New DelhiAfter declaringface surgical masks and handsanitisers as esse

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New DelhiA couple wasdeboarded from a Delhi-bound Rajdhani train onSaturday after co-passengersnoticed a home quarantineseal on the husbands hand theRailways said urging people toavoid non-essential t Download


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1 New Delhi:After declaringface surgical m
New Delhi:After declaringface surgical masks and handsanitisers as essential com-modities, the Ministry of Foodand Consumer Affairs onSaturday fixed the retail pricesof hand sanitisers at 100 perbottle of 200 ml and retailprices of 3-layered surgicalmask shall not be more than10 and that of 2-layered morethan 8 a piece. See P5         !      !   New Delhi:A couple wasdeboarded from a Delhi-bound Rajdhani train onSaturday after co-passengersnoticed a home quarantineseal on the husbands hand, theRailways said, urging people toavoid non-essential travel forthe safety of fellow citizensamid a spurt in coronaviruscases. The Railways reportedtwo other recent incidentswhen people asked to remainin quarantine were found trav-elling on trains. Of the totalpeople detected in the twoinstances, 12 tested COVID-19positive. The national trans-porter has urged people toavoid or postpone all non-essential travel.    "   #   $     %&'( )*&%        &         +     ,                 2   3, 4     5 15      )            .# //6.//7)8  9   .# 689.7 8   9  6897) 0 9 ,  2 :  !" '("& ""   !"##$%$       )))*    *+%&'( & '  ()  (  *+   ,&  &    & -    ((*&.&'*(   !"#$ % &&!&'&'( ) 1   2 $",#"&,-"$../.0.0  hile rumours were rife onSaturday that the daugh-ter of a mall owner in Ranchihas tested positive forCoronavirus, officials from thehealth department said that shehas not shown any symptomsof the viral infection. The girl,whose identify cannot be dis-closed as per the Governmentsprotocol, returned from theUnited States of America ear-lier this week and is in self-quarantine since then.Our team visited her placeand spoke to her. The team didnot find any of the symptomsof Coronavirus in her.However, she is in self-quar-antine as she has travelled toIndia from the US,Ž said RanchiCivil Surgeon VB Prasad.Meanwhile, another 24-year-old man, who returned toRanchi from Italy this week,was tested for Coronavirus onSaturday. The traveler was stay-ing at his residence in Burmu,and the police had to force himto undergo the tests after localsinformed the police about hispresence in the village. The man, police said, wasadamant about not going toRajendra Institute of MedicalSciences (RIMS) and claimedthat he has been already test-ed in Bihar and Kolkatabefore coming toRanchi. However, localdoctors have asked himto stay in self-quaran-tine.While no positivecases of COVID-19have been reported inJharkhand so far, thehealth departmenthere is taking all pos-sible steps to preventthe entry of the lethalvirus in the tribal State.According to figurescompiled by theNational HealthMission (NHM), asmany as 414 travelers… people who returnedfrom foreign countries… were under observa-tion in Jharkhand bySaturday evening. At least 121 ofthem have passe

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d thequarantine period anddid not complain ofany symptoms, itadded.On Saturday, samples oftwo suspects were collected atRIMS in Ranchi and threesuspects at Mahatma GandhiMemorial (MGM) Hospital inJamshedpur. Till Friday, 53samples were sent for testingand 43 of them tested nega-tive. The State is waiting forthe results of 15 more samples,including five collected onSaturday, a press commu-niqué from NHM said.The lethal virus bySaturday evening infectednearly 3 lakh people across theglobe and claimed more than11,000 lives. In India, thenumber of patients infected byCoronavirus increased to 321by the time this report wasfiled. The death toll in India,however, has remained in sin-gle digit. The virus was firstreported in China, and with-in a few months, it wreakedhavoc in European countries,especially Italy and Spain. Doctors fear that if thevirus reaches a level of com-munity spread in India, itmay claim several thousandlives and prove to be cata-strophic.5%6           !"!   #      Special Prevention ofMoney Laundering Act(PMLA) court here onSaturday convicted formerMinister in the StateGovernment Anosh Ekka in amoney laundering case of Rs 20crore 31 lakh 77 thousand and852. The court of Judge AKMishra may pronounce pun-ishment on March 31. Ekkawas produced in the courtthrough video conferencing.The EnforcementDirectorate Special PublicProsecutor and Counsel for theaccused Anosh had submittedhis last arguments before theCourt on March 7. After this,the Court had fixed the date ofMarch 21 to give its verdict inthe case. The argument wasstarted on September 7, 2019.The hearing was going on day-to-day.Earlier, on February 26,2020, Ekka was sentenced to 7years rigorous imprisonment bythe CBI Special Court foracquiring disproportionateassets. Ekka is incarcerated inBirsa Munda Central Jail atHotwar in the State Capital.Ekka was booked in October2009 for money launderingcase.During the hearing of thecase, the ED has recorded state-ments of a total of 56 witness-es in the Court, while Ekkascounsel had produced 71 wit-nesses in the Court who record-ed their statement in Ekkasdefense. During the hearing ofthe case in Court, the ED teamhad produces 116 identifiedsale deeds related to the immov-able property purchased by theaccused Ekka. The special pub-lic prosecutor of the ED, whilearguing in the Court, describedthese documents as the mainevidence.The Former Minister inthe State Government was givenlife sentence in the 2014 mur-der of a Para Teacher, ManojKumar by local court. He wasgranted bail by the JharkhandHigh Court in September 2019.The Court of Justice NeerajSrivastava sentenced him onJuly 3, 2018. Ekka was arrestedthe very next day after thebody of the Para Teacher wasfound.Ekka is three times MLAfrom Kolebira State Assemblyconstituency and won electionsfrom the seat in 2005, 2009 and2014. Ekka was a Minister in theMadhu Koda Governmentbetween 2005 and 2008. /              3;  .  , )     )9 ,  2 :/      5  9         )9 ,  2 : /      = /  =revised budget of crore for the year 2020-21was presented by the RanchiMunicipal Corporation (RMC)on Saturday during its Boardmeeting. RMC had presentedits budget for the financialyear on February 18; themunicipal b

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ody presented thebudget after revising to pass itbefore March, 31.The meeting was chairedby the Mayor Asha Lakra inpresence of several ward coun-cilors and RMC top officials.Talking to media afterthe Budget, Lakra said thatthe municipal body is plan-ning to provide better lightfacility in every ward o9f theState Capital. With ongoingplan of installing street lightsin the wards the RMC hasdecided that it will increasenumber of street light. TheMunicipal body also set asidea sum for the repairmen andmaintenance of theGovernment Schools fallsunder its area. A fund was also createdfor Ground Water boring asfive Boring will be pumped ineach ward of the Municipalarea,Ž she added. Keeping the bettermentof the people and improve-ment in civic amenities in themind various provisions havebeen made in the revisedbudget. Special provision hasbeen made to fight the watercrises in the summer seasonwhere as schools and collegeswill also be provided withproper drinking water andsanitation facilities,Ž said theMayor.The Budget has beenprepared keeping RMCssources of income in mind. Itincludes providing the citi-zens with clean surround-ings and drinking water facil-ities,Ž said Vijaywargiya.The budget included arevenue receipt of crore with about Crore coming from taxes and94.78 crore from municipalrent. Sales and rent was esti-mated at 2.75 Crore whileinterest from bank and invest-ment at 4.50 Crore.Revenue payments of172.40 Crore have been esti-mated for the coming year.Establishment expenses havebeen estimated at Crore while another Crore have been put aside foradministrative expenses.Programme and specific sub-sidy- National UrbanLivelihood Mission (NULM/SISRY) is estimated at crore and interest and financecharge has been fixed at 11.92 Crore.At the end the Mayorsaid that the RMC has decid-ed that it will extend its fullsupport to Janata Curfew tobe held on Sunday and theywill be keep isolated them-selves according to theinstruction given by PrimeMinister, Narendra Modi.   $ 9  /  +  )   .  10   ) 9.4  9 ,  9  + : .5               )9 ,  9  + :he State has directed grade3 and 4 employees ofGovernment offices to workfrom home on alternate weeksin the wake of Coronavirus,which has already infectedmore than 300 people acrossIndia, officials from theDepartment of Personnel andAdministrative Reforms saidon Saturday.A directive issued by theaforementioned department onFriday said that 50 per cent ofnon-gazetted employees work-ing at various Governmentoffices will work from homewhile the remaining 50 percent will come to work in thefirst week starting Monday. Theemployees who work fromhome in the first week since theimplementation of thisarrangement will have to attendoffice in the next week, it said. The directive further saidthat all offices will have to pre-pare a roster of its employees forthe work from home arrange-ment. The directive says thatemployees staying nearby officesand those who use their ownvehicles for commuting shouldbe preferred for work fromoffice. On the other hand, theones who use public transportand stay far away from theirworkplace should be given thechoice of working from home.An employee who is work-ing from home should be avail-able over phone and other elec-tronic mediums of communi-cation during the office hours.Any excuse for

