Most fashion brands in the USA manufacture their clothes in other countries, such as China and Bangladesh, because of cheap labor and low wages. The sad truth is that only about 3% of the clothes are domestically manufactured in the United States. However, the focus is gradually shifting to give importance to domestically made apparel. By choosing to buy from US clothing stores, you show your support for this great nation and keep jobs for millions of people within the country. If you are not convinced that purchasing American-made fashion items is the best choice, the following reasons will help you understand the difference.

1. Higher Quality

Although clothes manufactured overseas go through many checks, the materials used can be inferior compared with domestically made American shirts, pants, and other apparel. Domestic companies use high-quality fabrics and professional stitching. The prices are still competitive, and you get a better value for your money.

2. Eco-Friendly

Many US clothing stores use environmentally friendly materials. As they are locally manufactured, designed, printed, and packaged, they reduce the carbon footprint caused by shipping from a faraway country. Often buyers don’t know what kind of regulations will be in place in other countries. Moreover, transportation involves using a massive amount of fuel that can emit carbon dioxide. By buying locally made apparel, you help both nature and the local business.

3. Boost to Domestic Economic Growth

Buying American-made clothes will help decrease the unemployment rate in the country. More start-ups are likely to come into the fashion industry if people are enthusiastic about purchasing USA clothing. Apart from creating jobs, the country can benefit from higher tax income. Patriotic apparel has even become a fashion statement in recent years, and it is best to get that apparel by supporting local jobs.

4. Human Rights in Practice

The USA has strict regulations for safe labor practices. The labor law here minimizes the risks of unsafe and poor working conditions. Sometimes the clothes made in other countries lack these regulations. While you get the clothes for a lower price, they come at the cost of human lives. Instead, purchase items from companies that take care of their employees.

Today, many start-ups are pushing into the clothing industry to create jobs and increase local revenue. Some USA clothing stores sell their products with a noble vision and action and contribute a portion of the sales to support the war heroes who have PTSD. By purchasing American made clothes, you can show your patriotism and strong support for this great nation.

Author Bio: The author regularly writes about the American clothing industry and manages the website Tactical Pro Supply that sells patriotic apparel, such as American flag t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bottoms.