How To Make Decisions How to Make Decisions:

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How To Make Decisions How to Make Decisions:

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How To Make Decisions


How to Make Decisions: Two Good ChoicesSometimes, you get to choose between 2 (or more!) awesome, pleasant things.Hanging out with this friend or that oneAccepting this new job offer or that oneGetting this cute puppy or this cute kittenSometimes, you can compromise and find a way to get the benefits of both.

Sometimes, you have to choose one option.


How to Make Decisions: Two Good ChoicesPros and Cons ListMake a list of pros (good consequences) and cons (bad consequences) for each choice. Apply points to each item based on its importance in your life. Then, do the math!

Get a Puppy

Get a Kitten

Pro:Cute (5)Provides exercise (10)

Can make puppy Christmas cards (5)Con:A lot of work (10)

Sheds (3)Pro:Easier to take care of (8)Portable (4)

Con:Cat Attitude (11)Allergic (50)


How to Make Decisions:Two Good ChoicesSage AdviceAsk for advice from those who are older and wiser than you!If you think that person makes good choices and is successful, they probably have had life experiences that can help you


Choose What’s HardReady for some sage advice?When you can choose between two GOOD choices, choose what’s hard:You will learn more about the world and yourselfYou will grow as a personYou can be so proud of yourself for doing hard things!


How to Make Decisions: Two Bad ChoicesSometimes, you have to choose between 2 (or more!) unpleasant things.Cheat on the test or fail, because you didn’t studyDo the dishes or do the laundrySometimes, you have to choose one option even though you don’t want either.


How to Make Decisions: Two Bad ChoicesComparing ConsequencesAsk yourself: For both decisions, what is the worst reasonable outcome or consequence? Don’t choose the one with the worst reasonable outcome/consequence!Should I do the community service or refuse?Should I help my friend steal candy from the store or stand up to the friend and leave?


How to Make Decisions: Two Bad ChoicesGuiding Life PrinciplesWhat matters most to you in life? Honesty? Kindness? Loyalty? Look at the examples of guiding life principles and pick your top 3. Write these in your notes.


How to Make Decisions: Any ChoiceLasting Feeling“The feeling you have last is the one that lasts.”Example: You wanted to exercise but are feeling lazy right now. You choose not to. You feel relieved at first, but in an hour or tomorrow you might feel guilty. The guilty feeling stays.Make the decision based on what feeling you would prefer.


How to Make Decisions: Any ChoiceHere’s a trick!Fast questionsMake a choiceWhat are your real feelings?

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