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Civilizations of the 15th Century
Civilizations of the 15th Century - presentation


The Americas. The Aztec Empire. Mexica. Tribe from No. Mexico. Settled on island= Lake . Texcoco. -1325. Built power through alliances/conquest/massive city. Claimed descent from prestigious . Toltecs.

Welcome to AP World History
Welcome to AP World History - presentation


Please take out paper for notes!. Trivia!. True or False:. Populations in Afro-Eurasia benefitted nutritionally from the increased diversity of American food crops.. Trivia!. 2. What was brought by African slaves to the Americas?.

British Conquest
British Conquest - presentation


Comparison of Virginia to New France. Comparison of Virginia to New France. Map comparison. Pontiacs rebellion. What is it ?. Key vocab p142. Assimilation .

The Inca Empire
The Inca Empire - presentation


1438-1533 CE. Largest pre-Columbian empire. Stretched 5000+ . km along western coast of South . America. Andes Mountains. Modern-Day. : Peru & Chile. Cuzco- . Political and Military hub. Identified .

Umar  Al- farooq  (RA)         The Second
Umar Al- farooq (RA) The Second - presentation


Caliph . of Islam. Umar. Son of . Khattab. bin . Nafeer. and . Khanshana. . bint. e . Mugheera. Clan of . Adi. One of the Educated person of Arab. Accepted Islam in 6. th.

Stipulations - presentation


Every nation that has ever existed has only existed because it “conquered” the previous inhabitants of its territory. Conquest involves material and political theft, but it is sometimes possible for the conquered to benefit from the ideas and technologies of the conqueror..

Negotiations of Empire
Negotiations of Empire - presentation


Bureaucratic . stuff. Ghana. Books / discussion . Brown Bag series. H-Atlantic. “. in observing America, Europe was in the first instance observing itself. .”. Sir John Elliott. Columbus . was involved in “the production of wonder.

Warm Up: POSERS - presentation


Complete the following task on . your warm up page 1. Write these letters going . down . –skip . lines. P. O. S. E. R. S. POSERS. P – . People. . Who is in the picture. O – . Objects. . What objects do you see.

Period Two
Period Two - presentation


The Arab Empire. Timeline. Arab Empire. Brief Timeline of the Arab Empire. 634- The Arabs surge North into Syrian desert . 637- Defeat Persian army at . Kadisiya. , brings end to Sassanian dynasty.

Discovery,  Assistance,Conquest
Discovery, Assistance,Conquest -


. Africa, and . The Poisonwood Bible. Barbara Kingsolver. “. Literature is one of the few kinds of writing in the world that does not tell you what to buy, want, see, be, or believe. It’s more like conversation, raising new questions and moving you to answer them for yourself.”— Barbara Kingsolver.

Chapter 5: Conquest and Exile: A Remnant
Chapter 5: Conquest and Exile: A Remnant - presentation


Returns. UNDERSTANDING THE SCRIPTURES. ANTICIPATORY SET. . Write . for two minutes, framing a definition of what a prophet . is. and . does. .. 1. . Isaiah (pp. . 154–157). BASIC QUESTIONS . What was Isaiah’s basic message? .

Sit down and quietly write down the following standards in
Sit down and quietly write down the following standards in - presentation


ELACC7RL1. – Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.. ELACC7RL2. – Determine 2 or more central ideas in a text and analyze their development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text..

The Americas American civilizations before “encounter” or “conquest”
The Americas American civilizations before “encounter” o - presentation


Early Settlements. 40,000 to 10,000 BCE. The Bering Land Bridge (Ice Age). Diet: pumpkin, corn, grain, etc.. A diverse climate: hunting and farming, depending on climate.. Social structures, alliances, and warfare.

The Conquest
The Conquest - presentation


. of . Canaan. John Martin, . Joshua . Commanding the Sun to Stand . Still . (1816). Map Credit: Boston Public Library. What Constitutes a . Nation?. Canaan. Map Credit: Boston Public Library.

Beginning of Time – 1769 C.E.
Beginning of Time – 1769 C.E. - presentation


New World Beginnings. Bell Ringer. What evidence exists that proves that there were native peoples living in America prior to the Europeans arriving?. What does this evidence tell us about these people?.



An Exploration into the Exploration of North America by the French. Jacques Cartier. 1534-1542. Samuel de Champlain. 1604-1616. Étienne . Brûlé. 1615-1621. Jean Nicollet. 1634. Jacques Marquette & Louis Jolliet.

Period One 1491-1607 Periodization
Period One 1491-1607 Periodization - presentation


“The ability to describe, analyze, and evaluate different ways that historians divide history into discrete and definable periods.”. “Historians construct and debate different. . . models of periodization; the choice of specific turning points or starting and ending dates might accord a higher value to one narrative, region, or group than to another.”.

NOMADIC EMPIRES AND - presentation


EURASIA INTEGRATION. THE LAST NOMADIC CHALLENGES. Steppes. Inner Eurasia. Outer Eurasia. THE WORLD OF CENTRAL ASIA. NOMADIC SOCIETY AND ECONOMY. Nomadic peoples . Pastoral nomads. Organized into clans with related languages .

Conquest - presentation


The Waterproof Water Heater . 20L . 100A-GCL. Four months of operating at 180 degrees serving coin-op washers in Round Rock, . Tx. with no water treatment. Scale Formation. Combustion Chamber. Fire Tube.

Conquest - presentation


The Waterproof Water Heater . 20L 100A-GCL. Scale Formation. Combustion Chamber. Fire Tube. Scale Formation . Tank Wall. Combustion Chamber. Fire Tube. Scale Formation & Delamination . Combustion Chamber.

Modern East Asia: State and
Modern East Asia: State and - presentation


Empire Building. 1. Confucius (. Kong fu . zi. ) the Sage . Image from . 2. Basic Confucian Teachings. 3. Neo-Confucianism: Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy. Zhu Xi (1130-1200) “School of Principle (.

The Conquest of the Far West
The Conquest of the Far West - presentation


American History: . Chapter . 16 . Review Video. The Societies of the Far West. Plains Indians:. Sioux – hunted buffalo. Relied heavily on horses – introduced by Europe. Many Indians were still vulnerable to diseases.

Joshua - presentation


Conquest and Settlement. The book is structured in two roughly equal . parts:. 1. the . story of the campaigns of the Israelites in central, southern and northern Canaan and the destruction of their .

Encountering the Mongols
Encountering the Mongols - presentation


AP World History Notes. Chapter . 13. China and the Mongols. Most difficult and lengthy conquest for the Mongols. Took 70 years (1209 to 1279) to conquer. Violently conquered northern China .  then controlled by various nomadic states.

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