4 not being avail-able to attend calls or
not being avail-able to attend calls or reply tomessages will not be accepted,Žthe notification said.The Government has beentaking precautionary measuresto prevent the entry of thelethal virus in Jharkhand. OnWednesday, the StateGovernment issued a circularprohibiting the use of biomet-ric attendance in allGovernment offices acrossJharkhand amid NovelCoronavirus fear … a precau-tionary measure taken in a bidto prevent the virus fromspreading in the tribal State, offi-cials from the Department ofPersonnel and AdministrativeReforms said.According to figures com-piled by the National HealthMission (NHM), as many as 414travelers … people who returnedfrom foreign countries … wereunder observation in Jharkhandby Saturday evening. At least121 of them have passed thequarantine period and did notcomplain of any symptoms, itadded.On Saturday, samples oftwo suspects were collected atRIMS in Ranchi and three sus-pects at Mahatma GandhiMemorial (MGM) Hospital inJamshedpur. Till Friday, 53 samples weresent for testing and 43 of themtested negative. The State iswaiting for the results of 15more samples, including fivecollected on Saturday, a presscommuniqué from NHM said. .  , " �)*     -       9 14        )9 ,   s many as ten birds havedied at the Bhagwan BirsaZoological Park recently. Thebirds included three lesseradjutant stork, two white ibisand five grass owls. As per thepost mortem repots, the birdsdied due to a severe case ofbird flu.Initially it was notknown but later on it was con-firmed to be bird flu.Suspecting it to be an acutevirus all necessary precau-tions have been taken as perthe protocol and guidelines.There have been no furtherdeaths since February 25,Žsaid Director of BirsaZoological Park, DVenkateshwarlu.The first incidentoccurred on February 23where seven birds died andthe second one on February25 when there were threemore casualties of those birdswhich were segregated fromthe lot.The first incident tookplace on February 23 when allof a sudden seven birds died.The birds had not been show-ing any signs or symptoms ofany disease. As per the initialpost mortem report per acutetype of viral infection wasfound,Ž said Dr Ajay Kumar,a veterinary doctor at thezoo.The samples of the birdswere sent to Regional DiseaseDiagnostic Laboratory,Kolkata and later on also toNational Institute of HighSecurity Animal Diseases,Bhopal. The latter confirmedthat the birds died due toavian influenza.The reports were sent bythe institute to theGovernment of India whichfurther issued directives offollowing the action plan forthe prevention, cure and con-tainment of the disease. Aninspection team also visitedthe premises to enquire aboutthe health of the personsinteracting with the aviariesand to also know about thehealth status of the people inand around the zoo. The team has given vari-ous instructions to remainvigilant, monitor any unusu-al deaths of birds and identi-fy any symptoms in humans so that they can betreated immediately,Ž addedthe Director.Venkateshwarlu furtherstated that since then therehas no further death whichmeans that the spread of thevirus is under control. Moresamples of live birds willagain be sent to the laborato-ries to check the presence ofany disease. If not detected, itcan be safely assumed that thebird flu has been controlled,Žhe said.The zoo authorities aretaking all the necessary pre-cau

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tions to curtail its spreadamongst other species andhumans. Preventive measures likeapplication of lime disinfec-tant on the ground have beendone. Cages and barriers havebeen sprayed with anti viralsprays. The zoo staff has beenbriefed about the necessarysanitization methods whichneed to be followed. Theyhave also been provided withgloves, gum boots and otherpersonnel protective equip-ment.As per the State govern-ments directive, the zoon willremain closed till April 14 4 4 4    ? 19 = /   4=  4 @$      %&&        '   #'  #   # &      ) *   # #  #       #  /012 *+%       #,-.#/ 16 610"41661,01A%$*17"00$4G$ 716$,$00"16 46H I74#$416907#919477077$$7$17, 17160""7 177#60"(:=;31$67#0"41 ,1$.46,070"#9190179%17#6607704#1018"001 3&06=%76 1$ 6$175477"07$67#0170141 410"(:=;$$ $17G 179%1##616!179$$6077 3 70$6711 7%1 #0406$01 879$0#=4#94047737%1 40106016$%773 740477% 1$6"$1 # 114#$07164#$078$59$1%$46$0160170906!#075077=1"01,�6##0170111761 1011 17,477981774# 1771 97$0441017$2#077,%117,061 73(4771$6176$11 0"044017$2600,16$7,87%717,#7,$"77873,1061 �67171 "$779$$0017,70"#0#671"17"040##1 16$11 "$007160""#477,4#0$070"04#1A7700$7,$%7, 47,78441 #00$7,7647,7#076473J11"$7 07#$716(#01$$917176#$17,0817#79%1%1  416162#16177$01 8421 70$018671  #*"     0*  %.#/#0E46017"04K0 %$ 1#171614L "0 %$L87$1601;*B% ) 16 =.1#$01 8 =002,*160,.$1 170"0$1,&%17816C,C#1"7#70"0 171 %$1#17#1672$$69$0#41#0 43 "0 %$7,1190" ) 7##06%*170"** ,47#%$61 164#1 1#17#72$$70%$"07#06 710$$61661*1:11'0E1H*:'I3 178$$16 067#0 4097!82704#71 B7770173 $",#"&,-"$../.0.0  he Union Cabinet hascleared three schemesinvolving a total incentive ofaround Rs 48,000 crore toboost electronics manufactur-ing in the country, Telecom andIT Minister Ravi ShankarPrasad said on Saturday.The government is expect-ing to generate manufacturingrevenue potential of Rs 10 lakhcrore and create direct andindirect jobs for

