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Page 1 of 6 to get more information about the fields on this formFINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT JD-FM-6-LONG Rev 2-16 PB 25-30 25a-15STATE OF CONNECTICUT SUPERIOR COURT wwwjudctgovFINAFFLCourt Use OnlyFINAFF

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SCIEN2TF5 EuAx000Cn Cx000Cx001Cue 4 Cex001Ax001Bx001Cx001Dx001E
SCIEN2TF5 EuAx000Cn Cx000Cx001Cue 4 Cex001Ax001Bx001Cx001Dx001E

1SCIEN2T25 x000Bx001BAx000Cx001Cex001D 4 Cex001Ax001Bx001Cx001Dx001ESCIEN2424 Ihe SoLx001Bx000CD Dex001CeAx001Bnx000Cx001Cx001Bon of Eex000CDx001Ch 4 Cex001Ax001Bx001Cx001Dx001E2COCN2T4F Ihe Dx000Ck S

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x0000x0000  Review Your Usage
x0000x0000 Review Your Usage

SmartHub is a registered trademark of OverviewMy Usage offers you a quick snapshot of how much energy you146ve used and allows you to compare that usage over time and against weather data Why should x

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The computer must be connected to the DCP and the DCP power must be on to use this command You may use this command in either STOP or RUN modes see the Modecommand for information Note however that th

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list of providers
list of providers

Removing your name from the accepting new patientsThe agency offers clients a way to see if Apple Health Medicaidproviders in their area are accepting new patients All Medicaid providers active in Pro

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Basic Capabilities Index BCI
Basic Capabilities Index BCI

Gender Equity Index GEIEmpowermentEconomic activityEducationChildren reaching 5th gradeSurviving under-5 Births attendedSocial Watch / 236NITES OF AMERICSocial security not yet social or secureMany of

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Public Private CybersecurityCollaborationcontinues to risk that
Public Private CybersecurityCollaborationcontinues to risk that

Nov 06 2020https//wwwfederalregistergov/articles/2015/10/02/201524296/departmentdefensedefenseindustrialbasedibcybersecurityactivitiesCyber Threat DIB participantsto learn more about or apply to join

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Document on Subject : "rrrrnrrr nnnnrr nnnnrrnnnnrnrrrrnrnnnnnrrrrrnrrnrnrnrrnrrnrrrrn"— Transcript:

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 \r\r\n\n\n\n"\r" \n,-, \r-\n \n\r\r  \r""\r"()"%\r   \r%  \r *\r"\r""\r"\n\n \n,   \n  \r \n \r \r. \n\n #\r" \n\n\n\r \r\n()"%- " \n- \n \n\n\n\n  \r\n\r-,   \r, -\r  \r\r "\r", - \n  \r- \r \n\r"\r+\n\n\r \r\n \r \n\n 2 * \n2\n()"\n\n  \n\r\r \n \r \n"*\r" -\n, \n,*"    \r\n(  $*(!!!$#$! #\r" \n\n\n\r \r\n\r \r"\r 1\n\r\n\r   \r \n *""-\n\r \r"\r"\r \n \n\r\r \n\r"\r \r 3 \n 4  \r()"\n \n\r\n#\r" \n\n\n\r \r\n \n\n\n\r  \r\n*\r"\r"\r-\r\n%- , 5 \r""   \n \r\n   \r \r- \r \n \r" \n  ( +($(,!'#\r )"/\r\n\r% \n6 \r\n 3\r \r\r\r

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4\r-,\n\n\r"%!"\r\n%\r\r"\n\r*2 \r" \r (&\r \r  \r    \n\r* , " \n\r\r2  \n \n\r \r* *" *2 (\n  %\r  *2  \n%\r2\r 2\n(\n  \r*\r"\r" \n*2 *\r"% (\n \n  \r\r % \r \r\r"%\r" ; -\n\r%\n \n"\r"\n\r%\n \r" \rF%\r*#'$ \r %\r"\r\n- \r" "\r\n-  \r"\n\r%\n%  \r(\n 2%\n *\r"\r"\n \n+  \r\n  \n(\n\n \n%* \n\r% \r"\n\r%()"7\r #\r" \r% *-\r""5\n*\r" \r"\r  \r(   \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r  \r \n \r \r\n\r      A6" \n \r     )"\r*\n\r"A6"\r  \n (   5  '(##%6*&$7 # -  "\r\n\r\r 

