Rummy vs Teen Patti – Which is the Better Game?

After reading this article, you can easily know the basic difference between Teen Patti and Rummy and which one is the best to play. Published on 18-03-2023 | By: lakshyaworld

Are you looking for the best card games in India? Do you want to know about Teen Patti and Rummy?  Do you want a comparison between Rummy and Teen Patti in order to know which is the best? If yes, then you are on the right article. Here, we will count all aspects of the Rummy and Teen Patti card game so you can choose the best to play and make money. A suitable difference between them will help you to know which game is the best. 

When you want to know the favorite card game that is widely accepted in the Indian communities and people love to play, the first two games that come to your mind are Teen Patti and Rummy. Card games have become a part of our life for entertainment and making money. There are various variations of both games that have lured a huge audience to entertainment. With time there are various factors like technical advancements, easy access to digital devices, high-speed internet connection, and many more that have made it easy to play card games from anywhere and anytime. That’s why the demand for card games is increasing and to churn this opportunity you can also introduce your own card game platform with the help of Rummy game development company

As we all know that when we make a comparison between both games, then according to online trends Rummy is a trending game in India but in the real world, there is a consensus that Teen Patti is more liked. So, how to know which one is the best? 

Before diving in-depth, let’s know about Teen Patti and Rummy and how to play them. So, you have a clear picture of both games and you will be able to know easily which game will suit you the most. 

What Is A Rummy Game?

Rummy is a 13-card game that is widely popular all over India and to play it you need cognitive and analytical skills. This game cannot be winned by you on the basis of luck. Two decks of cards with jokers are used in the rummy game.  To win this game, you have to make proper sequences and sets by picking up and discarding cards from a close pile of cards. The best part of this game is, it is legal in India and you can win a hefty amount by using your game skills. 

Here are the variations of Rummy card game:

  • 13 Card Rummy
  • Indian Rummy
  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy

These game variations have their own sets of rules but the basic rules to play this game are common. Within a few minutes, you can learn these rules and can enjoy all rummy game variations in an easy way. 

How to Play a Rummy Game?

  • First, you have to download the Rummy game app from the online game store and after installing it, you can choose your desired Rummy game variations and can start playing. 

  • Each variation has its set of rules but all follow the basic concept. 

  • Each player has to deal with 13 cards and at the same time, 2 to 6 players can enjoy the game. 

  • You have to discard the cards that are not fruitful for you in order to make a winning sequence. 

  • In order to win the game, you have to form two sequences and in this, one should be pure, and the second may be a valid one. If your sequence does not count as valid then you will get negative points and the game will continue. 

  • Before playing this game, you should practice this many times so you can know its basic points. 

What is Teen Patti?

In English Teen Patti refers to three cards. In this players have to deal with three cards and they have to start with placing an ante bet. This game is played by using 52 cards and the game doesn’t go long and the Ace card is counted as the strongest card. Three aces in teen patti are equal to a royal flush in poker. When dealers distribute cards to players, then players can decide if they want to play the game and continue or not. Players can play blind or seen. It is not like rummy. Basically, it is a version of poker.

How to Play Teen Patti?

  • Players have to place ante bet at the start of the game.

  • After that, each player gets three cards, and the game starts. 

  • According to your cards, you can place your bet as high or low or you can opt to fold. 

  • If you do not have good hands, then it is better to go for a fold because you can save money by doing this.

  • If you have good cards, then you can place high bets in order to make money.

  • This game goes for multiple rounds and continues till one or two players are left on the table. The player who stands till the last wins the game. 

As we all know Teen patti is illegal in India and if you are really interested in this, then you should know its basics very well and then start betting on it.

Difference Between Teen Patti and Rummy Card Game

Above we have counted the basics about Rummy and Teen Patti cards and how to play them. Now, from the table, you can know the basic difference. The difference between both games will help you to compare which one is the best. 

Rummy or Teen Patti? Which One is More Popular?

Both Teen patti and Rummy are card games that are highly appreciated in India and both are having a huge fan following. From above you have a clear picture of both games like how to play them and what are the differences. Not, it totally depends on you which one is liked by you. Because each one has its pros and cons. 

If we check Google trends, then we will find out Rummy is in trends, and for the last few years, people are searching more about Rummy. If we go to statistics of the Rummy card games then we will find out Rummy is played by more than 55 million Indians and it is assumed that the Indian mobile gaming industry will reach $5 Billion by 2025. 

But, according to Facebook, the Teen Patti card game has overtaken the Rummy game and there are more downloads of teen patti than rummy. 

In short, both games are very popular all over India and each one is having their own gaming rules, skill levels, obstacles, strategies, and many more that add fun to the games. Now, it totally depends on the players which one they choose to play.

Final Word

After reading this article, you can easily know the basic difference between Teen Patti and Rummy and which one is the best to play because, in this, we have counted as detailed analysis of both games like what they are, how to play them, and what makes them different. This article offers you a clear picture of both card games. Now, we can see that both games are trending and people are showing their interest in them not only to enjoy games but also to make money by placing bets. So, there is an opportunity that can be grabbed by you by launching your own card game platform and for that, you can take the help of a teen patti card game development company.

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