10 Most Disruptive Automation Companies to Watch 2022

This edition features some of the top companies that have pioneered the automation industry & are exemplifying the business community Published on 19-08-2022 | By: insightssuccess2

We hear people complain these days that everything is becoming automated. The robots are taking our jobs away. The AI is coming for us all! The ‘Terminator Scenario,’ and all that doom and gloom.

The debate of ‘will AI automate our jobs away?’ is heating up by the day. But without throwing caution to the wind, I think that we should not be scared of this process of widescale automation. After all, this is just evolution running its course. We are creating artificial minds that can accomplish astonishing feats so that our minds and bodies don’t have to. Minds that are not limited by our physicality, our tendency to err, our biology, or even the existential dread which we call ‘the human condition.’

This is the transformation that automation promises, and it is speeding up at an exponential rate. From improving workplace efficiency to aiding in completing projects on time, from delivering products to enhancing the customer experience, automation is proving to be a colossal disruptor in businesses arenas.

The advantages of automation are abundant. Automation reduces time, effort, and cost, improving the operational efficiency of businesses. Recurring tasks can be completed faster. Optimally automated processes ensure high-quality results as the aspect of human error is minimal.

Repetitive tasks can become boring and tedious. A company can allocate more engaging activities to its employees by automating tasks, thus uplifting employee satisfaction. Happier employees, efficient operations, and superior quality of work all enable teams to focus on improving customer satisfaction.

This is the modern workforce, and automation companies are the foremost champions leading the evolution. These companies use software applications to automate business processes so as to not waste human effort to do mundane tasks, freeing the human intellect to focus on more important tasks and responsibilities.

Today, the widespread adoption of industrial automation is witnessing steady growth with the dawn of exciting new trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT, 5G, smart devices, and the high demand for large-scale mass production across various industries. Sufficed to say, the demand for automation companies is at an all-time high.

Meeting this demand is Randek – a pioneer in creating innovative automation solutions for customers within the prefabricated house manufacturing industry. One of the world’s leading suppliers of high-performance machines, Randek primarily leverages its technology to build the most advanced and sustainable buildings!

Another emerging name in the automation industry, AXYN Robotique, is on the mission to put robotics at the service of humans, everywhere and in all circumstances. The company’s ‘telepresence robots’ allow people to attain ubiquity; people can be virtually present at multiple places in proximity of their loved ones and collaborators.

Fizyr sports a world-class automated ‘pick & place’ software for items and parcels. It is trusted by more than 20 global leading integrators to build robust picking ad stacking cells using Fizyr vision software product.

In this special edition of Insights Success magazine, ‘10 Most Disruptive Automation Companies to Watch,’ we are honored to feature the stories of such enterprises leading the evolution of the modern workforce and providing unique automation solutions to businesses and industries alike. Also, be sure to check out the interesting articles written by our dedicated in-house editorial team.

So, sit back, relax, take a break from your memes, and put your phone on silent. Because its going to be a great read!

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