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\n\r \r"" - ,*%\n" -( \r\r2\n  "\r\n\r( '\n" -\r   \n\r* " - " - ,\r \r\n*\r"$=,% &-\n, *\r \r\n 58   \r%\n\r\r \r\n(. \n\n- \r  \n\n ("23% ,\n\r  +  \r *2 (2% \r"\n"\r( \r \n\r  \n\r\r\r\r \n("2% \n \n  "\r\n()2\n-\n \r\r \r\n\r2\n\r(  9 :  & \r\n\n\n\n  \r\n2  \r\r%,\n\n " \n  "%  \n((\n"*,\r" "*\n"(&  \r\r"-(. \n\r \r\n+\r % \r"\n\n \n\r\r\n\r\n* \n \n\r\r"\r\r"\r  \r"\n(. \n\r *"\r\n\r\r()2A"%-\r\n \n( : 9 ;   \n\r \r*  \n0 -\r2    \r2\n   \n(   \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r

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 \r \n \r \r\n\r     . \n%*\r"%\r \r\n*" \r"\r\n-(. \n \n\r\n\n\n\r" \r"\r \r*\r"%( \n2\r"  \r"% 9\r- (  \r\r F\r\n%\n \n\r%\r\r"  \r"\n"\r\r\n*\r"\r"\r" \n\n*2   "2*\r"\r"% \r\r  2\n( \r\r \r\r \r9\n"%  \n(&\r\r# 9\n\n\r(8\n*\r" #\r"\n\n \n  \r \n\n%\n(\r  \r\r  \r) \r\n\r \nG\r \n%CE"\n  9;;  \r\r *"\r\r \n\r \r* \n( \r\r &)E"\n. \n) \n\r\r(&\n\n \nF$8,* \n\n \n("2$ \n(\n\nF\r ;\n\r \r \r   \r *"\r(#6" "2\n"\r\r"\n\r (# -%\r \r\r%- \r" \r( & \n; \r-\n\n\r " \r2\n  98; "2\n\r\n %\r \r\n\r\n(\r\r \r  \n\n \r&\n"2\r(1\n\r2*2\r

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%('\n" -\r\r  \n\r* " - " - (\r\r*\r"% \r\r     \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r  \r \n \r \r\n\r   \n   \r" \n\n\n \n; \r ()\r= "\r\n\r"\n"\r()\r""\n2\n\r \r\n(. \r%\r"\r\n("2  \n2 \n""\n  \r(&\n % \n\r\r\r\n\r\r" %\n"\r(/   \n\r2* *2F\r*\n\r2\n( 895  &$(#''#6\r!*&$79 '\n" -\r\r  \n\r* " - " - ,\r \r\n*\r"$=,% &-\n, *\r \r\n( \r\n\r\r \r\n(. \n\n- \r  \n\n ("23% ,\n\r  +  \r *2 \r\r"""( \r\r \r"\r\r\n\n\n\n  \r   \r  \r\n(2% \r"\n"\r( \r \n\r  \n\r\r\r\r \n("2% \n \n(  5\n 9:\n '\n \r \n\n\n\n  \r%-  &\r

14 \n(#6" 2F\r\n%
\n(#6" 2F\r\n%\n \n\r%\r\r"  \r"\n"\r\r\n*\r"\r"\r" \n*2    \r" \r\r \n\r  2\n(A"%-\r\n \n \n; \r  \r +(&  \r %" \n \r"  \r" \r\n(. \n) \n\r\r( :; 9  \r\r\r \r\n\r" "\r(& \r\n\n\n\n  \r\n2  \r\r%,\n\n " \n\n   \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r  \r \n \r \r\n\r   \n\n   +(A"%-\r\n \n;\n;  \r +   9 ; & "\r\n  2F\r\n%\n \n\r%\r\r"  \r"\n"\r\r\n*\r"\r"\r"  \n \r" \r( \r\r \n\r  2\n(1\n\r2*2\r%"2\n\r\n %\r \r\n\r\n(A"%-\r\n \n;\n"2\n+(\r ()\r""\n2\n\r \r\n 89 ;8".$-1\n"\n\r"\r\n8  2/   \n\r2* *2F\r %*\n\r2\n(&\n

