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Pitch Planning of Ideas

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Pitch Planning of Ideas

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Narrative description

SynopsisPolice bring back an unsolved murder case that happened 10 years ago, involving the deaths of a mother and father of a 6 year old little girl (Ruby). The reason for recovering the unsolved murder case is due to recent crimes being committed in the local area and surrounding towns which have the same motives as the first killing. Police believe that this is the same murderer and want to catch him before he does anything else. Is Ruby still alive?

Title of film:

Missing Ruby…


Narrative description


Little girl, aged 6 finds her parents slaughtered in their bedroom – doesn’t understand what’s happened. (opening titles)

A POV shot reveals what the murderer can see as the murderer emerges from the bathroom – looking down at hands whilst cleaning weapon (knife).

POV looks towards the little girl, laughs menacingly – a series of extreme close-up shots of the murderers eyes (ski mask) looking at the young girl’s, innocent, scared face.

Murderer runs towards girl

Screen fades to title of film – hear little girl screaming with dramatic non-diegetic music in the background.

A panning shot from the ground-past the house-and finishes off pointing towards the sky (day after the incident happened


A panning shot from ground-past the house-finishes pointing towards the sky. (day after the incident happened).



isket, A


asket) – Magic Piano


Sub-genre & conventions

Sub-genre chosen: Crime/Action ThrillerConventions found within sub-genre:Police sirens/cops/carsBlack clothing (killer)ShadowsLow-key lightingWeapon (gun, knife, baseball bat)BloodInjuriesDead peopleDeserted locationsAction-based music (fast paced, loud)

We are utilizing the conventions within our opening sequence as the murderer’s identity would purposely be hidden.

This creates an enigma code, making the audience want to watch the rest of the film.

We are also planning on using fake blood to represent the killing and injuries sustained.

Low-key lighting, black clothing and shadows will be used in our opening sequence as apart of our mise-en-scene



Character types

Antagonist = murdererProtagonist = little girl (Ruby)Stereotype = little girl (weak, helpless, innocent)Countertype = murderer (the audience will be led to believe that the killer is a man whereas it could be a woman)


Suggested locations

Quiet park (preferably with swings)

Deserted street

Empty-quiet house

Dark woods

Quiet neighbourhood


Bbfc – British board of film classification

We have chosen to do the age rating as ‘15’ because it will contain swear words and violence, gore and blood.We decided against a ‘12a’ and ‘18’ because we felt that the conventions of thrillers would be too much for someone under the age of 15 to handle and we also felt that if we would use swear words or the violent/bloody content, which would deem unsuitable. The reason we chose against a age rating of ’18’ is because it will definitely not include nudity.


Individual roles within production

We have decided; because there are only 2 people in our group, we will share each role so that we can both have an equal understanding of how each works and what they do.

The different roles are:




Props & Costumes








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