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Why Self- Defense?
Why Self- Defense?

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Why Self- Defense?

Physical Bodies – Earth – SmudgingChild Self – Water – Cleansing Talking Self – Air – Introspection & JournalingDeeper Self – Fire - Meditation

We are bombarded by psychic attacks daily.Many of us project energy, which attracts things to us.As we become more aware, we realize just how much psychic bullshit is out there that fucks with us.

Psychic HygieneSlide2


Smoke is derived from earth elements: herbs, woods and resins. The scent of the smudge is what works on our bodies to help us cleanse ourselves. The object of a smudge is to protect and clean, so use herbs, woods and resins that have protection and/or cleansing as their purpose. A short list includes sage, cedar, sweet grass, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, dragon’s blood, cinnamon, cloves,

mugwort, and pine.While you smudge yourself, it is important to visualize the intent of the smudging: cleansing your body of negativity and protecting it using sacred smoke.Slide3

Cleansing – Ritual Bath or Shower

Like water, our Child Self is particularly susceptible to pollution. Water purifies both by cleansing the body, but also Child Self by releasing emotional toxins as the body relaxes. To make a good cleansing bath salt or a salt scrub:Sea salt

LavenderYarrowMyrrhFor variations, use mint, rosemary or thyme instead of lavender, or add in pinch of mugwort.Visualize the salt scrub removing pollutants from Child Self, and the water washing away all that nasty pollutant, leaving Child Self cleansed and refreshed.Slide4


We have thousands of thoughts each day, but every day we repeat up to 85% of these thoughts. Our mental state often dwells on the negative. The thoughts of Talking Self interact with the emotions of Child Self creating negative emotions. Energy tends to flow from the more ethereal levels to the more physical ones. Thus, thoughts create feelings, feelings have physical manifestations.

The health of your mind affects the health of your emotions and of your body.Slide5

Introspection (cont.)

Become mindfulconscious of your actionsaware of your internal patterns, your habitsdecide which serve you and which do notCreate your own Reality

be vigilant in your thought processes. Do not let what you say and think can attract negativity.Do not project negativity through our thoughts, words and deeds. It comes back 3-fold.NeutralizationYou can’t call back thoughts or energy.You can create another thought that neutralizes your first thought. Slide6

Introspection (cont.)

ReflectionBefore taking mystical or mundane action, reflect on your current situation.Look for the higher purpose of the conflict in your life. What is it trying to teach you? Is the conflict testing you? Are you passing the test?

Are you taking the course of action that will lead to the greatest good or least harm? If you are not learning, new situations will arise with similar themes over and over again until you learn from them and can move forward.Slide7


Start a journal.Write down things that are on your mind: things that happened during the day and your feelings and reactions to them. Make a commitment to write a minimum amount daily. Write for a few months, then review your entries.You are looking for two things: patterns that are unhelpful. What can you do to compensate for them?

changes in your feelings and thoughts. Are your changes in feelings and thoughts leading you to a higher state of awareness? If not, why not? Slide8

Deeper Self

The most ethereal of all our parts and the most elusive and least dense.We usually communicate with it through Child Self. It is least likely to accumulate harmful energy. In our Deeper Self, we can find true protection, fearlessness and wisdom. We can truly become unfuckwithable



20 minutes twice a dayGo within, to focus and listen to your spirit, your Deeper Self, to the Universe, to help strengthen the mind and give you fresh perspectives. Meditation also reduces stress, which increases your mental defenses.Ocean Meditation - transcendental

 Sunlight Meditation (Imagine if cloudy)Moonlight meditation, especially during the three days surrounding the full moon. Reach out along the web. Feel the connection you share with everything. , both dark and light. Feel the power there. Learn to use the web to send negative energy away from you, in a different direction, if not back onto the sender. This is by far the hardest exercise of all; using the power of the Star Goddess for psychic protection. As you master these techniques, think about how you exist as all these selves simultaneously. Psychic hygiene needs to happen on all four levels by balancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts.Slide10

Daily Practices

Meditation will help you keep your head during an attack. Use it to control your thoughts. Control of your mind gives you the chance to ward off the symptoms of the attack.Grounding will help you rid yourself of negative emotions from a psychic attack. A short grounding daily allows you to connect to the Divine and shed negative energy and other symptoms of psychic attack, even if you are unaware of one. If you feel particularly drained, grounding coupled with a ritual bath or even a smudging can refresh you.

Affirmations help you ward away many of the symptoms. Psychic attacks are aimed at Child Self. Child Self reacts emotionally. Affirmations are a way of Talking Self telling Child Self that everything is okay.Daily Devotions keep you in touch with your spiritual allies. You may find Deities, being somewhat removed from the mundane world, seem to have less of a stake in mundane outcomes. For protection


, you best lines of defense involve your ancestors and local land


. Your ancestors have a vested interest in protecting you. The land


have a vested interest in protecting the land around you. Sometimes, these make far better protectors than a God or Goddess. If you are diligent with your offerings, and you ask for their protection in return, they might be willing to act as protective spirits.

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