Alcohol Alert Number  The Li k Betwee Stress a d Alcohol Today more a d more serviceme a d wome are leavi g active duty a d retur i g to civilia life
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Alcohol Alert Number The Li k Betwee Stress a d Alcohol Today more a d more serviceme a d wome are leavi g active duty a d retur i g to civilia life

That tra sitio ca be difcult The stresses associated with military service are ot easily shed But deali g with stress is ot limited to rece t Vetera s A ew job a death i the family movi g across the cou try a breakup or getti g marriedall are situat

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Alcohol Alert Number The Li k Betwee Stress a d Alcohol Today more a d more serviceme a d wome are leavi g active duty a d retur i g to civilia life

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Alcohol Alert Number 85 The Li k Betwee Stress a d Alcohol Today, more a d more serviceme a d wome are leavi g active duty a d retur i g to civilia life. That tra sitio ca be dif.cult. The stresses associated with military service are ot easily shed. But deali g with stress is ot limited to rece t Vetera s. A ew job, a death i the family, movi g across the cou try, a breakup, or getti g marriedall are situatio s that ca result i psychological a d physical symptoms collectively k ow as stress. On3 E/G B6/B p3op:3 m/G 16ooA3 Bo 1op3 E7B6 ABr3AA 7A 0G BCrn7n5 Bo /:1o6o:.

Dr7n97n5 m/G :3/2 Bo poA7B7D3 433:7n5A /n2 r3:/F/B7on, /B :3/AB 7n B63 A6orB B3rm. $ro0:3mA /r7A3, 6oE3D3r, E63n ABr3AA 7A on5o7n5 /n2 p3op:3 1onB7nC3 Bo BrG /n2 23/: E7B6 7BA 34431BA 0G 2r7n97n5 /:1o6o:. InAB3/2 o4 K1/:m7n5 GoCr n3rD3A,L :on5- B3rm, 63/DG 2r7n97n5 1/n /1BC/::G Eor9 /5/7nAB GoC, :3/27n5 Bo / 6oAB o4 m3271/: /n2 pAG16o:o571/: pro0:3mA /n2 7n1r3/A7n5 B63 r7A9 4or /:1o6o: 23p3n23n13. T67A Aler 3Fp:or3A B63 r3:/B7onA67p 03BE33n /:1o6o: /n2 ABr3AA, 7n1:C27n5 723nB74G7n5 Aom3 1ommon AoCr13A o4 ABr3AA, 3F/m7n7n5 6oE B63 0o2G r3Apon2A Bo ABr3AA4C: A7BC/B7onA, /n2 B63 ro:3 B6/B /:1o6o:

p:/GA0oB6 7n /::3D7/B7n5 /n2 p3rp3BC/B7n5 ABr3AA. CommonT pesofStress MoAB 1/CA3A o4 ABr3AA 1/n 03 5roCp32 7nBo 4oCr 1/B35or73A: 53n3r/:-:743 ABr3AA, 1/B/ABrop671 3D3nBA, 167:26oo2 ABr3AA, /n2 r/17/:/3B6n71 m7nor7BG ABr3AA (A33 475Cr3 1). 1,2 E/16 o4 B63A3 4/1BorA D/rG or /r3 7n4:C3n132 7n / nCm03r o4 E/GA 0G A3D3r7BG, 2Cr/B7on, E63B63r B63 ABr3AA 7A 3Fp31B32 or noB, B63 BGp3 o4 B6r3/B (3moB7on/: or p6GA71/:), /n2 B63 7n27D72C/:MA m3nB/: 63/:B6 AB/BCA (For 3F/mp:3, 2o3A B63 p3rAon AC443r 4rom /nF73BG, 1o-o11Crr7n5 m3nB/: 63/:B6 27Aor23rA, or /:1o6o:7Am?). EF/mp:3A o4 Aom3 o4 B63 moAB

