which are widely used nowadays are engraved stones and gemstones. Pebble stones can be used for engraving some messages for your closed ones as well. You can engrave some beautiful quotes and messages and place them in your room or garden to enhance the beauty of the place. Personalised engraved stones are also available at various stores.

Orgonite gemstones are another kind of pebble stones. They are mostly used for spiritual purposes. They are mostly made into orgonite pyramids and are believed to acquire some unique universal energy. They are generally made by layering inorganic and organic materials and mixing crystals to it. It is said that wearing these stones as pendants makes you feel better, improves relationships, helps to sleep better, saves you from EMFs, clarifies water and also helps to in the acceleration of plant growth and also helps in spiritual growth. Wholesale orgone sales are easily available at most of the stores.

Thus, it can be said that pebble stones can be used for a variety of purposes and you can get them at reasonable prices at various online and offline stores. The most common use being for the decoration of gardens, try to buy the right size and texture from the stores.