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 % \n\r\r\r\n\r\r" %\n"\r(# -\r "\r\n\r*%\n" -(  "  $'# ;89  %*$*&$=  \r\n\r\r \r\n(. \n- \r  \n\n ("23% ,\n\r  +  \r *2 \r\r"""(2% \r"\n"\r( % \r \n\r  \n\r\r\r\r \n(   \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r  \r \n \r \r\n\r   \n   "2% \n \n( -\nA6"  9 ;  A"%-\r\n \n;"2\n(. \n)  \r\r! \n\n\r \n\r \r\n \r" "\r*"\r"\n\n\n\n( %\r \r\n\n\r,\n*\r" \r\n\r( ) \r""\r\n\n*\n\n\n    \n3\r \n\n \n( 9   1-* \r \n\r \r\nF3   +  \r\n\r" %(= \r \r\n\r\n\n \r\r *F+\n\r()\r""\n2\n\r \r\n(. \r%\r"\r\n("2  \n2

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 \n""\n  \r(&\n % \n\r\r\r\n\r\r" %\n"\r(/   \n\r2* *2F\r*\n\r2\n 5   \r   \n\r# -\r   \n\r     \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r  \r \n \r \r\n\r   \n   \r%\n\n    \n\r\n\n\r% \n\n   (\n\n\n\n*\r"%\r0!"\r\r \r"- \r\n\r( #$*2#$'&&( %\n-,*\r"1( ((.(. \n0 %   \r 4, " @@@H\r\r\r"3\r\r \r"H\r\r%   \r(44�?H\n\n 2\n\r\n * *\nH)  73% $- \r% \n(@+ 4H7 %\n\n\r\nH7 %%"- \r \r\n3\r \n"\n(H& \r\r2 \n\n%\n2\n H"2 \n %,\n\r\n(H8-\r" \n \r" \n\r\n3\r \r (H=*\r" \n\r\r \n\r"=!

17  \n " \r-\r \
 \n " \r-\r \r"=   \r\r \r\r"\r \n\r  \r\r%(%"\r" \n \r\n \r" *\r" \n\r\r \n\r" \r*  %\r" \r;*\n\n\n\n*\n-\r\n\r \r\n*\r"I(\n\r*""\n  \r \r"\n*()"\n\n\r\r \r%\n"2%  \n\r"\r, \r\r 33%\r\n (*\n2\r \r\r""\r" \n\r%"2\n\r %\n\r% \r" \r(   \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r  \r \n \r \r\n\r   \n   )\n# \r )"\n\n\r\n\n \r"%  *\r"\r" -  \r,\r\n%   \n3"\n\r-\r"\r" \n%*+\r\r(  $\n\r   /5   \r&   \nG\n   \n\n )%  J\r\n  4\r&\nK  8  \n\n  1\n\r   \n 7   ' "   \r ;" -   \r

18 .+  \r  $% \n  '6"
.+  \r  $% \n  '6"5\n  L\r" \n\r   )%  \r"  \r-\n  \r\r   \r\r %\n\n  !"\r\n\r%\n  "\r  M6%\r\n  \r \r"\r\n   \r\r%   8\r% \n  &\n\n \r\n   \r  \n  73% \n\r J\n"\rK--    \r= \n  &\n\n \n  \n\n\n\n  \r1   "*\n  \r/-\n  &\n\r\r\n1 \n  8 \n )%\n\r    \n\n\n\n  \r    \r     \r  \r \n \r \r\n\r   \n   74\r-\n '*\n \r"4\r-\n%\n" \r \r %  \r  ()-\r\r\r"\r \r *" *\r"\n\r \n-\n  \r"\r,  0 \r\n\n\n\n  \r  \n\n  \r \r      \r\r &  \r\r -1\n\r\r \n\r\r  \n"  )"\n*"-%    \n\r  01\r   \n\r  \n\n\n\n  \r\n\r\n!

19  \n  \r\r \r* \r"
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