6 20 lakh peo-ple by 2025 through thesesch
20 lakh peo-ple by 2025 through theseschemes, he said.Besides this, the Cabinet inits meeting held on Friday alsoapproved incentives for med-ical devices to reduce depen-dency on import of electronicproducts for medical care in thecountry. "Two long-term policydecisions have been taken tomake India a big hub of man-ufacturing. First in case ofelectronics, second in case ofpharma and also medicaldevices. Cabinet has approvedproduction linked-incentivefor electronics companies. Wewill give Rs 40,995 crore in thecoming five years for produc-tion linked-incentive," Prasadsaid.Under the scheme, elec-tronic manufacturing compa-nies will get an incentive of 4to 6 per cent on incrementalsales (over base year) of goodsmanufactured in India andcovered under target segments,to eligible companies over aperiod of next 5 years.Industry body IndiaCellular and ElectronicsAssociation said that the PLIscheme is of global scale whichnot only spur manufacturingbut more importantly exportsof mobile handsets at a globalscale. "The National Policy forElectronics 2019 envisionsIndia to reach a mobile phoneproduction of USD 190 billionby 2025, of which USD 110 bil-lion would be exported. PLI isthe policy intervention to sup-port the ambition to build theelectronics sector, where themain focus remains on manu-facturing of mobile phonesand components," ICEAChairman Pankaj Mohindroosaid.The Cabinet approvedscheme for promotion of man-ufacturing of electronics com-ponents and semiconductorswith a budget outlay of Rs 3,285crore spread over a period of 8years. It also approved revisedversion for electronics manu-facturing clusters with a totalincentive outlay of Rs 3,762.25crore spread over a period of 8years with an objective to cre-ate 10 lakh direct and indirectjobs under the scheme. "Because of these threeschemes, we hope to generatemanufacturing revenue poten-tial of Rs 10 lakh crore by 2025and generate direct and indirectjobs for 20 lakh people," Prasadsaid. The government estimatesthat PLI scheme, domesticvalue addition for mobilephones is expected to rise to35-40 per cent by 2025 fromthe current level of 20-25 percent and generate additional 8lakh jobs, both direct and indi-rect.  he world's largest diamondcutting and polishing hub,Surat in Gujarat, will shutdown for a week from Tuesdaydue to the novel coronavirusoutbreak, the Gem andJewellery Export PromotionCouncil and Surat DiamondAssociation said in a jointstatement on Saturday.Diamond cutting and pol-ishing units in other parts ofthe state like Bhavnagar andBotad will also remain closed,Gujarat regional chairman ofGJEPC Dinesh Navadiya said."The industry has alreadywitnessed $846 million fall inexports in February 2020 com-pared to the same month lastyear, and the crisis is deepen-ingfurther and could get worsethan what was witnessed dur-ing the 2008 financial reces-sion," he said.Navadiya said the export-oriented diamond industry wasfacing a massive crisis, withthree countries accounting for80 per cent of the exports,namely USA, Hong Kong, andChina, being among the worsthit due to the outbreak."USA accounts for 39 percent of exports, followed byHong Kong at 37 per cent, andChinaat 4 per cent. They areamong the countries that areworst affected by coronavirus.We are facing a situation thatcan get worse than what wewitnessed during the 2008recession," Navadiya said.In another developmentrelated to coronavirus, SuratMunicipal Corporation onSaturday launched an onlinevoluntary self-reporting forcitizens with history of visitsabroad or other state

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s withinthe country, and said non-reg-istration will invite a penalty ofup to Rs 25,000."SMC starts voluntary selfreporting of corona affectedCitizens, if someone has comefrom other countries or otherdomestic localities with sus-pected cases. Non Registrationinvites penalty up to 25000/-,"Municipal CommissionerBanchha Nidhi Pani tweeted.People who have recentlyreturned to Surat from visitsabroador other states within thecountry will have to providetravel details, as well as healthinformation like whether theyare suffering from fever, cough,or having difficulty breathing,etc.The online form link isavailable on the SuratMunicipal Corporation web-site. he Reserve Bank of India(RBI) on Saturday extend-ed the six-month regulatoryrestriction on crisis-riddenPunjab and MaharashtraCooperative Bank for threemonths till June 