Best of 5 Oil and Gas Companies

To reflect the positivity of their transformational journeys which have just begun, Insights Success came up with the brand new edition 'Best of 5 Oil and Gas Companies' for you. Published on 17-06-2022 | By: insightssuccess


By the end of 2021, India regained its position in oil consumption as the third largest global consumer. The economic growth of the country can mostly be attributed to its energy demand. Naturally, the demand for oil and gas is anticipated to increase at a rate of 50% by the year 2030 as compared to a global growth rate of seven per cent for the same period.

If we observe the expected energy demand category wise, then according to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the oil is predicted to grow at double speed and reach a mark of eleven million barrels by 2045, while diesel is also predicted to grow by double to one-six-three metric tons by 2030, with the duo of diesel and gasoline sharing fifty-eight per cent of country’s oil demand by 2045. On the same line, natural gas consumption in the country is expected to grow by twenty-five billion cubic meters – bcm – with an average yearly growth rate of nine per cent by 2024.

All these numbers show that the oil and gas industry, which is amongst the eight core industries in the country, is gaining more importance in the future. It plays and will keep playing a primary role in impacting the decision-making processes in all the essential aspects of the economy.

Therefore, India’s privately owned primary oil and gas companies are playing and are expected to keep playing a very significant part in the future economic growth and industrial development of the country.

As we are already into the midst of 2022, many of these companies have already revamped their present and future outlook by reinventing themselves by shifting their focus on financial health, transforming their business models by committing to sustainability, practicing capital and environmental discipline, streamlining their resource portfolios, embracing the smart goals development for the energy transition to alternative methods and developing human resource.

To reflect the positivity of their transformational journeys, which have just begun, Insights Success came up with this brand-new edition, ‘Best of 5 Oil and Gas Companies’ for you. Two trendy articles written by our in-house editorial team are also included in this edition to widen your perspective.

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