1ommon ABr3AAorA /r3 proD7232 03:oE /n2 ACmm/r7H32 7n 475Cr3 1. General-LifeStressors G3n3r/:-:743 ABr3AAorA 7n1:C23 53BB7n5 m/rr732 or 27Dor132, moD7n5, or AB/rB7n5 / n3E jo0. $ro0:3mA /B 6om3 or Eor9, / 23/B6 7n B63 4/m7:G, or /n 7::n3AA /:Ao 1/n :3/2 Bo ABr3AA. $3op:3 E7B6 /n /:1o6o: CA3 27Aor23r (A(D) m/G 03 /B p/rB71C:/r r7A9 4or B63A3 BGp3A o4 ABr3AA3A. For 3F/mp:3, 2r7n97n5 m/G 1/CA3 pro0:3mA /B Eor9, 7n p3rAon/: r3:/B7onA67pA, or BroC0:3 E7B6 po:713. CatastrophicEvents SBC273A 1onA7AB3nB:G A6oE B6/B /:1o6o: 1onACmpB7on 7n1r3/A3A 7n B63 47rAB G3/r /4B3r / 27A/AB3r, 7n1:C27n5 0oB6

m/nm/23 /n2 n/BCr/: 3D3nBA. AA B7m3 p/AA3A, B6/B r3:/B7onA67p 7A 2/mp3n32. HoE3D3r, mC16 o4 B67A r3A3/r16 4o1CA3A on 2r7n97n5 on:G /n2 noB on B63 pr3D/:3n13 o4 A(DA. In B63 ABC273A B6/B :oo932 Ap317471/::G /B B63 23D3:opm3nB o4 A(DA, B63 r3AC:BA /r3 :3AA 1onA7AB3nB. In Aom3 1/A3A, ABC273A 6/D3 NIHh.h.h.hTurninghDiscoveryhIntohHealth Natio al I stitute o Alcohol Abuse a d Alcoholism www. iaaa. 301.443.3860
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4oCn2 no 7n1r3/A3A 7n A(DA /mon5 ACrD7DorA /4B3r 3D3nBA AC16 /A B63 O9:/6om/ C7BG 0om07n5, S3pB3m03r 11, HCrr71/n3 An2r3E, or j3B 1r/A63A. HoE3D3r, oB63r ABC273A o4

S3pB3m03r 11 ACrD7DorA 6/D3 4oCn2 B6/B A(DA 7n1r3/A32. T67A Br3n2 E/A A7m7:/r 7n ABC273A o4 HCrr71/n3K/Br7n/, B63 MoCnB SB. H3:3nA Do:1/no 3rCpB7on, /n2 oB63r 3D3nBA. MoAB o4 B63A3 ABC273A 7n1:C232 on:G /2C:BA. A227B7on/: ABC273A /r3 n33232 Bo 03BB3r Cn23rAB/n2 6oE /2o:3A13nBA /n2 GoCn5 p3op:3 r3Apon2 Bo 27A/AB3rA /n2 E63B63rB63r3 7A / :7n9 Bo /:1o6o: CA3. ChildhoodStress M/:Br3/Bm3nB 7n 167:26oo2 7n1:C23A 3FpoACr3 Bo 3moB7on/:, A3FC/:, /n2/or p6GA71/: /0CA3 or n35:31B 2Cr7n5 B63 47rAB 18 G3/rA o4 :743. A:B6oC56 B63G o11Cr 2Cr7n5 167:26oo2, B63A3 ABr3AAorA 6/D3 :on5-:/AB7n5 34431BA,

/11oCnB7n5 4or / A75n7471/nB proporB7on o4 /:: /2C:B pAG16op/B6o:o5G. 4,5 SBC273A BGp71/::G A6oE B6/B m/:Br3/Bm3nB 7n 167:26oo2 7n1r3/A3A B63 r7A9 4or 0oB6 /2o:3A13nB /n2 /2C:B /:1o6o: 1onACmpB7on /A E3:: /A 7n1r3/A32 /2C:B A(DA. HoE3D3r, 167:26oo2 m/:Br3/Bm3nB 7A mor3 :793:G Bo o11Cr /mon5 167:2r3n o4 /:1o6o:71A, E6o o4B3n CA3 poor p/r3nB7n5 pr/1B713A /n2 E6o /:Ao p/AA /:on5 53n3A Bo B637r o44Apr7n5 B6/B 7n1r3/A3 B63 r7A9 o4 A(DA. A227B7on/: r3A3/r16 7A n33232 Bo :3/rn 3F/1B:G 6oE B63 ABr3AA3A o4 167:26oo2 n35:31B /n2 /0CA3 r3:/B3 Bo /:1o6o: CA3. RacialandEthnicMinorit Stress SBr3AA /:Ao

