The 10 Most Intelligent Leaders in Data Science & Analytics 2022

This edition features the most intelligent leaders in Data Science & Analytics that are forefront of leading us into a digital future Published on 23-09-2022 | By: ciolookdm

I have been a writer and an artist in the making, so I was pretty excited about technologies like DALL-E and Midjourney that can create cool images given text as a prompt. Whatever you say about my drawing abilities, I have a good imagination and seeing it come to life as I write seemed pretty amazing to me.

Also, I remember when machines started winning chess matches against human grandmasters, and there was an undercurrent of worry in all news stories at that time, iterating, “will machines overtake us everywhere?”

This worry seems to gain more weight when we start talking about the manufacturing industry and how automation is putting more and more people out of jobs. As a passionate enthusiasts of the sci-fi genre, I am guilty of looking toward books and movies for answers sometimes – are we going to be ruled by machines or are we going to gain tools that will propel the evolution of our society to new heights – in short, will it be an iRobot situation or a Real Steel situation?

Probably neither, looking at history for a better factual answer, when transportation evolved from an animal-based system to a fully motorized one, there were many jobs that did go out of existence, but dozens of new ones were created in its place. On the parallel lines, Society industrialized with every man, woman, and child owning some sort of vehicular system for travel. The same thing happened when technologies like phones and the internet were invented, and now it is happening again with artificial intelligence. 

As car racing became a beloved sport and computer-assisted humans ‘centaurs’ chess playing is becoming a thing, AI assistance is pushing the limits of humans’ physical, cognitive, and creative capabilities. But from the outside, everything about AI can seem intimidating – ‘am I too late to catch this train?’ is the question that comes to one’s mind. 

It doesn’t have to be. Like a writer dabbling in novice AI artistry– the bar for entry in this field has become quite low. The real question is how to reach the top of a field that seems to be inventing something new at a breakneck speed.

We at Insights Success set to find leaders who have been at the forefront of AI and Data Science & Analytics technologies that are rapidly proliferating in every sphere of life at a speed that seems to leave one’s head spinning. In our latest edition, ‘The 10 Most Intelligent Leaders in Data Science & Analytics’ they talk about changes AI technology is set to bring in the future, how they keep pace with rapidly evolving tech, and what it takes to become a leader in this industry.

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