Second semester midterm CBT
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Second semester midterm CBT

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Second semester midterm CBT

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Second semestermidterm CBTEnglish language skills departmentKSU Preparatory yearAY 2014-2015


Midterm CBT - EXAM DatesDayTimingSat. April 4th, 2015 (Hum., Parallel Hum.)


- 10:00

10:00 - 12:00

----------------------------------13:00 – 15:0015:00 – 17:00



Sat. April 11


, 2015

(Sci., Med., Parallel




- 10:00

10:00 - 12:00


13:00 – 15:00

15:00 – 17:00


each block in building 1 and Each floor in building 3 has a: hall monitor (responsible for block or floor) (managerial staff) runner (assists hall monitor and invigilators) (managerial staff or returning teacher) Policewoman Buffer lab (an empty lab with working computers) Each computer lab has 2 invigilators:English TeacherIT Trainer Each building has a help desk and exam team membersWhat’s everyone’s role? You’ll find out in the slides to come.


What is your role as an English Invigilator? Exam days are working days so please punch/sign in and out As USUAL with your company and Adhere to the KSU dress code policyWhen you arrive in your assigned exam area, Sign in with the hall monitor, who will record your arrival timePick up an admin pack and a plastic sleeve from the hall monitor Be in your assigned lab 30 minutes before the session’s start timeDo not bring food or drinks (other than water) into the exam labsBegin the exam on time (once the students are in the exam lab)

Be vigilant at all timesHave a positive attitude and stay calmDon’t leave your exam area unless the hall monitor GIVES YOU HER APPROVAL


If you are a back-up invigilator, stay in gb01 in building 1 or 104 (Ground floor) in building 3 until academic administration informs you that you can leave the area


When are students allowed to enter the exam labs?Ideally students should be allowed into the labs 10 minutes before the start time of the exam session. However, you MUST WAIT until the assessment coordinator is certain that all of labs are clear and all of the invigilators are in place in all exam areas before an exam session can start. The assessment coordinator will give the signal indicating when students can be allowed into the exam areas.Students must not wait in the exam areas for their session to start.In building 1 they can wait in the cafeteriaIn building 3 they must wait outside the entrance to the building


Student arrival timesStudents cannot leave the exam labs until ½ of the total exam time has elapsed, (45 minutes). You can check the timer on the screen to verify this.If students need to use the toilet, please flag down a Runner to accompany them. The student will be escorted there and back, and she may not take any sort of technology with her into the restroom.


English Invigilator’s RoleInvigilator 1 – English TeacherCheck student IDs at the doorKSU ID NATIONAL ID or iqama PASSPORTMake A (√) IN THE ID CHECK COLUMN on attendance sheet 1Allow students into the exam labInform students they must switch their mobiles off and put them in their bags at the front of the room

MAKE SURE their abayas and scarfs are off and at placed at the front of the room. If a student refuses to remove her abaya


or if she is not adhering to the

ksu dress code (wearing pajamas, trousers, etc.), she cannot sit for the exam. Inform the hall monitor to deal with the issue and ask the student to leave the exam lab.Maintain order in the lab at all timesDO NOT ask for students’ signatures at this time.




Sample audio file Once all students are seated: Announce that they MUST listen to the sample audio file prior to starting the exam. They must check the sound of the audio files to ensure they can hear and headsets are working properly. REMEMBER: Students will be asked to sign on attendance sheet 2 after listening to the sample audio

by the IT trainer.


Do a sweep of desks to ensure there is nothing on them, other than the students’ id cards Pencils, paper, sunglasses, personal headphones, etc. are NOT allowedStudents are not allowed to have Food and drinks (other than water) in the exam labsWalk up and down the aisles occasionally to ensure that any attempts at cheating do not go undetectedDo not:Read the exam over a student’s shoulderSpeak with a loud voice as this can disturb the ss while listening to the audio file

Use your mobile phone or computer in the lab Leave your lab without informing the hall monitorEat or drink in the computer labs


It Trainer’s rolethe IT trainer is responsible for fixing all IT/computer-related issues and the following:Carrying OUT ID verification AT LOGIN (once students are seated)Entering the supervisor code to access the examEnsuring student’s ID number on the card matches the ID number on the CBT exam log-in screeNTaking students’ signatures after they have listened to the audio sampleEnding the tests once the students indicate they are finishedEnding a test in the case of verified cheating *

*TO END A TEST because of cheating, APPROVAL is first required FROM AN ASSESMENT COORDINATOR.


