The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Supply Chain, 2022

This edition features a handful of the most influential leaders in the supply chain that are at the forefront of leading us to make a better business Published on 14-10-2022 | By: ciolookdm

The plumbing is hardly ever a topic of conversation unless it's clogged up. Before the pandemic, the supply chain played the role of a functional and supportive system and was rarely brought up in boardroom discussions among the top-level management. But enter into the 2020s, and it has become a matter of much hullabaloo in the c-suite. And why not?

The formula milk shortage in the U.S only stresses the lessons of the previous two years. Diversified, agile, and flexible supply chains have become necessities for businesses in the 21st century. Organizations with superior supply chain efficiencies will be able to move faster and gain an advantage over their competitors.

The best example of the benefits of making supply chains your core competency is Amazon. Amazon’s world-class supply chain continues to give the company its edge in an extremely competitive market. This competency is what positioned Amazon to gain the advantage during the pandemic shooting its profits to the heavens above.

Therefore, it is with obvious expectancy that the supply chain has swept into the c-suite rooms. There is much to be attained and everything to be lost without making the supply chain a c-level concern. With this understanding, Insights Success is releasing the edition of “The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Supply Chain.”

In between the pages of the magazine, you will find interviews with experts who have been successfully navigating the 21st-century challenges in supply chains. Their domains are as varied as their approaches which will only give a comprehensive look into the functionality of supply chains of varied spheres. You will also find the expertise of the industry professionals written from a CxOs standpoint. Don’t forget to give them a read too. 

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