Outstanding Businesses In Kerala-2021

In our latest edition of Insights Success – Outstanding Businesses in Kerala 2021. We are sure the edition will interest you and will be an eye-opener. Published on 11-04-2022 | By: insightssuccess


Known for its backwaters and scenic beauty, Kerala is also an emerging hub for business apart from tourism and spices. This investor-friendly state has many business opportunities for entrepreneurs. With the highest literacy rate and lowest population growth, Kerala is one of the ideal places to start or scale businesses.

Given that the state leads in industrial growth and per capita income, there is no stopping for Kerala to be on the top of the business map. The state made impressive strides in the non-conventional business space. Technology, media, and advanced techniques in traditional or regular businesses are making the headlines in God’s Own Country and globally. In fact, technology is the main engine that is driving the business growth in Kerala.

Kerala has always believed in the ease of doing business and being part of the global maritime trade route, the export business has always thrived here. The presence of four international airports in the state speaks volumes about the flourishing business landscape in Kerala. The Kerala government is further enabling the ease of doing business in the state.

The state has also taken complete advantage of the Start-up mission, and several ideas are being translated into businesses by intelligent minds. The digital revolution in Kerala will soon promote the state to the country’s Silicon Valley.

The state has made monumental growth in the business sphere. The people of Kerala are known and respected worldwide for their hard work and enterprising nature. Their flexibility in accepting and moving ahead with the changing times set them apart. Their ability to easily blend and mould themselves under any situation makes them excellent employees and entrepreneurs.

There was a time when people migrated from Kerala to the cities in the country and the world. The state has come a long way from being known for its backwaters, coir, spices, and tourism. One can see a reverse brain drain in the state of intellectuals, and this will continue for good as emerging businesses are carving a niche for themselves globally and establishing a stronghold in their areas of business.

The SMEs and Start-ups have rendered a global platform to the enterprising Keralite, and there is no stopping for them now.

To share the success stories of some businesses with an edge over the others, we came up with our latest edition of Insights Success – Outstanding Businesses in Kerala 2021. We are sure the edition will interest you and will be an eye-opener.

So, right now, it is Kerala calling.

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