Simon Bonk: Exemplifying Technology with Staunch Leadership

Simon Bonk is the Chief Research Officer and Director of Business Development at Telio Group a prominent name in inmate communication, technology Published on 27-02-2023 | By: ciolookdm

Business is a tricky road to walk on. And one of the crucial aspects that drive any business to its desired success is an innovative idea that not only enhances the fundamentals but also enacts the business to stand out and get the global spotlight amidst the cutthroat competition in an ever-evolving modern industry. And, at the helm of such a transformative wheel of the business clock stands its innovative leadership.

Along with a mindset of such inclusive developments, business leaders are also found to solve mindboggling problems with the help of technological solutions, and Information Technology has proved to be the harbor to many such socio-economic issues. Solving the challenges with a unique approach and a staunch leadership acumen in correctional facilities and rehabilitation centers while spearheading Telio Group—a prominent name in inmate communication, technology, and infrastructure, is Simon BonkChief Research Officer and Director of Business Development.

As a leader, Simon has been inculcating an inclusive culture in the organization and infusing technology leadership to outgrow Telio’s own record. Appreciated and acknowledged globally, he has been focused on reinventing the lives of employees, the market, the end client, and society more broadly.

Let’s look at the journey of Simon that made him a huge success!

On a Trail to Success

Reminiscing on his career graph and how he climbed up his success ladder, he says, “I spent close to 30 years in the Canadian Public Service holding a variety of roles from an executive being responsible for Functional and Operational programs to Deputy Chief Financial Officer to CIO.”

This took place in three large operational departments—Tax Administration, Border Services and Corrections. “For the last six years, I was the CIO for the Correctional Service of Canada. In February of this year, I Joined Telio as their Chief Research Officer and Director of Business Development,” says Simon.

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