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DO T General Commands Manual DOT NA ME dot lter for drawing directed graphs neato lter for drawing undirected graphs twopi lter for radial layouts of graphs circo lter for circular layout of graph

There is actually only one main program the spe ci64257c layout algorithms implemented as plugins Thus the yl ar gely share all of the same commandline options dot draws directed graphs It works well on D AG sa nd other graphs that can be drawn as h

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DO T General Commands Manual DOT NA ME dot lter for drawing directed graphs neato lter for drawing undirected graphs twopi lter for radial layouts of graphs circo lter for circular layout of graph

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dot ­ Ślter for drawing directed graphsneato ­ Ślter for drawing undirected graphstwopi ­ Ślter for radial layouts of graphsfdp ­ Ślter for drawing undirected graphssfdp ­ Ślter for drawing large undirected graphspatchwork ­ Ślter for squariŚed tree mapsork ­ Ślter for squariŚed tree mapsoptions][Śles]neato[options][Śles]twopiopioptions][Śles]circocooptions][Śles]fdp[options][Śles]sfdp[options][Śles]patchworkorkoptions][Śles]osage[options][Śles]DESCRIPTIONThese are a collection of programs for drawing graphs.There is actually only one main program; the spe-ws directed graphs.It works well on directed acyclic graphs and other graphs that can be drawn asatural ``Ťoodel and reducing the related energy (see Kamada andws graphs using a radial layout (see G. Wills, Symposium on Graph Drawing GD'97, Septemberne node is chosen as the center and put at the origin.The remaining nodes are placed onequence of concentric circles centered about the origin, each a Śxed radial distance from the precircoand Wiese, GD '02.)The tool identiŚes biconnected components and draws the nodes of the component onerimeter as possible.In particular,iftlanar layout.If a node belongs to multiple non-triFruchterman and Reingold (cf. Software-Practice & Experience 21(11), 1991, pp. 1129-1164).also draws undirected graphs using the `approach to produce layouts of large graphs in a reasonably short time.patchwork`SquariŚed treemaps'', Proc. Jointymp. on Visualization, 2000, pp. 33-42). The clusters of the graph are usedws the graph using its cluster structure. For a giattributes. OUTPUT FORMATSinstallation of dot supports you can use ``dot ­Tnd check the warning message.Also, The plugin mech-wing variations in the renderers andee what variants are ailable for a particular output format, use, for example: `nd to force a particular variant, use, for example: ``dot ­Tpng:gd''raphviz supports the following:(Structured Vector Graphics),­Timap(imagemap Śles for httpd servers for each node or edge that has a non-nullhrefattribute.),//http://www.graphviz.org/content/output-formats.lugins providing support for a giys the default.Here is a synopsis of the graph Śle language, normally using the extensionxtensionstrict](graph|digraph)name{statement-list}is the top-levelgraph. If the graph isstrict,then multiple edges are not allowed between the same pairs ofedgeopedgeopeopname=val];edge [name=val];Set default graph, node, or edge attribefault attributes.utes.name0=val0,name1=val1,...];Creates noden0(if it does not already exist) and sets its attribedgeopedgeop ... edgeopeopname0=val0,name1=val1,...];Creates edges between nodesn0,n1,...,nnand sets their attributes according to the optional list.nodes as necessary..subgraphname]{statement-list}Creates a subgraph.Subgraphs may be used in place ofn0,...,nnin the above statements to create edges.[subgraphname]isoute names and values are ordinary (C-style) strings.The following sections describe attributes that.graphviz.org/content/dot- GRAPH, NODE AND EDGE ATTRIBUTESist the more prominent attributes belohttp://www.graphviz.org/content/attrs.Attributes Common to Nodes, Edges, Clusters and Graphshref=the default url for image map Śles; in PostScript Śles, the base URL for all relati(``URLynonym for ``href.sets the label text color.white, black, red, green, blue, y,ora"haracter.graphviz.org/content/attrhttp://www.graphviz.org/content/color-names for further details.sets the label font family name.texttextmay include escaped newlines \n, \l, or \The string '\G' value will be replaced by the graph name.ode labels, the string '\N' value will benode; if the substring '\E' value is found in a label it will be replaced by:nathttp://www.graphviz.org/content/node-shapes#html.shape=recordox lists delimited by { | }.Port identiŚers infbyangle brack&#x 000;ets Graph AttributesspeciŚes the maximum bounding box of drawing in inches.,oropresslayout=rriding the default from themargin=sets the page margin (included in the page size).sets landscape mode.(is backward compatible but obsolete.)on-zero value centers the drawing on the page.sets foreground color (rlaps more compactly but destro(the default), no repositioning is done.Since therlaps, this attribute is only useful with other layouts."Śle.css"includes a reference to a stylesheet in ­Tsvg and ­Tsvgz outputs.Ignored by otherdges are drawn as splines.If set todges are drawn as polylines.If set to wn as orthogonal polylines.In all of these cases, the nodes must not odges are drawn as line se(dot-speciŚc attributes)requests a left-to-right, right-to-left, or bottom-to-top, drawing.)inasubgraph constrains the rank assignment of its nodes.If a subgraph'ts nodes are drawn in a distinct rectangle of the layout.(neato-speciŚc attributes)lgorithm for minimizing energy in the layout. By def,ituses a version of gradient descent.model computes the desired distances between all pairs of vertices. By default, itcircuit,ituor the solverhe default is 0.1.(twopi-speciŚc attributes)nodes exists, an arbitrary node is picked as center.peciŚes the radial distance in inches between the sequence of rings. The default is 0.75.(circo-speciŚc attributes)node attribute can be used to specify additional root blocks.circo(fdp-speciŚc attributes)ets the default ideal node separation in the layout.ger,integerNode Attributessize (text labels are ignored).can be such values asl, circle, egg, triangle, box, diamond,