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Self-Awareness: Hygiene!
Self-Awareness: Hygiene!

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Self-Awareness: Hygiene!

Science + Middle School Person = Hygiene!Slide2

What is hygiene?!

Hygiene = the practices performed for good health

Good hygiene is important because:

It keeps us healthy

It keeps us clean

It keeps us smelling nice

It makes us become more socially appropriateSlide3

Wash your hands!

When should you wash your hands?

After going to the bathroom

Before eating

After touching pets, trash, or anything icky

After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezingHow should you wash your hands?Use soap and waterWash all the parts of your hands and wrists– including your fingernails!Wash for at least 20 seconds. Try singing the ABC song in your head!Rinse your hands Dry your hands with a clean towel or use the air to dry themSlide4

Take a shower or bath Every day

Bacteria cause odor (bad smells)

We sweat all day long (some days more than others)

The bacteria eat the sweat and cause the stink

You can’t really smell yourself

You might be able to smell your own body odor, but what you smell is a fraction of what others will/can noticeOur noses get used to local smells so that we can notice new onesWhere should you scrub?Short story: EVERYWHERELong story:Anywhere on your body that skin-touches-skin, bacteria and sweat can increase. Pay attention to these areas.Don’t neglect your back/neck or feetArmpits are a very good place for extra scrubbing attentionWash your face to avoid oily skin and break-outsSlide6


In middle school, you should wear some form of deodorant EVERY DAY


Antiperspirant: stops sweat

Deodorant: stops odor

Antiperspirant and Deodorant: stops sweat and odorSpray: Instead of rolling on the product, you can spray it onApplicationWhatever you choose, put it on after every shower and before getting dressedApply to your armpitsSlide7

Other Stuff

Sneezing and coughing


over your mouth with your elbow/arm when you sneeze or cough

This helps keep germs from spreading and makes people feel comfortable

Use a tissue to clean your nose. Do this in private if at all possible.Passing gasIt is NEVER OK to pass gas in class or other public places, even if you think it does not smell bad or you think it won’t make noiseYou should pass gas in the bathroomIf you burp or pass gas, you should say “excuse me,” even if you don’t think anyone noticedSlide8

More other stuff

Brushing your teeth

EVERY MORNING before you leave your house

EVERY NIGHT before you go to bed (plus any additional times your dentist tells you to)

Fresh clothes

Wear new clothes every dayThis includes socks, jackets, and shirtsYou can sometimes wear pants more than once before washing them. Check to find out your family’s policy.

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