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Welcome to the AWS Billing & Cost Management console. Your last month, month-to-date, and month-end forecasted costs appear below. Current month-to-date balance for June 2019 Published on 22-06-2019 | By: dstech

Top Free Tier Services by Usage

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ServiceFree Tier usage limitMonth-to-date usage
Amazon Simple Storage Service20,000 Get Requests of Amazon S3
Amazon Simple Storage Service5 GB of Amazon S3 standard storage
(5.00/5 GB-Mo)
Amazon Simple Storage Service2,000 Put, Copy, Post or List Requests of Amazon S3

Alerts & Notifications

You are eligible for the AWS Free Usage Tier. See the Getting Started Guide AWS Free Usage Tier to learn how to get started with the free usage tier.
AWS Budgets allows you to create custom cost and usage budgets that alert you when you exceed (or are forecasted to exceed) your budget thresholds. Create and Manage Your Budgets.
IAM access to your account's billing information is not enabled. You can enable it on the Account Information page.
To ensure that we calculate your taxes correctly or apply the correct exemptions, please enter or update your tax settings here.

Month-to-Date Spend by Service

Bill Details
The chart below shows the proportion of costs spent for each service you use.

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