The Angelic Conflict It is imp ortant to know tha t angels do exist tha t the have a relation ship to bot h God and ma n and tha t the ir existence prior to is re la to the creatio n of the hea ens a

The Angelic Conflict It is imp ortant to know tha t angels do exist tha t the have a relation ship to bot h God and ma n and tha t the ir existence prior to is re la to the creatio n of the hea ens a - Description

In covering the Angelic Conf lict I ma introd uce a ew term s hich ou ma not be am iliar ith From time imm em orial ma n und erstands th t the re is som e reaso n or his existence som e purp ose or his short life on this earth and this top ic is a ID: 35644 Download Pdf

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The Angelic Conflict It is imp ortant to know tha t angels do exist tha t the have a relation ship to bot h God and ma n and tha t the ir existence prior to is re la to the creatio n of the hea ens a

In covering the Angelic Conf lict I ma introd uce a ew term s hich ou ma not be am iliar ith From time imm em orial ma n und erstands th t the re is som e reaso n or his existence som e purp ose or his short life on this earth and this top ic is a

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The Angelic Conflict It is imp ortant to know tha t angels do exist tha t the have a relation ship to bot h God and ma n and tha t the ir existence prior to is re la to the creatio n of the hea ens a

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The Angelic Conflict It is imp ortant to know tha t angels do exist, tha t the have a relation ship to bot h God and ma n, and tha t the ir existence prior to is re la to the creatio n of the hea ens and earth , an d th e e arth beco min g a w aste place de oid o lif e. In covering the Angelic Conf lict, I ma introd uce a ew term s hich ou ma not be am iliar ith. From time imm em orial, ma n und erstands th t the re is som e reaso n or his existence, som e purp ose or his short life on this earth , and this top ic is a the me in the ritings of ph ilosoph ers, th eolo gians and

ev en playw rig hts and musicians. One of the mo st imp ortant top ics in the Bible is angels and our relation ship to the m. Angels are not just som e periph eral set of create d bein gs; the are the key as to hy e ere create d. Th A li C li 1. he Bible tea ches tha t angels exist. Psalm 8:4 ,5 148 :1 8 Heb. 2:6 –7 2Pe ter 2 :1 1 2. In lesson #2, e covere the orde r of creatio n: the hea ens and the earth angels, the resto ration of the earth , ollowed by th e creatio n of ma n. he Bible is the sou rce of this o rder . 3. Almo st every ancie nt and mo dern relig ion tea ches som eth ing abo

ut angels. Like the creati he earth , som e relig ions tea ch som e really eird things abo ut angels here as Christianity , if anything, is und erstated hen it com es to angelic creatio n (not unlike the Biblical app roach to the creatio n and restorat ion of the earth ). 4. he Bible doe s not have an off-h and ed ref eren ce to angels here or the re; angels are me nti pecif ically nea rly 300 time s in the Old and New estame nts. here are a num ber of add itiona l passages here angels are spoke n of as spirit s, lights, cheru bs, stars, d em ons, a clo ud of w itnesse s, etc. 5. Furthe rmore

, it is ma de clear , even in t he New estame nt, tha t e are involv ed in an invi sible conf lict, an unse wa . For e restle not against lesh and bloo d, but against nat ions, against powers, against the rulers of the darkn ess of this world, against spiritual wickedne ss in h igh places (Eph :6:1 2). 6. here are tw o gr oups of angels—th e elect or holy angels and the allen angels. Matt. 25: 31, 41 Acts 10 :22 2P ete r 2:4 Rev . 14 :10 7. here are som e vio s diffe rence s bet een ma n and angels: ma n can procrea te, angels cann ot (at least am ongst them selves). he hum an race as begun

ith tw o peo ple, bot h create d and e directly by God and e have exp and ed our num bers throu gh procrea tion; angels ere all imm edia tely create by God y ot procrea te; the ir num bers do not increase or decre ase. Ezek. 28 :15 Matt . 22 :30 Col. 1 :16 8. here as, e have corpo ral bod ies and a soul and spirit, resulting in bot h physical
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Th A li C li life and a me taphysical life ; angels app ear to be conf ined , mo st of the time , to pirit bod ies or bod ies of lig ht hich e cann ot alw ays see. Matt. 28: 2–3 Luke 10 :18 Acts 12 :27 1Co . 15 :40 –41 Heb . 1: 7, 1 3–1 4

