A luxury watch is a prized possession that proudly tells the impeccable taste of its wearer. Vintage watches can be passes on to the next generation, and most mechanical watches, such as Tufina watches, outlive their owners. However, a watch endures heat, moisture, shock, and movement when it's worn daily. To make it last longer, you need care for your wristwatch periodically. Here are a few tips for maintaining your luxury watch:

1. Clean Your Watch Regularly

A shiny watch attracts everyone's attention. Giving a gentle cleaning now and then is essential to safeguard your watch from scratches and friction. Apply moisture if your watch is water-resistant, and use a wooden toothpick and soft cotton to clean the dirt in the narrow gaps. If your timepiece requires a deep cleaning, take it to a watch expert to avoid any damage.

2. Know Your Watch's Water Resistance Capacity

A water resistance watch does not give you the freedom to use it in any depth or have it wet for any length of time. Be aware of the water-resistance capacity of your watch. Watches with 3 bar ratings can withstand water pressure up to 30 meters (100 feet). You can wear it when swimming and bathing. However, you should keep it away from hot water and soap. A watch with 20 bar ratings can be used for scuba diving and is usually a diver's watch. Understanding the variations in water resistance will help you keep your watch in good condition.

3. Avoid Magnetic Fields

Although magnets are widely used in scientific applications, they can negatively impact your watch. Placing your wristwatch close to the magnetic fields can cause it to stop. Avoid instruments and electronic items that use heavy magnets, and keep your watch away from refrigerators, speakers, laptops, tablets, magnetic clasps on bags, or anything else which contains magnets.

4. Don't Expose Your Watch to Extreme Temperatures

Exposing your watch to extreme temperatures can fade your watch's color and can destroy the glossy look. Direct sunlight can also damage the battery. Store your wristwatch in a cool and dark area where the temperature does not alter much.

5. Get Your Watch Serviced

Your luxury watch is made of hundreds of minuscule components, so it's best not to open the wristwatch yourself as you may tamper with the functionalities. Get your watch serviced at least once every three years by an expert who will dismantle your watch, clean it, and polish the components.

Final Thought

A luxury watch is an asset for many, as it goes beyond timekeeping. Timepieces can last with adequate care, so maintain and care for your luxury watch to keep it around for generations.

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