Attendance procedureEach exam lab will be provided with 2 attendance sheets Attendance sheet (1) is used to tick off the students’ names as you check their IDs and allow them to enter the exam lab. Students will not sign this copy. Hall monitors will collect these attendance sheets from the labs once students are no longer being admitted to the exam areas. (approximately 30 min. after the session’s start time).Attendance sheet (2) will be with the IT Trainer who will have students sign after they have listened to the sample audio file. once that is complete, the English

invigilator will use the same attendance sheet to take students signatures before they leave the exam lab, but only after they have finished the exam

. This attendance sheet will remain in the exam lab until all students have finished the exam to ensure all students sign out.

If a student doesn’t show up, clearly indicate ”absent” on the attendance sheet. It shouldn’t be left blank.


Attendance procedureEach student must sign the attendance sheet once she finishes her exam and before exiting the exam lab.there are Two columns for signatures on the attendance sheetAudio sample signature – responsibility of the IT trainerAttendance signature – responsibility of the English Invigilator

All student signatures should be on one attendance sheet At the end of the session, the English invigilator will place attendance sheet 2 with both invigilators’ signatures and


of the incident report forms

in the plastic sleeve and hand it over to the hall monitor along with the admin pack.Hall monitors must do a quality check of attendance sheets to ensure all students have signed before submitting them to the assessment unit.


Attendance sheet (1) for ID check


Attendance sheet (2) for Headphone check +Signing out


Buffer labS students are sent to a buffer lab in the following cases:There is a technical problem that cannot be resolved in the original labThe lab where the student was originally scheduled has been overbooked (not enough working computers for the number of students scheduled)A student arrives more than 15 minutes late for her scheduled exam sessionNOTE: Usually there is one buffer lab for each exam area. it will be indicated on the exam invigilation schedule or you can ask your hall monitor or an exam team member for information


Buffer lab procedure The invigilator in the original lab must Fill out a buffer lab slip indicating:the student’s nameThe student’ id numberThe student’s original exam labThe student’s exam code (password to access the exam) can be found on the attendance sheetMake sure the buffer lab slip is legible and all information is includedWrite “buffer lab” in the comments section on the attendance sheetContact the hall monitor or runner and inform them that a student needs to be moved to a buffer labHand

over the completed buffer lab slip to the hall monitor or runnerthe hall monitor or runner will accompany the

Student to the buffer lab

The invigilator in the original lab

must also Fill out an incident report form with the student’s information and the reason why the student was moved to the buffer lab




Buffer Lab Slip


Student queries during the exam Do you answer questions or read out a part of the exam if students ask for help? NOWhat do you do if a student claims there’s an error in a question or its related options? DO NOT agree or disagree with the student. Encourage her to select the best answer. Report the incident to the hall monitor (event log) who will then inform The assessment coordinator.


Audio resetsIf a student asks to hear an audio file a third time, you must:Confirm with the student how many times she listened to each script (Remember, there are two AUDIO FILES on each exam);Immediately Inform the hall monitor who will contact the assessment coordinator for the audio reset;Fill out an incident report form;If the problem is resolved, and only after the student has finished her entire exam, ask her to write the following statement in the section entitled “FOR audio related problems only” on the Incident report form:“I have listened to both audio files two times” Then she mUst sign the Incident report form to confirm. Don’t forget to make sure she also signs the attendance sheet before leaving the exam lab.Please NOTE: Audio resets can ONLY be done by an assessment coordinator or a delegated exam team member.


Cheating In cases of cheating, please adhere to the following procedure:1st Time = Verbal Warning“Do not look at your classmates screen, If you look again you will be removed from the exam” 2nd Time = Verbal Warning + Incident Report Form + inform hall monitor (on stand-by)3rd Time = Hall Monitor calls Assessment Coordinator to remove student + note down on incident report Form + note time remaining on computer screenFor cases of cheating, MAKE SURE the IT Trainer also signs the incident report form. DO NOT tell her to end the test. ONLY the Assessment Coordinator can do this.


Incident report form (IRF)These forms are used to record anything out of the ordinary such as: student’s sickness, any technical problems, student ending test herself by mistake, that occurs in your exam lab. The IRF is used for both Resolved and unresolved issues. they can be found in the admin pack that you will be provided with on exam day. Also, hall monitors have extra copies if you run out. PLEASE ensure you have filled out each part of the form and MAKE SURE you get both the student’s and the IT Trainer’s signatures, in addition to your own.Please NOTE: Audio resets are ONLY done by an assessment coordinator or delegated exam team member.


When do the students need to sign the IRF?If it takes too long for the it trainer to solve the technical problem.If the student is moved to another pc more than one timeIf an audio reset was granted to a student by the assessment teamAny time you think that the student may file a complaint.Note: don’t interrupt the student while she’s taking the exam. signing the irf should happen only after the student has finished her entire exam)


For more information, please contact Nicole Johnson – Sharafeldin –