Most Engaging Pre-School Franchise in India

We celebrate their unyielding efforts in grooming children in our latest edition, Most Engaging Pre-School Franchises in India. Published on 29-04-2022 | By: insightssuccess


Have you ever wondered why we never forget Nursery Rhymes or number recognition and counting? That is because brain development is maximum during early childhood. Early childhood development includes physical, emotional, cognitive, and social behaviors. When educators realized the need to develop these aspects holistically, pre-schools came into being.

Around 40 years back, the concept of pre-school barely existed. Creches were all that resembled a pre-school of today. These creches cared for the children of working parents, and some of them tutored school-age children.

Research has shown that maximum development of the human brain occurs during the first three years of life. By the time the child is five years old, the brain is almost developed. The brain development then takes place at a slow pace. Memory retention is good due to brain development, and this is the right time to tap the potential in every child.

Children learn to socialize, share, and form relationships besides linguistic and math skills during these early childhood years. Children develop a love for learning during these years, and pre-schools enhance these skills and qualities. Children were taught and groomed at home by parents, but a formal education setup enhances the child's development and social skills. Learning with peers during those formative years shapes the foundation of a child's overall personality. They are curious and learn through exploring. Teachers specially trained in early childhood education, child development, and child psychology groom the child as required. Entrusting your child to their care assures healthy development.

During its nascent stages, people needed a lot of convincing about a pre-school's advantages. Once they began to see the results, a reputed pre-school became every parent's dream for their children. The past three decades saw a monumental growth in the number and popularity of pre-schools. The ones that stood out of the herd with extraordinary teaching methodologies achieved another milestone by giving out franchises and establishing their supremacy in education. It is the dream of many educators to be associated with these schools through the franchise option.

We celebrate their unyielding efforts in grooming children in our latest edition, Most Engaging Pre-School Franchises in India. Discover more about these schools, what it takes to be the most sought-after institute for parents and why educators want to be associated with them as franchises.

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