22, 2020, as itis still working on the revival ofthe bank. The RBI had placed regu-latory curbs on the multi-stateurban cooperative bank onSeptember 23, 2019, after find-ing out certain financial irreg-ularities, hiding and misre-porting of loans given to realestate developer HDIL."It is hereby notified for theinformation of the public thatthe validity of the directivedated September 23, 2019, asmodified from time to time,has been extended for a furtherperiod of three months fromMarch 23, 2020 to June 22,2020," the RBI said in a releaseon Saturday.The restrictions on thebank included barring the bankfrom giving fresh loans andacceptance of fresh deposits.Depositors were also notallowed to withdraw more thanRs 1,000 initially from theiraccounts but the limit waslater relaxed to Rs 50,000, help-ing 78 per cent of the deposi-tors to withdraw their entireaccount balance. The RBI said it has beenclosely monitoring the situationat the bank and has been hold-ing regular meetings with theadministrator and the adviso-ry committee of the bank.In the interest of thedepositors and the stability ofthe cooperative banking sector,the RBI, in consultation withvarious stakeholders andauthorities, is trying to workout a scheme for revival of thebank,Ž it said. The central banksuperseded the board of PMCBank and had appointed J BBhoria, an ex-RBI official, as itsadministrator.The RBI further said unlikein the case of commercialbanks, it as no powers to drawup an enforceable scheme ofreconstruction of a cooperativebank. The statement comes ata time when the RB, in matterof 13 days, came out with a res-cue plan for private lender YesBank. The central bank hadimposed a moratorium on YesBank on March 5 but lifted iton March 18.The RBI further said it isdiscussing with various author-ities on expeditious sale ofsecurities and recoveries ofloans of PMC Bank. Due to various factorsincluding legal processes, tan-gible outcomes are taking sometime,Ž it said.New Delhi:To ensure that thebasic services provided by localbodies are not affected amidcoronavirus scare, the Centrehas released 5,140.15 crorepending instalment of thegrants to six states under the14th Finance Commission thathad been withheld pendinglocal bodies elections."Due to #COVID2019, thelocal bodies have to especiallyfocus on providing basic civicservices and ensure cleanli-ness. The amounts to AndhraPradesh, Arunachal Pradesh,Meghalaya, Nagaland, Odisha,Tamil Nadu have been releasedfor urban and rural local bod-ies wherever applicable,"Finance Minister NirmalaSitharaman said in a tweet."The amount releasedtotals 2,570.0813 crore, with940.8063 crore for rural localbodies and 1,629.275 crore forurban local bodies.  tate-run

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telecom firmMTNL will offer doubledata in all broadband plans oflandline and mobile for amonth to encourage work fromhome for people in the wake ofrising cases of coronavirus inthe country."MTNL has doubled freedata in all the broadband plansof landline as well as mobile forone month will effect fromtoday so that people areencouraged to work fromhome," MTNL Chairman andManaging Director SunilKumar told PTI. The newscheme will be provided to cus-tomers in Delhi and Mumbaiwhere the company operates.On Friday, it announcedfree broadband service for itslandline and new customers fora month to support 'work fromhome' allowed by most organ-isations amid the coronavirusoutbreak. New customers opt-ing for copper cable basedconnection will not have to payeven installation charges butwill need to buy modem for theservice, BSNL officials said.Public sector companiesare the first one to come upwith schemes to support workfrom home.On Thursday, PrimeMinister Narendra Modi askedpeople to stay indoors andwork from home as much aspossible while underscoringthe dangers of coronavirus,saying the world has neverseen a crisis as grave as this.New Delhi:With the coron-avirus outbreak hitting busi-nesses hard, industry bodyAssocham on Saturday said ithas sought form the governmenta slew of measures to tide overthis difficult economic situation.In a letter to FinanceMinister Nirmala Sitharaman,it has suggested moratorium fora period of one year on debtrepayments both for corpo-rates and individuals. It has alsourged the ministry for an urgentinfusion of liquidity by the LifeInsurance Corporation of India(LIC) into the Non BankingFinancial Companies (NBFCs)in a quasi-equity format."Assocham has sought ablanket year-long moratoriumby banks on debt repaymentboth for corporates and indi-viduals as also urgent infusionof liquidity by the LifeInsurance Corporation of Indiainto the NBFCs in a quasi-equi-ty format," Assocham said in astatement.  