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THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL a sentimental comedy RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN 1751 1861 SHERIDANS LIFE amp WORKS born in Dublin M P 1780 1812 5 ½ hours speech impeachment of Warren Hastings ID: 768579

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THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL(a sentimental comedy) RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN (1751 – 1861)

SHERIDAN’S LIFE & WORKS - born in Dublin - M. P. (1780 – 1812) - 5 ½ hours speech (impeachment of Warren Hastings) - Speech in support of French Revolution WORKS 1. The Rivals 2. St. Patrick’s Day 3. The Duenna 4. The School for Scandal 5. A Trip to Scarborough 6. The Critic

CHARACTERS1. Sir Peter Teazle – an old bachelor - marries a young lady - suffers a lot/ reconciliation 2 . Sir Oliver Surface – uncle of Joseph & Charles - 16 years away from England - disguises as Stanley & Premium 3. Joseph Surface – wicked & selfish – brother of Charles - lover of women and money 4. Charles Surface – extravagant – lover of Maria 5. Lady Teazle – innocent – brought up in village - quarrel with Peter - reconciliation

6. Maria - a rich heiress – under the care of Peter - loves Charles7. Rowley – farmer servant of Charles’ father - now Peter’s servant – very faithful8. Lady Sneerwell – president of the school - was a victim of scandal – takes revenge 9. Snake – P. A. to Lady Sneerwell – unreliable like snake 10. Sir Benjamin Backbite – member of the School - nephew of Crabtree – loves Maria- poet 11 . Crabtree – member of the school- Backbite’s uncle 12 . Mrs. Candour – member of the school 13. Trip, Careless 14. Moses

ACT I / SCENE I- At lady Sneerwell’s drawing room Snake shows the newspaper cuttings of scandal Maria’s fictitious story published Clackitt’s scandal-mongering 1. breaking of six engagements 2. four forced elopements 3. nine divorces - Lady Sneerwell’s opinion on Joseph Joseph’s opinion on Snake – found with Rowley Maria comes then Candour comes 1. whole town talks of Charles’ extravagance 2. Miss Prim’s elopement 3. widow getting her shape surprisingly - Crabtree & Backbite come - “No pleasure equal to reducing others to the level of my own injured reputation”

ACT I / SCENE II- At Peter’s house- Peter & Rowley- Peter is unhappy – his wife & Maria - Peter’s opinion on Joseph & Charles - Rowley informs the arrival of Oliver - Peter “When an old bachelor marries a young wife, he commits a crime and should be punished for like a criminal”

ACT II / SCENE I At Sir Peter’s house Peter Teazle & Lady Teazle in conversation Peter complaints on her lavishness Lady Teazle disagrees & blames the season Lady Teazle’s past was simple & poor L. Teazle goes to L. Sneerwell’s house Peter follows her

ACT II / SCENE II At Lady Sneerwell’s house all the scandal-mongers are present Mrs. Candour 1. Miss Vermillion’s colour comes and goes 2. Mrs Evergreen’s wrinkles 3. Mrs Prim ( mouth like a poor’s box) 4. Mrs Ogle’s face resembles the entire world (Irish, Dutch, Chinese, etc)

ACT II / SCENE IIIAt Peter’s house Oliver & Rowley visit Peter Peter got married 7 months back Oliver says “half of the year in stool” Oliver & Rowley’s opinion on Charles & Joseph Peter’s opinion on Charles & Joseph

ACT III / SCENE IAt Peter’s house Oliver, Peter & Rowley are found discussing they plan to test the two brothers in the disguise of Premium & Stanley Moses instructs the role of Mr. Premium Moses, Rowley & Oliver leave Quarrel between Maria & Peter Quarrel between Peter & Lady Teazle

ACT III / SCENE II At Charles’ house Charles with his friends drinks & plays cards Every friend gets his wage Charles’ friends- Trip, Careless, etc

ACT III / SCENE III At Charles’ house His friends are drinking Careless leads the company Charles comes down Trip forces Oliver to drink Oliver asks of security for loan Oliver will be Charles’ security The library of Charles’ father is already sold Charles decides to sell his family pictures

ACT IV / SCENE ICharles’ picture room Auction scene Charles, Moses, Oliver, careless are found Carless is the auctioneer pedigree for hammer 1. Richard Ravelin ( great uncle) – army general 10 p 2. Deborah ( great aunt) – 5 p, 10 shillings 3. Mother’s grandfather (judge) – 10 p 4. William & Walter ( both were) M. Ps) – 50 p - rest for whole sale- 500 p - doesn't sell Oliver’s picture - Cheque for 800 p- convey for the pictures

ACT IV / SCENE II Rowley encashes the cheque Oliver’s opinion on Charles 100 p for Stanley Rowley to take Oliver to Joseph’s house

ACT IV / SCENE IIISCREEN SCENE At Joseph’s library Joseph eagerly waits for Lady Teazle Lady Teazle speaks of Peter’s suspicion L. Teazle wants the marriage between Maria & Charles L. Sneerwell is the main cause for the suspicion outwit Peter by committing adultery approaches Lady Teazle for sex Peter’s arrival Lady Teazle hides behind the screen Peter speaks of L. Teazle’s relationship with Charles

- Peter’s will 1. 800 p annually 2. a major portion after his death- Peter discusses Joseph’s affair with Maria - Joseph is unhappy over the issue - servant informs the arrival of Charles - asks the servant to tell – he is out of the house - Peter wants Charles to come - Peter hides behind the screen - French milliner - Charles asks of a Jew or young girl - Joseph asks Charles’ relationship with L. Teazle - Charles reports Joseph’s love for L. Teazle , their secret meetings & love glances

- Joseph asks Charles to speak slowly- Charles pulls the screen- Peter comes out and asks sorry to Charles - servant informs the arrival of L. Sneerweel - Joseph runs down to stop her - Peter speaks of the French milliner - Charles pulls the screen & finds Lady Teazle - Things become crystal clear - reconciliation between L. Teazle & Peter

ACT V / SCENE IJoseph’s sadness 1. reputation has gone 2. Lost Maria Stanley’s visit to Joseph Joseph says that he has not received any any amount from his uncle Oliver (12000 P) - Rowley informs the arrival of Oliver - Oliver’s planned visit to Joseph’s house

ACT V / SCENE II The scandal-mongers in the house of L. Teazle their various opinion 1. Joseph is the lover 2. Charles is the lover 3. Fighting with sword 4. Fighting with pistol Oliver comes, they take him for a doctor Sir Peter Chases them all

ACT V / SCENE III - Joseph’s library - Lady Sneerwell accuses Joseph for helping Charles to marry Maria Joseph’s plan for forged love letters Stanley comes again Joseph shouts at him & asks him to leave Stanley says, he wants to meet Oliver Pushes Stanley away (while Charles arrives) Whether Stanley or Premium Charles & Joseph push Oliver

- Peter, Lady Teazle, Maria enter - Oliver says, Joseph is treacherous, mean, hypocritical - He wants Charles & Maria to get married - Maria says Charles is in love with Lady Sneerwell - Lady Sneerwell accuses Charles for his faithlessness - forged letters are shown - Snake “ You paid me extremely for the lie in question; but I unfortunately have been offered double to speak the truth”