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Safe School Resolution & Frequently Asked Questions

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Safe School Resolution & Frequently Asked Questions


Safe School Resolution

March 21, 2017, our Board of Education affirmed their support for all SLCSD students by passing a Safe School Resolution the request of the SLCSD community.“…the Board embraces its responsibility to welcome and educate all students and uphold its mission to provide an excellent and equitable education in every classroom, to every student, every day.”   


Safe School Resolution

… in its continued commitment to the protection of student privacy, the District will continue its practice to not collect or maintain any information about our students’ immigration status.


The District shall do everything in its lawful power to …ensure that our students’ learning environments are not disrupted by immigration enforcement actions…

Safe School Resolution


If immigration officials show up at a school, all District employees shall immediately contact Kristina Kindl, the Executive Director of Policy and Legal Services, at 801-578-8432.

Safe School Resolution


Safe School Resolution

The District shall do everything in its lawful power to protect our students’ confidential information.


Immigration Frequently Asked Questions


None. All children in the United States have a constitutional right to equal access to a free public education regardless of their parents’ or their own immigration status.

Frequently Asked Question 1

What impact does my or my child’s immigration status have on my child’s education?



Frequently Asked Question 2

Does the district ask for a child’s/parent’s immigration status at enrollment?


Yes. You are welcome in our schools.

Frequently Asked Question 3

Can I visit my child’s school if I am undocumented?


No. We do not ask for the immigration status of students or their family.

Frequently Asked Question 4

Would the District share our students’ immigration status with federal immigration officials?


Immigration officials have a policy restricting enforcement at “sensitive locations,” including schools, hospitals and churches. Except in rare cases, they are only permitted to come in to a school with a court order.

Frequently Asked Question 5

Can federal immigration officials come into District schools?


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the District from releasing educational records without a subpoena or court order. If a subpoena or court order is issued, we will make an effort to notify parents first.

Frequently Asked Question 6

Can my student’s educational records be released to federal immigration officials?


FERPA does not require the District to release this information, it only says that the District may do so. “Directory information” includes information such as student and family names, contact information and photographs.

Frequently Asked Question 7

Can - and must - the District release my student’s “directory information” to federal immigration officials?


FAQ 7 continued: Directory Information-Options

Option 1-Student Information SharedMy student’s directory information may be shared in the following ways: Option 2-Opt OutI do not want to share my student’s directory information. I can opt out by sending a letter to my student’s principal within 20 days of registration. A sample letter is below:student directories, school yearbooks,team rosters and class lists, graduation, theatrical, athletic, and music programs, videos of performances, school activities, and athletic events, articles about school activities and athletic events, lists and photos of students receiving honors, awards, or scholarships, and news media coverage of school events or programs.


25, 2017

Dear Principal,

I would like the directory information of





to be private and





shared in any way.

Thank you,


(parent/guardian name)


The District believes deeply in…providing safe learning environments for all students. We enforce our policies that prohibit discrimination or harassment.

Frequently Asked Question 8

What does the District do to ensure that no student or family is discriminated against or harassed because of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or other protected classification?


Please report the behavior immediately to a teacher or school leader. If you or your student are uncomfortable reporting the incident at the school, please call Whitney Banks at 801-578-8388.

Frequently Asked Question 9

What should I do if my child feels like he/she has been the victim of discrimination or harassment?


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is based on a Presidential Order. The new President could rescind this order. Consider reaching out to an immigration attorney . Remember, recipients must meet certain criteria such as school attendance and high school completion.

Frequently Asked Question 10

What if I am a DACA recipient?


It is important that parents/families update school forms to list the people approved to pick up their children from school and their emergency contact information. Be prepared! Complete a Family Immigration Emergency Plan.

Frequently Asked Question 11

What should parents or guardians do if they are worried about being detained while their children are at school?


Licensed immigration attorneys can provide you with the most accurate advice about immigration matters. For your own protection, please do not seek advice from notaries or others who are not licensed. A list of available legal resources and advocacy groups can be found at: and .

Frequently Asked Question 12

What should I do if I want to understand my immigration rights?


The District has translators and interpreters. Talk to the school secretary in the school office or call Bob Muench at 801-578-8378 (se habla español). All schools offer resources to guide families through the new school experience. Some schools and the community learning centers offer English classes and other supports for English learners.

Frequently Asked Question 13

What services do you have for families who do not speak English or are learning English?


Yes! The Repository for Resources for Undocumented Students is a great place to start. Other resources include University Neighborhood Partners (U of U) and Educators for Fair Consideration

Frequently Asked Question 14

My student is undocumented and is hoping to go to college. Are there any opportunities and resources available to him/her?

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