he Indian PharmaceuticalAlliance (IPA) on Saturdaysaid it along with its membercompanies is working with thegovernment, various pharmaindustry associations in Indiaand other key stakeholders inthe pharmaceutical supplychain to ensure that patients inIndia and the world continue tohave access to medicines.The member companiesare closely monitoring ordersand inventories of medicines, itsaid. "With an adequate stock ofActive PharmaceuticalIngredients (APIs), finishedproduct formulations and chan-nel availability, we would be ableto sustain the supply of medi-cines for the coming months,the IPA said in a statement. Thepharma industry body also saidthat it is not aware of any med-icines shortage, to date."We are working closelywith the International Genericand Biosimilar MedicinesAssociation (IGPA), WorldHealth Organisation (WHO)headquarters in Switzerlandand its India office, Associationof Affordable Medicines (AAM)USA, Medicines for Europeand several other country asso-ciations to assess internationaldevelopments and any potentialimpact on supply of medicinesglobally," the IPA said.The IPA and its companiesare aligned to government ini-tiatives of containment measuresand social distancing whilemeeting supply commitments inthe essential services for avail-ability of medicines, it added.tate-run life insurer LIC ishopeful of crossing its fiscaltarget of selling over 2.5 croreindividual policies and a pre-mium collection of more than55,000 crore before March 31,This is 17 per cent growthin terms of number of indi-vidual policies sold comparedto the number of policies

9 sold"We have created a newrecord by sel
sold"We have created a newrecord by selling 2,17,00,000individual policies and a pre-mium collection ofcrore as on March 21, 2020,"the Life Insurance Corporation(LIC) said.The life insurer said it isconfident of crossingits target of 2.5 crore individ-ual policies well before March-In the previous fiscal, thecorporation had sold 2,14,03,905 individualpolicies.Typically, March is con-sidered an important month forinsurance companies whenthey witness maximum sale ofpolicies.In the group insurancepolicies, LIC has collected apremium of Rs 1.15 lakh crore, so far, againsta target of Rs 60,000 crore ithad set in the beginning of theyear.As of end February 2020,the new business performanceof LICshowed an impressivegrowth of 12.85 per cent in itsfirst-year premium income and21.84 per cent in number ofpolicies. et Airways founder NareshGoyal on Saturday appearedbefore the EnforcementDirectorate in connection witha money laundering probeagainst Yes Bank promoterRana Kapoor and his familymembers, officials said.They said Goyal's state-ment will be recorded by theinvestigating officer of the caseunder the Prevention of MoneyLaundering Act (PMLA) at itsoffice in Ballard Estate here.Jet Airways' loan exposureto the crisis-ridden Yes Bank isabout 550 crore. Goyal was firstsummoned by the central probeagency on March 18 but he citedthe reason of tending to an ill rel-ative for skipping the summons. He was given a fresh timeand deposed Saturday, theysaid. The agency initiated actionagainst Kapoor and his familymembers and raided him soonafter the Reserve Bank imposeda moratorium on the "stressed"Yes Bank earlier this month.Normal banking operations forYes Bank customers were re-started on Wednesday.Kapoor, 62, was arrested bythe ED in Mumbai on March8 and at present he is in judi-cial custody. The ED has grilledReliance Group Chairman AnilAmbani and Peter Kerkar ofCox & Kings company.The probe agency hasaccused Kapoor, his familymembers and others of launder-ing "proceeds of crime" amount-ing to Rs 4,300 crore by receiv-ing alleged kickbacks in lieu ofextending big loans throughtheir bank that later allegedlybecame a non-performing asset.:;   #   =  &!8&#x ;&#x-2;P:3-     !6"#    ' ( ' 2  (     3  (     3' "###      -  3(  (    "+6#12324252422656780924620.6123!:664236127;  #29 /"A   )         lipkart on Saturday saidthat e-commerce worldoverhas been the lifeblood for citiesunder shutdown to fightagainst coronavirus while laud-ing the government move toexempt e-tailers from any orderthat restrict supply throughthem."We see that world over, e-commerce, powered by tech-nology, has played a key role asa partner with the publicauthorities and has been thelifeblood for cities under shut-down to fight Covid-19,"Flipkart spokesperson said in astatement. To ensure there isno disruption of supply ofessential commodities, theministry of consumer affairshas advised state governmentsand local administration toexempt e-commerce opera-tions (warehouse and logisticsfacilities and services).%7/''  (   ( (   '  3( ' 3 3 99   #        77$0"B3K1696