Re . 18 :1 9. here are time s hen angels ent er into hum an history , and in a ariety of ays. 1) Satan eithe r takes on the orm of a serpe nt or indwells a serpe nt in Gen . 3. 2) Angels take on hum an-like bod ies and are pa le of procrea tion in conju nction ith hum an w iv es (there is no opp osite arrangem ent ; that is, the re are no hum an ma les copu lating ith em ale angels). Apart rom this inciden t, angels do not ma rry nor are the giv en in ma rriag e, hich suggest s tha t an gels are a ll of on e gend er (ma le). Ge n. 6 Matt . 22 :30 3) Fallen angels (dem ons) indwelt arious peo

ple during the ti me of Christ, having at least partial cont rol of the ir bod ies. Ofte n the se ere ma ny dem ons cont rollin g bod . his conce ntrat ed activity of dem on posse ssion app ears to have bee n mo st apparen t during the incarna tion of Jesus Christ (Matt. 4:24 8:1 6, 2 8 Jo hn 13: 27). W e do not f ind dem onic pos sion as a recurrent the me in the boo k of Acts nor as a top ic of extende d discussion in any of the epistle s). here are indiv idua ls hose beh avior suggest s dem on posse ssion—A dolp h Hitler or R ichard T rento Chase , or examp le. How ever , e are not giv en

the ma nda or the me chan ics to se arch o ut a nd hea such individuals. 4) Angels inf luen ce us today ith their corr upt thinking, called doct rines (or tea ching ) of de mo ns. 1T im. 4:1 10. he mo st bea utif ul angel to com e rom the han d of God is Luci , son of the mo rning. 1) Altho gh tan is oun d irst in the Bible in Gen . 3, he obviously had to exist prior to tha t time . He is spoke n of in Isa. 17: "How ou are allen rom hea en, O Day tar , son of Daw n! How ou are cut down to the gr oun d, ou ho laid the nat ions low ! ou said in our hea rt, 'I ill ascen to hea en; abo e the stars

of God [an gelic creatio n] I ill set my thron e on ig will sit on the mo unt of assem bly in the ar reach es of the north ; ill a scend abo e the heights o the cloud s; I il mak e my sel f like the Most High .' But ou are brou ght down to She ol, to the ar reach es of the pit. hose ho see ou ill stare at y ou and pon der over ou: 'Is this the ma n ho ma de the earth trem ble, ok kingdom s, ho ma de the orld like a dese rt and overthrew it s cities, ho did not let his prisone rs go hom e?' One the ascina ting things abo ut the Old estame nt is, passage ill be spea king of one thing (here, one

of the kings of Bab lon) and the n it ill mo rph into spea king abo ut som eth ing else , a parallel situat ion or perso n (in this case, Satan). hat e nee d rom this passage is, ta ’s in , to think tha t he could be like the Most Hig h (i.e., equal to God ) and tha t He h as b een judged an d wil l be brou ght do n to Sh eol. 2) Quite obviously , the caricatu re of Satan ith horn s, a triden t, a long orked ta il red epid ermis has no basis in act (like the picture of a gentilic Jesus ith the long low ing locks of brown hair). Satan is extremely
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Th A li C li attra ctiv e, ch

arisma tic an d p erson able . 3) Ezek. 28 is abo ut the King of re, but it also parallels the perso n of Satan: “Y ou have bee n in Ede n, the garden of God . Every preciou s ston as our covering ; the ruby , the topaz, and the jaspe , the beryl, the onyx and the jaspe , th e sa pph ire, th e tu rq uoise , an d th e ca rbun cle, a nd gold; the orkma nship of our tambo urines and of our lutes in ou. In the day ou ere create d, the ere prepared. ou ere the ano inted cheru b tha covers, and I had put ou in the holy heights of God , here ou ere. ou alked up and down in the mid st of the ston es

of ire. ou ere perfec in our ay s from the day ou ere cre ated, until iniquity as found in ou. By the mu ltitude of our trade , the illed our mid st ith iolence yo in ned . So I cast ou def iled rom the height of God , and dest roy ed ou, O covering cher ro am ong the ston es of ire. our hea rt as lifted up beca use of our bea uty; ou corrupte d our isdom e of our splen dor . I have cast ou to the gr oun d. I ill put yo bef ore kings, tha t the ma see ou. By the host of our iniquities, by the iniquity of our trade , ou have def iled our holy place s. So I brou ght a ire rom our mid st and it

