Why Menstrual Cup Doesn't Open?

In this article, you will know about when you insert a menstrual cup but why the menstrual cup doesn't open during insertion. Published on 14-10-2021 | By: ruchiparmila

Getting your GynoCup menstrual cup to open properly can let it create a decent seal so you won’t experience any unwanted unseaworthiness. Today, we’re progressing to share some useful tips to make certain your GynoCup menstrual cup parades perfectly on every occasion. In the midst of a huge market, menstrual cups have become the talk of the town, which are environmentally friendly and are a safe option with low cost in the long run, for any woman who can embrace this product, when they need it.

While the menstrual cup itself is intended to be leak-free, it will take some tries to urge comfy exploitation and inserting. Experts suggest that you try your first GynoCup menstrual cup at home, or where you are comfortable sitting on a pot so that you can insert or remove it properly. Thus, you'll be able to learn the right technique that works for you.

How To Use A Menstrual Cup?

For beginners, it could be a tricky and or an exciting learning curve. There are various factors that might be preventing your GynoCup menstrual cup from totally gaping. It might merely be a matter of finding a good menstrual fold that works well for you. Using a good period cup will give you the flexibility of motion with a long duration of product use.

Use Water Based Lubricant

If you're not already doing so, filling up your cup after inserting it is a need! Our fill-up is designed to make sure a smooth insertion and a reliable seal for your period cup. It will not only make inserting your cup easier, but it will also help you place your cup correctly so that it forms a seal and prevents leaks and irritation which you will feel if it is not properly inserted. Using a small amount of fill is appropriate for many cup users.

Steps To Open Your GynoCup

Now, let’s ensure you’re inserting the cup properly. Before inserting your cup, wash your hands with soap. Try and relax! This method will feel discouraging to new cup users, however, if you’re feeling tense, it'll make inserting your cup more challenging. Thus take some deep breaths and keep in mind, since learning a way to use a GynoCup menstrual cup is a touch uncomfortable initially, it ought to ne'er be painful, and the cup can’t go anywhere. There’s nothing to fret about!

Use The C-fold For Insertion

The C-fold could be a straightforward fold that you just will do with one hand, which permits the cup to pop open simply. It is a very simple and easy step to follow. Keep in mind that you have to be more casual while doing it.

Check For Uniform Ring Contact

After your menstrual cup is properly inserted, run a clean finger around the diameter of the cup (the top). As you do, you'll feel some folds or indentations.

Analyze The Stem of The Menstrual Cup

If you're feeling folds, grab the bottom of the cup and gently twist the cup in an exceedingly circular motion. Flip the cup one full rotation, this may help it pop open and type a seal. If it doesn’t open up, you should try again.

That’s it! For many women, following these steps can let their GynoCup open and supply leak-free protection to all the users out there.

Ways To Fold A Menstrual Cup?


This is the foremost usually counseled period cup fold by  GynoCup, however, once rolled, it's additionally one among the widest at the purpose of insertion, and might thus be too wide and tough for a few women to insert. C fold is also grasped as the U Fold, just because of seeing the cup from a different perspective.

Take your menstrual cup, fold it in half so the lips touch along, then slowly bend the cup in half once more lengthwise. you'll see that the purpose of insertion feels like a C (or U counting on however you're holding it). This is called your C fold.

Punch Down Fold/Shell Fold

Another widely used fold, this fold creates one of the tiniest areas of insertion. It's wider at the bottom than other menstrual cup folds, and a few women will realize that it is tough to form this fold ‘pop’ open properly. Strive to insert this fold half method, material possession it open, then pushing the rest of the method.

Hold your GynoCup, use your thumb to push the lip of the cup down towards the bottom of the cup. Then take away your thumb as you squeeze the perimeters along.

7 Fold/Constellation Fold

This menstrual cup fold makes a smaller insertion space than the C-fold and often ‘pops’ open easier than the punch-down fold. This is often one of the favored techniques by younger women or women who have issues inserting their menstrual cups.

Fold your menstrual cup in half so that the lips bite, then pull down the correct side, forming a ‘7' with the cup's lips. To make a constellation version, bring the corresponding corner down to the bottom of the GynoCup, resulting in a triangle shape.

Origami Fold

Origami fold is another famous fold since it's smaller to insert, however pops open simply (like the sevenfold).

Push the front lip halfway down into the cup while holding your menstrual cup upright. Take the right corner of the cup and bring it all the way down to the bottom of the left side.

For more folds information you can check out our other blogs on different types of menstrual cup folds. Choose wisely as they all are good, but which one fits best for you is important.

                                                                                                           Check More Folds of Menstrual Cup

How To Tell If A Menstrual Cup is Open?

To find if your GynoCup is open or not, you just need to feel if there is a proper ring touching your cervix walls, if they are, then you are good to go. Once you realize that the ring is not properly in place, then you should hold the stem of the menstrual cup and twist and rotate it clockwise, this would help it to adjust itself as the menstrual cup has a tendency to keep its original shape. 

If it still doesn’t open up properly, then you should remove the GynoCup, and again repeat the process until you are confident about the menstrual cup. It isn’t a hectic process, but being extra careful is a good precaution everyone should take. 

if the size of your GynoCup isn’t right, then you should select out of the three sizes that we offer. Size does matter here, as it will be a deciding factor if you’ll be comfortable or not. If someone has a heavy flow they should go for a large size menstrual cup so that it can store more blood in it. Using a menstrual cup during your menstruation cycle is going to help you, and you’ll be able to feel the advantages of this GynoCup.

Menstrual cups take a little bit of observation, however, don’t let that scare you. Everyone’s body is completely different, and everybody uses a rather completely different technique. Almost immediately, you’ll figure out that GynoCup menstrual cup folds and tricks work for you. Once you’re snug employing a cup, you won’t return to pads and tampons! Menstrual cups will help you attain the freedom you need. Also, you can read about how to use menstrual cup in hindi click here.

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