1/n /r7A3 /A / r3AC:B o4 / p3rAonMA m7nor7BG AB/BCA, 3Ap317/::G /A 7B p3rB/7nA Bo pr3jC2713 /n2 27A1r7m7n/B7on. SC16 ABr3AA m/G r/n53 4rom m7:2 (3.5., 6/AA:3A AC16 /A 037n5 4o::oE32 7n / ABor3) Bo A3D3r3 (3.5., 037n5 B63 D71B7m o4 / D7o:3nB 1r7m3). T63 ABr3AA m/G 03 3moB7on/: (3.5., Eor9p:/13 6/r/AAm3nB) or p6GA71/: (3.5., 6/B3 1r7m3A). T63 r3:/B7onA67p o4 B63A3 ABr3AA 4/1BorA Bo /:1o6o: CA3 7A 1omp:71/B32 0G oB63r r7A9 4/1BorA /A E3::, AC16 /A 2r7n97n5 p/BB3rnA /n2 7n27D72C/: 27443r3n13A 7n 6oE B63 0o2G 0r3/9A 2oEn (or m3B/0o:7H3A) /:1o6o:. CopingWithStress T63 /07:7BG Bo 1op3 E7B6 ABr3AA

(9noEn /A r3A7:73n13) r34:31BA 6oE E3:: Aom3on3 7A /0:3 Bo /2/pB Bo B63 pAG16o:o571/: /n2 p6GA7o:o571/: r3AponA3A 7nDo:D32 7n B63 ABr3AA r3AponA3. W63n 16/::3n532 0G ABr3AA4C: 3D3nBA, B63 0o2G r3Apon2A r/p72:G, A674B7n5 norm/: m3B/0o:71 pro13AA3A 7nBo 6756 53/r. To m/93 B67A r/p72 r3AponA3 poAA70:3, B63 0o2G r3:73A on /n 7nBr71/B3 AGAB3mB63 6GpoB6/:/m71Ip7BC7B/rGI/2r3n/: (H$A) /F7AB6/B 7nDo:D3A B63 0r/7n /n2 93G 16/n53A 7n B63 :3D3:A o4 6ormon/: m3AA3n53rA 7n B63 0o2G. T63 AGAB3m B/r53BA Ap317471 or5/nA, pr3p/r7n5 B63 0o2G 37B63r Bo 4756B B63 ABr3AA 4/1Bor (ABr3AAor) or Bo 4:33 4rom 7B

(7.3., B63 4756B-or-4:756B r3AponA3). 8,9 T63 6ormon3 1orB7Ao: 6/A / 93G ro:3 7n B63 0o2GMA r3AponA3 Bo ABr3AA. On3 o4 1orB7Ao:MA pr7m/rG 34431BA 7A Bo 7n1r3/A3 /D/7:/0:3 3n3r5G 0G 7n1r3/A7n5 0:oo2 AC5/r (7.3., 5:C1oA3) :3D3:A /n2 mo07:7H7n5 4/B /n2 proB37n m3B/0o:7Am Bo 7n1r3/A3 nCBr73nB ACpp:73A Bo B63 mCA1:3A, pr3p/r7n5 B63 0o2G Bo r3Apon2 ?C719:G /n2 3447173nB:G. A 63/:B6G ABr3AA r3AponA3 7A 16/r/1B3r7H32 0G /n 7n7B7/: Ap793 7n 1orB7Ao: :3D3:A 4o::oE32 0G / r/p72 4/:: 7n B6oA3 :3D3:A /A Aoon /A B63 B6r3/B 7A oD3r. Figure31 The four categories of stress. General3Life3Stressors ,

Divorce/break-up , Job loss , Cha gi g jobs or movi g , Problems at work or school , Trouble with a eighbor , Family member i poor health Fateful/Catastrophic3Events , September 11, 2001 attacks , Other terrorist attacks , Fires, floods, earthquakes, hurrica es, a d other atural disasters , Nuclear disasters Childhood3Maltreatment , Emotio al abuse , Emotio al eglect , Physical abuse , Physical eglect , Sexual abuse Minorit 3Stress , Racial/eth ic mi ority , Sexual mi ority , Female
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$3op:3 /r3 moAB r3A7:73nB E63n B63G /r3 /0:3 Bo r3Apon2 ?C719:G Bo ABr3AA, r/mp7n5 Cp B63 H$A

