Best of 5 Biometric Companies In India

We chose a few biometric companies that went above and beyond to innovate gadgets and systems that were unimaginable some decades ago or were just a part of Sci-fi films. Published on 29-03-2022 | By: insightssuccess

Security has been one of the major concerns in recent times. Individuals, organisations, governments worldwide are haunted continuously with security assurance. Despite efforts by all these entities to secure their access control mechanisms, security breaches are rampant.

Security is the biggest concern even for access control system manufacturers. Technological advancements have made our personal and work lives easier, but these have also brought many security issues. As a solution, techno-geeks came up with biometrics.

Biometrics came into being with the emergence of computer technology, albeit slowly. That was in the 1990s. By 2000, biometrics became a part of everyday applications. From fingerprint sensors on your mobile phones, data security systems, fingerprint cards, face recognition, blue tooth, QR Codes, and what-not, biometrics is upheld as the most effective security system in public and private.

When discrepancies were noted in manual tasks like daily attendance register, documents, and other routine work, identity card punching came into being. But security breaches and proxy punching issues began coming up, making the job more challenging for security solution providers. As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions – security solution companies began to look for more powerful technologies and systems to shield data and protect individuals, companies, and governments. And these are not just restricted to attendance or entry-gates. Every sector today predominantly uses biometrics for security.

The most reliable security option now is biometric security systems. These are driving the access control security industry, and rightly so, as they are endeavouring to bring in more transparency. Biometrics are convenient and are known for accurate validation of personnel.

Biometric authentication includes facial and iris recognition, fingerprint scans, vascular pattern recognition, biometric access terminals, CCTV surveillance, fire alarm detection, and suppression, building management systems, intrusion security, time/attendance systems, telecom, and other industrial solutions. It also recognises heartbeat, iris, face, vein, voice, and other factors with various other biometric devices. Biometrics is the most effective tool in human resource (HR) management. Security solutions have come a long way and are still counting the miles to go.

Who had ever imagined that one could unlock mobile phones with a fingerprint, click selfie photographs with hand gestures, swipe cards for transactions, and what-not little things in personal and work life! But it is happening, and the techno-geeks are simply unstoppable when it comes to innovations.

The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the need and demand for biometrics. Well, we don’t have a shortage of technocrats who are over-working their grey cells, even as this edition goes for print.

We chose a few biometric companies that went above and beyond to innovate gadgets and systems that were unimaginable some decades ago or were just a part of Sci-fi films.

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