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Creative hand of entrepreneurs on Indian & global soil is InsightsSuccess. It has been awarded as “India’s Most Trusted Business Magazine" Published on 17-06-2022 | By: insightssuccess


The enriching success stories, insightful articles, and creative advertising has been the primary objective of a business magazine. But, in a subcontinent like India, which is not only a hub for business opportunities but a trailblazer to the global business community, the quality editorial is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

By now, you might have caught the thread of this blog and known about the significance of corporates that a business editorial proliferates. If you have been searching for the top 5 business magazines that you can refer to while inculcating the enthusiastic spirits of business professionals, this blog will be everything you need to know!

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Quenching your business craving!

Today, many business enthusiasts wish to know the strategies and hacks that business leaders use in order to succeed in the cutthroat competition. This journey might look like a complex one. But, with appropriate research, one can know the top business magazines that can serve your requirement and also drive you on a journey of successful business stories.

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Being unique in its own kind and with its global identity, the magazine serves a large audience encapsulating almost every sector and major business idealogue. Be it a startup that made it to the top or a thought leadership strategy that disrupted the Indian business market, Forbes covers major updates on the business world and satisfies its reader base with quality articles curated by its in-house editorial team and tops the list.

If you are intrigued by the magazine features and wish to know what more is in the Forbes Pandora box, then its podcasts and video interviews would drag you to cloud9.

Along with the business updates and editorial articles, the magazine has recognized many entrepreneurs under the tags of 30 Under 30, India’s Greatest People Managers, Self Made Women 2020, and the list goes on!

Insights Success:

One of the best business magazines that can cater to the business quench of leadership, technological innovation, and the creative hand of entrepreneurs on the Indian and global soil is Insights Success. It has been recently awarded as the “India’s Most Trusted Business Magazine,” and exemplifies the true meaning of business leadership. Driven by its mission of proliferating new business ideas, success stories, and insightful editorials, the enriching business platforms has been introducing many innovative hacks to share Indian businesses across the global audience.

Known for its resilience and dedication to the business community, it has invented a unique way of utilizing social media to drive the readers with the exciting journey of the business leader while sharing the insightful editorial crafted by its editorial team. Having a power-packed creative editor, the magazine ensures that its readers receive spontaneous business ideas with its news and podcast section.

Being one of the top e- journal, InsightsSuccess is bolstering lives while facilitating seamless digital experiences across its Indian fan base.

India Today

When around corporate meets or media events, the only name that echoes around the Indian business enthusiast is India Today. Incepted in 1992, the magazine has received multiple awards and is recognized as the most updated magazine in India.

If one scout for the corporate magazines in India and wanders through any vendors, India Today always stands tall with its high reputation and a vast reader base. There are multiple high-profile interviews conducted by the magazines that are largely discussed around corporate parties and TV debates.

With such immense popularity, India Today has not only made it to the top but also contributed to socio-economic development with its prime focus on inclusive development in the business and its associated political corridors.

Outlook Business Magazine

A notable name in the digital magazine community, Outlook Business is most famous for its business ecosystem, providing a key highlight on stock, finance, fiscal policies, revenue upgradations, and many more.

If you are looking for a magazine that can help you with the latest updates of corporates affecting governmental policies or the inflation-caused business scenario, Outlook Business can be your best shot!

Known for its agile research and in-house editorial effort, this magazine can be a platform that helps you in better decision-making concerning finance, banking, and inflation understanding.


One of the American multinational magazines, Fortune, is the top business journal published by Fortune Media Group Holdings. Having a global consumer base, Fortune has always been proliferating well-curated business stories and is penetrated across every corner of the world. Connected with the Indian readers with its updated news and interviews segment, Fortune has been one of the top magazines that recognizes Indian business leaders under many entitlements such as Fortune 500 Companies, Women Leaders of 100 Best Companies, World Most Admire Companies, and many more.

Enticed by the above listing, you might think which magazine can be your best shot and you may need a funnel that helps you in picking your best fit. The below segment can be of vital help for the same!

How to funnel for your best choice?

While scouting for your best business magazine in India, the best strategy is to look for a business magazine that specifically serves the Indian region and has a global approach. This helps in getting the apt stories right from the field, and its fine touch of business journalism can be of added advantage.

Moving further in your selection, you may look for platforms that provide you with maximum medium- news, business stories, social media creatives and podcast, and video interviews. This helps you in having an unbiased perception while you analyse a perception through a varied lens.

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