/F7A /n2 B63n ?C719:G A6CBB7n5 7B 2oEn on13 B63 B6r3/B or ABr3AA 6/A p/AA32. (S33 475Cr3 2.) $3rAon/:7BG, 63r327BG, /n2 :743ABG:3 /:: 1/n 271B/B3 6oE E3:: Aom3on3 6/n2:3A ABr3AA. $3op:3 E6o B3n2 Bo 4o1CA on B63 poA7B7D3, r3m/7n opB7m7AB71, /n2 CA3 pro0:3m Ao:D7n5 /n2 p:/nn7n5 Bo 1op3 E7B6 pro0:3mA /r3 mor3 r3A7:73nB Bo ABr3AA /n2 7BA r3:/B32 27Aor23rA, 7n1:C27n5 A(DA. 10,11 T63 p3rAon/:7BG 16/r/1B3r7AB71A o4 r3A7:73n13 /r3 7n A6/rp 1onBr/AB Bo B63 on3A /AAo17/B32 E7B6 /n 7n1r3/A32 r7A9 4or AC0AB/n13 CA3 27Aor23rA (3.5., 7mpC:A7D7BG, noD3:BG A3397n5, n35/B7D3 3moB7on/:7BG, /n2 /nF73BG). 3,7 A

p3rAon E7B6 / 67ABorG o4 /:1o6o:7Am 7n 67A or 63r 4/m7:G m/G 6/D3 mor3 274471C:BG 23/:7n5 E7B6 B63 ABr3AA 4/1BorA B6/B 1/n :3/2 Bo /:1o6o: CA3 pro0:3mA. 8,12,13 L793E7A3, 6/D7n5 / moB63r E6o 2r/n9 /:1o6o: 2Cr7n5 pr35n/n1G, 3Fp3r73n17n5 167:26oo2 n35:31B or /0CA3, /n2 B63 3F7AB3n13 o4 oB63r m3nB/: 63/:B6 7AAC3A AC16 /A 23pr3AA7on 1/n /22 Bo B6/B r7A9. 6,14I16 Wha! I S!re ? SBr3AA 7A / p/rB o4 3D3rG2/G :743, 0roC56B on 0G pro0:3m /n2 pCBB7n5 B63 0o2G /B 3D3n 5r3/B3r :3AA-B6/n-723/: A7BC/B7onA or p3r137D32 B6r3/BA r7A9 4or 6/rm. B6/B 4oAB3r 433:7n5A o4 /nF73BG, /n53r, 43/r, On5o7n5 ABr3AA, or

16ron71, 63/DG /:1o6o: 3F17B3m3nB, or A/2n3AA. $6GA7o:o571/::G, ABr3AA CA3, m/G 7mp/7r B63 0o2GMA /07:7BG Bo r3BCrn 7A 1onA723r32 Bo 03 /nGB67n5 B6/B 16/::3n53A Bo 7BA 7n7B7/: 0/:/n13 po7nB. 26I28 InAB3/2, B63 B63 0o2GMA /07:7BG Bo 4Cn1B7on 7n 7BA CAC/: 0o2G A339A Bo /1673D3 / n3E A3B po7nB (/ 4/A67on. T63 0o2G 6/A 23D3:op32 r3m/r9/0:G pro13AA 9noEn /A /::oAB/A7A) o4 p6GA7o:o571/: 1omp:3F /n2 7nB3rr3:/B32 r3AponA3A B6/B /r3 4Cn1B7on7n5. 26 T67A 7A 7mporB/nB 031/CA3 23A75n32 Bo E/r2 o44 6/rm4C: or 2/n53roCA 3AB/0:7A67n5 B63 n3E 0/:/n13 po7nB p:/13A A7BC/B7onA 0roC56B on 0G ABr3AA /n2 Bo 933p 7B

/ 1oAB on B63 0o2G 7n B3rmA o4 E3/r /n2 B3/r, 7n p6GA7o:o571/: 0/:/n13. InBro2C17n5 /:1o6o: /n2 m/G 7n1r3/A3 B63 r7A9 o4 A3r7oCA 27A3/A3, 7nBo B67A m7F B6roEA o44 / p3rAonMA p6GA7o:o571/: 7n1:C27n5 /:1o6o: CA3 27Aor23rA. 0/:/n13 (A33 475Cr3 2), 1ompoCn27n5 B63 Stressor (e.g., alcohol) A. Short Term B. Long Term Figure32 In the short term A), when faced with a stressful situation (such as a night of hea y drinking), the bodys normal physiological balance is altered but quickly reco ers once the stressor is remo ed. If the stressor continues o er time (such as long-term hea y drinking) B), the

