The Most Reliable Salesforce Service Providers

Making Salesforce a light speed CRM solution and its providers ‘The Most Reliable Salesforce Service Providers’ brought to you by the Insights Success’s exclusive edition. Published on 26-05-2022 | By: insightssuccess


 Marketing and Sales is the prerequisite to any business’s success. Before there was a different concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the companies’ marketing and sales teams used to engage in customer relationship activities. CRM as a separate niche began during the late 1950s and grew into a necessary concept by 1980. Then CRM itself became a particular subject in the specialized field of marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations exercise.

Post-1980s Sales reps phenomenon commencing with database marketing did see a significant change from direct marketing and selling to the foundation of the CRM we see today. Act & Goldmine was the first of its kind Contact Management Software (CMS) and the most basic CRM system that began managing different functionalities and roles of marketing and sales.

During the late 1990s, CRM came online as Siebel Sales Handheld, the first mobile CRM launched by Siebel. However, the lack of other essential devices made it difficult for this mobile CRM to operate, thus restricting its popularity.

In 1999, the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM was launched by, while Eloqua began its own first marketing automation software, though soon it was acquired by Oracle.

Then in 2000, Paul Greenberg proposed a more comprehensive CRM system in his book ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’. This new CRM could manage all aspects of the business-to-customer relationship. This vision was realized in 2007, as added a cloud-based application development program to its already available SaaS. This novel system offered a more customized CRM that was web-based and could be modified according to specific business demands.

Taking the Customer Service System (CSS) industry ahead, a SaaS-based customer service app called (formerly Assistly) was launched in 2011. The present and future of CRM are already bright thanks to the popularity, trust, and reliability achieved by the cloud-based, SaaS CRM solutions, known to all of us as Salesforce.

Today, Salesforce’s primary focus areas are marketing, sales, service along with easy mobility. Salesforce enables the providers to constantly improve upon their product offerings to ensure robust, highly portable, and easily adaptable solutions, making Salesforce a light speed CRM solution and its providers ‘The Most Reliable Salesforce Service Providers’ brought to you by the Insights Success’s exclusive edition.

Also included in this edition are two crafty articles delving into the Salesforce phenomena. The articles are written by our in-house editorial team so that you can gain more know-how about this futuristic concept of Salesforce and its providers.

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