10. Miriam: Revealing God’s

10.  Miriam:  Revealing God’s 10.  Miriam:  Revealing God’s - Start

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10. Miriam: Revealing God’s

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10. Miriam: Revealing God’s Soveriegnty

Exodus 2:1-10 & Numbers 12:1-16p. 53 & 139


Part of a StoryMiriam. The sister of Moses.Fall series – Deuteronomy: Choose Life

What happened this week?Houston, Missile over Japan, . . . Tempting – nothing ‘really’ happened here . . . in my life.Things are happening. God is working.Little girl plays by a river, an eye on a basket . . .


1. Miriam: Bold & SmartMiriam oldest of 3: with Aaron & Moses (1 Chr

6:3)A child of slaves under a brutal regime in Egypt.Her brother is hidden in a basket in the Nile.Calamity: Pharaoh’s daughter comes to bathe.She seems to have compassion on the child.Bold & smart move: offers to find a wet-nurse for the boy.Moses grows up with manners of an Egyptian (Ex. 2:19)


1. Miriam: Bold & Smart . . .God has orchestrated the whole thing.

Miriam has her part to play.She risked her life to speak to Pharaoh’s daughter.No one had prepared her.She was prompted by the Spirit – but she still had to do it.We should do the same:Being bold and stepping up . . . Because God is at work today.


2. Miriam: Worshipper & ProphetessMiriam leads the new people of God in worship

(Ex 15)Miriam is a prophetess and a worship leader.Similar to Mother TeresaWent to India in 1929.Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. (50 years later)


2. Miriam: Worshipper & Prophetess . . .We do not know what happened to Miriam in between

Moses confronts Pharaoh 80 years later (Ex. 7:7)When she appears she knows God – a prophetess.She established worship among the Israelites !Sings the first Psalm of praise in ScriptureShows Spirit inspired insight of God’s character (Ex 15)


2. Miriam: Worshipper & Prophetess . . .Pagan gods were vain, petty and selfish.

A very different kind of God (Ex 15: 2, 11, 13, 18) :A God who loves his people A God who exerts his strength to redeem and rescueA God who will reign foreverA God who guides and walks with his people.Miriam was the first to articulate it. Hallelujah!


3. Miriam: Falling & RedeemedOur next encounter with Miriam is a shock.

Who of us has not had a spiritual high and then mess up?The people had been wandering for a long timeThe people grumbled (Num 11:4-6)Moses went into a severe depression (Num 11:12-15)God appointed elders (v 16ff) and sent quail (v 31ff).


3. Miriam: Falling & Redeemed . . .Miriam sees this crisis of leadership (Num 12:2)

It is time for a stronger and more willing leaderMiriam is the main instigator (v 10).She is smart. She is bold. She takes initiative.She forgets how leadership in God’s people works.God calls each one to their task.God delights in using the weak & the foolish (1 Cor 1:27)


3. Miriam: Falling & Redeemed . . .Common sense indicated a change was needed

Miriam acted and spoke “ … and the LORD heard it” (v 2)She was severely disciplined for stepping over the line.She was restored after seven days.The issue: Who has God appointed?Her memory was not tainted forever.Listed with Moses & Aaron as God’s servant leader (Mic 6:4)


3. Miriam: Falling & Redeemed . . .God is always a restoring & redeeming God:

As Miriam sang – He is a God of “steadfast love” (Ex 15:13)


– Living It – Stepping into our Story

We are all part of God’s salvation plan.Miriam’s example:She is not the main characterShe is not all that well rememberedShe only appears at a few points in the storyShe doesn’t get everything right.


– Living It – Stepping into our Story . . .

BUTShe has an important part to play !It matters that when the Spirit prompted, she stepped up.She was smart and attentive to the Holy SpiritShe gave us important insights into the character of God.


– Living It – Stepping into our Story . . .

Miriam is a good example for us:We also have a part to play in what God is doing.It does not have to be spectacular to be important.We do not have to be centre stage to have a role.And when we fail, we too can be restored and forgiven.



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