demands on the bodys systems are increased, making it harder for the body to regain its physiological balance. In response, the body simply resets its balance point, to a less optimal le el of functioning.
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AlcoholsRoleInStress To 03BB3r Cn23rAB/n2 6oE /:1o6o: 7nB3r/1BA E7B6 ABr3AA, r3A3/r163rA :oo932 /B B63 nCm03r o4 ABr3AAorA o11Crr7n5 7n B63 p/AB G3/r 7n / 5roCp o4 m3n /n2 Eom3n 7n B63 53n3r/: popC:/B7on /n2 6oE B6oA3 ABr3AAorA r3:/B32 Bo /:1o6o: CA3. T63G 4oCn2 B6/B 0oB6 m3n /n2 Eom3n E6o r3porB32 67563r :3D3:A o4 ABr3AA B3n232 Bo 2r7n9 mor3. Mor3oD3r, m3n B3n232 Bo

BCrn Bo /:1o6o: /A / m3/nA 4or 23/:7n5 E7B6 ABr3AA mor3 o4B3n B6/n 272 Eom3n. For 3F/mp:3, 4or B6oA3 E6o r3porB32 /B :3/AB A7F ABr3AA4C: 7n1723nBA, B63 p3r13nB/53 o4 m3n 07n53 2r7n97n5 E/A /0oCB 1.5 B7m3A B6/B o4 Eom3n, /n2 A(DA /mon5 m3n E3r3 2.5 B7m3A 67563r B6/n Eom3n. )3B3r/nA E6o 6/D3 033n 7n /1B7D3 1om0/B /r3 3Ap317/::G :793:G Bo BCrn Bo /:1o6o: /A / m3/nA o4 r3:73D7n5 ABr3AA. $oABBr/Cm/B71 ABr3AA 27Aor23r ($TSD), E6716 6/A 033n 4oCn2 7n 14 Bo 22 p3r13nB o4 )3B3r/nA r3BCrn7n5 4rom r313nB E/rA 7n A456/n7AB/n /n2 Ir/?, 17,18 6/A 033n :7n932 Bo 7n1r3/A32 r7A9 4or /:1o6o: /0CA3 /n2

23p3n23n13. StressandAlcoholismRecover T63 7mp/1B o4 ABr3AA 2o3A noB 13/A3 on13 / p/B73nB ABopA 2r7n97n5. N3E:G Ao03r p/B73nBA o4B3n r3:/pA3 Bo 2r7n97n5 Bo /::3D7/B3 B63 AGmpBomA o4 E7B62r/E/:, AC16 /A /:1o6o: 1r/D7n5, 433:7n5A o4 /nF73BG, /n2 274471C:BG A:33p7n5. 19 M/nG o4 B63A3 AGmpBomA o4 E7B62r/E/: 1/n 03 Br/132 Bo B63 H$A /F7A, B63 AGAB3m /B B63 1or3 o4 B63 ABr3AA r3AponA3. 20 AA A6oEn 7n 475Cr3 2, :on5-B3rm, 63/DG 2r7n97n5 1/n /1BC/::G /:B3r B63 0r/7nMA 163m7ABrG, r3-A3BB7n5 E6/B 7A Knorm/:.L IB 1/CA3A B63 r3:3/A3 o4 67563r /moCnBA o4 1orB7Ao: /n2 /2r3no1orB71oBrop71 6ormon3. W63n

B67A 6ormon/: 0/:/n13 7A A674B32, 7B 7mp/1BA B63 E/G B63 0o2G p3r137D3A ABr3AA /n2 6oE 7B r3Apon2A Bo 7B. 21,22 For 3F/mp:3, / :on5-B3rm 63/DG 2r7n93r m/G 3Fp3r73n13 67563r :3D3:A o4 /nF73BG E63n 4/132 E7B6 / ABr3AA4C: A7BC/B7on B6/n Aom3on3 E6o n3D3r 2r/n9 or E6o 2r/n9 on:G mo23r/B3:G. In /227B7on Bo 037n5 /AAo17/B32 E7B6 n35/B7D3 or Cnp:3/A/nB 433:7n5A, 1orB7Ao: /:Ao 7nB3r/1BA E7B6 B63 0r/7nMA r3E/r2 or Kp:3/ACr3L AGAB3mA. R3A3/r163rA 03:73D3 B67A m/G 1onBr70CB3 Bo /:1o6o:MA r37n4or17n5 34431BA, moB7D/B7n5 B63 2r7n93r Bo 1onACm3 67563r :3D3:A o4 /:1o6o: 7n /n 344orB Bo /1673D3 B63 A/m3

