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Embedded Programming and Robotics - PPT Presentation

Introduction and Overview Presented by John Cole Senior Lecturer in Computer Science The University of Texas at Dallas USA Embedded Programming and Robotics Introduction 1 About the Course ID: 653375

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Embedded Programming and Robotics

Introduction and OverviewPresented byJohn ColeSenior Lecturer in Computer ScienceThe University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


About the Course

During the two weeks we will be together, our main objective is to learn the fundamentals of embedded programming on two processors: the Arduino and the Raspberry PiTo do this, our main project will be to build a working robot that can be controlled by various programs. We will use both the Arduino and the Pi for this.Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


About the Course

You’ll work in teams of 4. You can select your own team.This is a collaborative effort, not a graded class; you are encouraged to help each other learnBy the end of the workshop, each team will have a working robot and various programs for itWe will also do other small embedded-programming projects to illustrate principles

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


About the Course

We’ll be doing a little soldering, and we’ll use the multimeter when necessary to check out circuitsYou’ll learn basic Python programming and gain some familiarity with Linux if you don’t already have itAbove all, we’re here to have fun while we’re learningEmbedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


About Your Instructor

Six years as an adjunct (part-time) faculty member in the Computer Science Department at The University of Texas at Dallas from January 2006 through May 2012, full time senior lecturer since thenTaught at Collin College and, long ago, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago40 years of writing software in a large variety of industriesCompleted MS in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and some work toward PhD

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


Instructor Web Site

Web page: www.utdallas.edu/~John.ColeEmbedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction



We start at 9:30 every morning and finish the morning session at 12:30One hour break for lunchReturn at 1:30 and work until 4:30Breaks at 11:00 and 3:00 for about 10-15 minutesIf you need to take a restroom break other than the scheduled times, just goPlease wear your nametag

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


Workshop Format

This will be done as a workshop, not a regular classThis means that I’ll present for a while, never more than an hour at a time and usually lessAfter I have introduced a topic or defined a project, you will work on it in your groupOnce everyone has finished or come to a stopping point, we’ll discuss it as a class, then go on to the next topic

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


Workshop Format

If your group gets behind, try to catch up during lunch or after classIf I’m going to fast for the group, ask questions or ask me to give you more timeYou can take photos of things I present if you likeSlides and code will be made available on my Web site

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


What You Should Already Know

You should know how to program in C/C++ at some reasonably good levelYou should have a basic understanding of the components of a computer and how they work togetherAn understanding of basic electricity is helpful, but I’ll cover that

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


Secondary Skills

We will be doing a little soldering, but not much. If you want to make things more permanent, you can get circuit prototyping boards and solder components onto them.We will be doing a little mechanical assembly, but again, this will be pretty simple.You should document your work so you remember what you did. Often, we will build something, then take it apart and build something else. Photos are great, and so are written notes and diagrams.

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


What We Will Cover: Week 1



and logistics

Basic Electricity and precautions

Arduino Basics, including tools setup

C/C++ Refresher

Simple counter exercise

Transistor Basics

Sensor Overview

Robot Assembly: connecting the motors, basic wiring

LCD display and keypad

Mechanical design

The motor control chip

Simple program to move forward for 10 seconds and stop


to turn in a circle for 30 seconds

The IR sensor and edge-following

Bluetooth communication

Controlling your robot from Bluetooth

Joystick control

Light sensors

Follow the light beam program

Temperature/humidity sensor: sending back status.

The range finder.

“Follow me” program

Interrupts and interrupt service routines

Intro to Raspberry Pi

Basic Linux commands

Using the GPIO pins

Introduction to Python: basic syntax, conditionals, loops, GPIO access

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


What We Will Cover: Week 2



Continuing Python: functions, the camera, Internet access

More Python: Bluetooth, CURSES screen control library, etc.

Robot control with the Raspberry Pi through Bluetooth

Android control program

Robot controller with the Pi.


on the Pi

The Raspberry Pi camera.




Roving camera

Programming the Pi in C/C++

More C/C++ on the Pi

Intro to Pi assembly language

Design your own program

Finish project

s and discuss future direction

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


Schedule Notes

There are some basic things we must cover, such as Arduino programming, Python, the basics of the boards, and so onHowever, if the class has a consensus on an additional related topic, or expansion on some of the existing ones, I’m open to suggestionsEmbedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong will go wrongCorollary: at the worst possible timeThis course involves wiring, electronic parts, and software you didn’t write. Things will go wrong. Connections will come loose, chips will burn out, programs won’t work the way you think they should, and so on. This is all part of our craft. Don’t worry about it.

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction


Let’s Get Started!

Embedded Programming and Robotics -- Introduction