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$#0$7,KK.1#440$$01"0)'MB* $ -8 4  ' 7  1    ( ' 9.6   #  #         21   Myth:Coronavirus will disappear whensummer sets in India. Fact: From the evidence so far, the newcoronavirus can be transmitted in all areas,including areas with hot and humid weather. Myth: Taking a hot bath can preventcoronavirus disease. Fact:Our normal body temperature is 97.5degree F. Taking hot bath will only raise our bodytemperature. Additionally, extreme hot water isharmful for us.Myth: Pets at home can spread coronavirus. Fact: To date, there is no evidence that pets suchdogs or cats can be infected with COVID-19.However, it is prudent to wash hands before andafter handling them.Myth: Eating Chicken or other meats can causeCOVID-19. Fact:There is no such evidence. However, eat wellcooked meat and avoid raw meat.Myth: Wear a mask when you step out. Fact: There is no need to wear a mask for healthypeople. If you have fever, cold and cough wear athree-layer surgical mask to protect others fromgetting infected. Seek medical attention as well.N95 mask is only required for healthcareprofessionals.he novel coronavirus outbreak (2019-nCoV, now called SARS-CoV-2)causing the COVID-19 viral diseasethat has swept into 156 countries,which affected 191,127 people (as onMarch 18, 2020) and killed more than 7807people is now officially a pandemic, as declaredby the World Health Organisation (WHO).It is for the first time that the WHO hascalled an outbreak a pandemic since the H1N1swine fluŽ in 2009. The 1918 Spanish fluepidemic was the deadliest flu season that weknow of, infecting about one-third of the worldspopulation. Coronaviruses are a large group of virusesthat are known to infect both humans andanimals, and in humans causes respiratoryillness that range from common colds to muchmore serious infections. The most well-knowncase of a coronavirus epidemic was Severe AcuteRespiratory Syndrome (SARS), which, after firstbeing detected in southern China in 2002, wenton to affect 26 countries and resulted in morethan 8,000 cases and 774 deaths. The COVID-19 disease appears to haveoriginated from a Wuhan seafood market wherewild animals, including marmots, birds, rabbits,bats and snakes, are traded illegally.Coronaviruses are known to jump from animalsto humans, so it is thought that the first peopleinfected with the disease „ a group primarilymade up of stall holders from the seafoodmarket „ contracted it from contact withanimals. If we compare COVID-19 with two othercoronavirus outbreaks in the recent past, we willsee that it is less lethal. With a mortality ratecurrently estimated at around 2 percent (a rangeof 0.7 to 3), it is less deadly to those whobecome affected than SARS or MERS.According to early WHO estimates, the averagereproductive rate (r0) of coronavirus rangedbetween 1.4 and 2.5. That means, on an average,each confirmed case of coronavirus would infectbetween 1.4 and 2.5 other people. It is, therefore,more contagious than some of the deadliestairborne viruses. India is one of the first countries in theworld to prepare for an outbreak of COVID-19outbreak. According to Health ministry, Indiabegan screening people at airports from 17January onwards, six days after Chinese statemedia reported the first known death from anillness caused by the virus and a good two weeksbefore the WHO declared it a global healthemergency.As on date, India has over 200 confirmedCOVID-19 cases and is on Stage 2, whichmeans we ha

11 ve only local transmission frompositive
ve only local transmission frompositive cases. The Indian Council of MedicalResearch (ICMR) believes that we mayeventually slip into Stage 3, where the diseasespreads in the community and large areas areaffected. ICMR also says that we haveapproximately 30 days window period to haltthis transmission and thats where our focus as acountry should be on.Till now, India has taken following stringentmeasures to address the problem:Mandatory checks at airport and quarantineas required.Blanket Visa ban until at least April 15, 2020.Invoked Disaster Management Act tocentralise the response and preparedness.Invoked Epidemic Act for the same purpose.Created isolation facilities across the countryusing Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forcesfacilities.Carried Rescue Missions from China, Iranand Italy to bring back Indians who are at risk ofCOVID-19 exposure.Indian Healthcare Sector along with Centraland State Government is fully prepared to dealwith the outbreak. However, we need to keep inmind that every country in the world is facingsome challenges despite their socio-economicstatus as the virus is spreading very rapidly.In todays world, naturally fear is always thefirst wave of every epidemic. But, we mustrealise that we have had pandemics before, andwe have responded to them before. It is veryimportant to know what each one of us can doto fight against COVID-19. WHO advises seven simple steps for everyone of us to stay safe and prevent the virus fromspreading to other people. These are:STEP 1: Wash your hands frequently, regularlyand thoroughly with an alcohol-based hand rub(use a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60%alcohol, for at least 20 seconds) or wash themwith soap and water (for at least 40-60 seconds).Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing,when caring for the sick, before, during andafter you prepare food, before eating, after toiletuse, when hands are visibly dirty and afterhandling animals or animal waste. We use ourhands to touch objects and surfaces that may becontaminated. Without realising it, we thentouch our faces, transferring viruses to our eyes,nose and mouth where they can infect us.Washing your hands with soap and water orusing alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses thatmay be on your hands, including the virus thatcauses COVID-19.STEP 2: Avoid touching your eyes, nose andmouth to avoid transmission of virus. Handstouch many surfaces and can pick up viruses.Once contaminated, hands can transfer thevirus to your eyes, nose or mouth and can thenenter your body and make you sick.STEP 3:Cover your mouth and nose when yousneeze or cough with the bend of your elbow orwith a tissue. Also make sure that you, and thepeople around you, follow good respiratoryhygiene. Dispose of the used tissue immediatelyinto a closed bin and wash your hands. Whensomeone coughs or sneezes, they spray smallliquid droplets from their nose or mouth whichmay contain virus. By covering your cough orsneeze, you avoid spreading viruses and othergerms to other people. By using the bend ofyour elbow or a tissue and not your hands tocover your cough or sneeze, you avoidtransferring contaminated droplets to yourhands. This prevents you from contaminating aperson or a surface through touching them withyour hands.STEP 4:Avoid crowded places and close contactwith anyone that has fever or cough, andinternational travel history in recent past. This ismore important for people over 60 years of ageor with underlying health condition such ashigh blood pressure, diabetes, heart and lungdiseases or cancer.

12 Maintain at least 1 metre (3feet) of dis
Maintain at least 1 metre (3feet) of distance between yourself and anyonewho has a fever or cough. COVID-19 spreadsmainly by respiratory droplets that come out ofthe mouth or nose when a person who has thedisease coughs. By avoiding crowded places, youkeep yourself distant from people who may beinfected with COVID-19 or any otherrespiratory disease. This is called SocialDistancing and is proven a very effectivestrategy for containment.STEP 5: Stay at home if you feel unwell, evenwith a slight fever and cough.By staying homeand not going to work or other places, you willrecover faster and will avoid transmittingdiseases to other people. This is called HomeIsolation and is very effective for rationing ofhealthcare resources to sicker individuals.STEP 6: If you have a fever, cough and difficultybreathing, seek medical care early. If you can,call your hospital or health centre first so thatthey can tell you where you should go. In Indiathe helpline number set up by Ministry ofHealth and Family Welfare is:This will help to make sure you get the rightadvice, are directed to the right health facility,and will prevent you from infecting others.STEP 7:Get information from trusted sources.Stay informed about the latest information fromabout COVID-19 from trusted sources. Makesure your information comes from reliablesources „ Ministry of Health and FamilyWelfare, Government of India website, theWHO website, or local health authorities.Everyone should know the symptoms „ formost people, it starts with a fever and a drycough.Local and national authorities will havethe most up-to-date information on whetherCOVID-19 is spreading in your area. They arebest placed to advise on what people in yourarea should be doing to protect themselves.In addition, we also need to understand thatso far 80% of people affected by COVID-19have mild symptoms and recovered from thedisease in two weeks. Most coronavirus illnessare also generally mild for children and youngadults. Treatment is similar to other coronavirusoutbreak protocols with some drugs (Undertrial) are now being tried in very sick patients.We do not have an effective vaccine as yet andtherefore seek proper medical attention in timeand avoid self-medications. It is time we realise that COVID-19 isspreading through our human networks „through our countries, our towns, ourworkplaces and our families. In this spread, asingle persons behaviour can cause ripple effectacross the globe. Let us be responsible and fightthe coronavirus outbreak together. The author is President, Asian Society forEmergency Medicine (ASEM)           67617936274602@636!362328+39):2010;2        )'( : ) : ,( )) '&   , .*     '3)'( , '( (  (     ) (    ' '(   '( (  (3      *&   &'* '()  )* ' ) +R;B;  12   3 )  )   4  1   5 1 (  21331124.66270761246!.68.82.272 716##7042-  $#"77706,748$76(:=;77#61 0 041180271671 $#701A7%9017##$""077 $0%17477013 017,"0,7#0170277#6,87 

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