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Alcohol.Research:.Curren .Reviews 34(4)432I440, 2012. 21 S-1,a,0R.;0F2x,0H.C.;0H21g,0K.A.;0e60al En6/n132 n35/B7D3 3moB7on /n2 /:1o6o: 1r/D7n5, /n2 /:B3r32 p6GA7o:o571/: r3AponA3A 4o::oE7n5 ABr3AA /n2 1C3 3FpoACr3 7n /:1o6o: 23p3n2- 3nB 7n27D72C/:A. Neuropsychopharmacology 34(5):1198I1208, 2009. $MID: 18563062 22 Sinha,tR.;tFox,tH.C.;tHong,tK.A.;tettal. E4431BA o4 /2r3n/: A3nA7B7D7BG, ABr3AA- /n2 1C3-7n2C132 1r/D7n5, /n2 /nF73BG on AC0A3?C3nB /:1o6o: r3:/pA3 /n2 Br3/Bm3nB oCB1om3A. Archives.of.General Psychia ry 68(9):942-952, 2011. $MID: 21536969 23 Wa1d,0G.S. A:1o6o:, B63

6GpoB6/:/m71-p7BC7B/rG-/2r3n/: /F7A /n2 B63 6ormon/: Bo:3r/n13. In: Z/96/r7, S., 32. Alcohol.and. he.Endocrine.Sys em. NIAAA R3A3/r16 Mono5r/p6 No. 23. B3B63A2/, MD: N/B7on/: InAB7BCB3 on A:1o6o: A0CA3 /n2 A:1o6o:7Am, 1993, pp. 251I270. 24 D-ck56e-1,0B.D.;0S78ak,0M.;0L-6z,0B.T.;0Adle4,0A.B. H3B3ro53n37BG 7n B63 1oCrA3 o4 poABBr/Cm/B71 ABr3AA 27Aor23r: Tr/j31Bor73A o4 AGmpBom/Bo:o5G. Journal.of.Trauma ic.S ress 233:331I339, 2010. $MID: 20564365 25 B4ad;,0K.T.,0a1d0Back,0S.E. C67:26oo2 Br/Cm/, poABBr/Cm/B71 ABr3AA 27Aor23r, /n2 /:1o6o: 23p3n23n13. Alcohol.Research:.Curren .Reviews 34(4):408I413,

2012. 26 A16,e1ell-, R.A. OD3rD73E: SBr3AA /n2 /:1o6o: CA3 27Aor23rA r3D7A7B32. Alcohol.Research:.Curren .Reviews 34(4):386I390, 2012. 27 G2ld56e-1,0D.S.,0a1d K2p-1,0I.J. EDo:CB7on o4 1on13pBA o4 ABr3AA. S ress 102:109I120, 2007. $MID: 17514579 28 K22b,0G.F.,0a1d0Le0M2al,0M. DrC5 /2271B7on, 2GAr35C:/B7on o4 r3E/r2, /n2 /::oAB/A7A. Neuropsychopharmacology 24(2):97I129, 2001. $MID: 11120394
Page 6
(.S. DE$ARTMENT OF HEALTH AND H(MAN SER)ICES NIAAA $C0:71/B7onA D7ABr70CB7on C3nB3r ABBn.: Alcohol.Aler $.O. BoF 10686 Ro19D7::3, MD 20849I0686 O44717/: BCA7n3AA $3n/:BG 4or $r7D/B3 (A3 $300

$RSRT STD $OSTAGE AND FEES $AID NIH/NIAAA $ERMIT NO. G-824 Thi May Be Your La ! I ue! Did you end your addre label !o !he NIAAA Publica!ion Di !ribu!ion Cen!er? Do i! !oday !o !ay on our curren! mailing li !. FC:: B3FB o4 B63A3 pC0:71/B7onA 7A /D/7:/0:3 on NIAAAMA W30 A7B3 /B EEE.n7///.n76.5oD. A:: m/B3r7/: 1onB/7n32 7n B63A3 pC0:71/B7onA 7A 7n B63 pC0:71 2om/7n /n2 m/G 03 CA32 or r3pro2C132 E7B6oCB p3rm7AA7on 4rom NIAA A. C7B/B7on o4 B63 AoCr13 7A /ppr317/B32. Cop73A o4 B63 A:1o6o: A:3rB /n2 B63 $r/1B7B7on3rMA GC723 /r3 /D/7:/0:3 4r33 o4 16/r53 4rom B63 N/B7on/: InAB7BCB3 on A:1o6o: A0CA3 /n2

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