The 10 Disruptive Franchises of 2022

This latest edition features some of the most disruptive franchises of 2022 that offer a very affordable startup model with high ROI. Published on 23-06-2022 | By: insightssuccess

Do you remember our school history textbooks emphasizing the word ‘dark age’ in the context of middle age?

Well, there are plenty of reasons for historians to denote this term, with hundreds of famines- the black death plague, violent uprisings- for getting a fair wage, and general discontent among people – religious conflicts as well as the administrative affair, the Middle Age wasn’t looked upon as a fabulous time to be human.

But is it entirely true? Can we, as HUMANS ignore the rich and apparent cultural advancements and the contribution of different civilizations that benefitted the world with art, science, philosophy, architecture, and political system?

Though there were sufferings, there were many positives that were taking place on daily basis. As strange as it sounds, business models of Franchising started to appear in the Middle Age. In those days, local governments granted licenses to maintain order and assess taxes. As interesting as it sounds, the individuals were given the right to hold markets and in exchange, they had to pay a royalty to the lords who held a monopoly over commercial ventures.

And that’s how the process of granting franchises began. It has come a long way from royals granting licenses to business owners expanding their ventures worldwide. It has offered people a chance to own, manage, and administer businesses without having to take all the associated risks. As the business is already established and there is a support system in place for easier financing, which maximizes the success rate and lessens the chances of failure.

With a vision to integrate the world, just like the role of franchises, we at Insights Success have come up with this edition, “The 10 Disruptive Franchises of 2022.” We have enlisted franchises that are offering a very affordable startup model with high returns on investments.

While immersing through the journeys of these franchises, make sure to have a quick rundown of the articles written by our in-house editorial team and a piece of CXO advice.

In order to commence your curiosity, delve in and flip the pages!

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