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Awesome list of games to play to bond with remote teams. It will increase co - operation, strategizing & the team will also learn to understand each other. Published on 18-04-2022 | By: thefranchiseuniverse

Many companies are slowly starting to bring employees back to the office. As this has become safer, however, it’s become clear that others will choose to continue with remote work. This is largely because remote working has proven to offer multiple benefits –– like eliminating the need to rent space and maintain equipment and allowing employees better work/life balance. But in order to prevent work relationships from deteriorating because of the lack of in-person interaction, companies have also had to start organizing online activities designed to strengthen team bonds.
Along these lines, some companies have opted to implement regular game nights (or even game breaks during lunch hours). But which games are actually best to promote bonding via video conferencing or other remote means?

Something as simple as spending 20 or 30 minutes playing a fun game can be an effective way to foster community and friendship among workers. Add levels of cooperation, strategizing, and (just-for-fun) competition and the team will also learn to respect and understand each other –– even without much if any, in-person contact.

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