shall devour ou, and I ill giv e ou or ashe s on the earth in the sight of all ho see ou. All ho know ou am ong the peo ples shall be appalled at ou. ou shall be terrors, and ou ill not be orever . (Ez ek. 28: 13 19). Here, e are told tha t Satan as in the garden of God and tha t he w as crea ted pe rf ect u ntil iniquity w as f oun d in him . 4) Satan is called an angel of lig ht, the god of this orld and the ruler of this orld. John 14 :30 2Co . 4: 4 1 1:1 4 5) God create d the Lake of Fire wh re tan and his angels and me n ho do not believe in Jesus Christ ill be cast. Jesus taught “T He

ill also say to tho se on His left, Go wa y ro Me , cursed one s, into the everlasting ire havin g n prepared or the Devi l and his angels. (Matt. 2 5:4 1). 6) Satan ill be cast into everlasting ire beca use he has bee n judged. “Th ruler of this world ha s be en judged. (John 16 :1 1b). 7) His b eing cast into the Lake of Fire is utu re: And the Devi l lead ing t hem astray w as th row n int o th e L ake of Fire an d B rimston (Rev . 20 :10 a). 1. hy is Satan o ut a nd abo ut n ow? 1) From the judgem ent of Satan and his allen angels to is in t in time tho usan ds and possib ly millions of

ears have gone by . Satan sinne d, he has bee n jud ged, a nd he w ill be thrown into the La ke o Fire. T here ore, e ought to ask, hy has this not occurred et? hy has God not carried out this se nte nce? W hy is Satan o ut t here loose in th e world? 2) R. B. ie has post ulate d tha t Satan’s sent ence is now und er app eal. T his is ba sed upo n se eral Script ures. (1) In Job 1–2 , Satan and the angels are assem bled be ore God and Satan is raising obje cti to the ay things are. He claims tha Job is ded icated to God only beca use of the ma ny blessings hich
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Th A li C li

God has giv en him . Rem ove the se b lessings, Sa tan alleges, a nd Job ill curse God . ook of Job is God showing Satan (and the an gels w ho are o bserving ) tha t Sa tan is w rong. (2) Som e associa te the nam e Satan ith law yer , prose cuting atto rney atto rney . Altho ugh I as unab le to find a clear indicat ion of this in the several lexi cons hich I own, this seem s to be a Jewi sh traditio n. (3) Satan is said to accuse believers bef re God day and night. Rev . 12 :20 (4) he use of the ords judg ent and pun ishm ent in conju nction ith Satan suggest a trial. 3) Let me suggest the

basis of Satan’s app eal (the irst of hich is post ulate by Th iem e): (1) How can a lovi ng God cast any of His creatu res into a Lake of Fire? (2) Satan to God: God , Y ou ma de me this ay . I am not respo nsible or our creatio n. God is at ault or not ma king a perf ect creatio n. If Sa tan is imp erf ect, the n it m ust m ean tha t Go d is im perf ect. (3) Satan’s sin is origi nally one of pride, as discovered by God —how can a hidd en sin like this dese rv e ete rnal dea th? How is this just? (4) Can’t a God of love f orgiv e His crea tures? (5) Let ’s pt the prem ise tha t Satan and the

allen angels have sinne d. hy n ot just giv e S atan so me little space in the universe and let h im a nd the oth er f allen angels h ang ou t th ere? (6) Elect angels have chose n this path simp ly cause God rew ards the m or th eir cho ice. (7) ssent ially , Satan’s obje ctions call into question God ’s action s in com pa ri to His chara cter and essen ce. God has to be consiste nt, as He is imm utable. God is rig hte ous and just, so His judgme nt has to be rig hte ous and just. God is love, so His action shou ld ref lect His love. (8) here are inhe rent cont ra ic tions in God ’s chara

cter (creating bein gs hich ill suffe r orever in the of Fire doe s not dem onst rate lo ve or rig hte ousn ess). here ore, the inhe rent def ects in Satan’s chara ct r cann ot be judged by Som eon e ith inhe rent def ects. In oth er ords, if Satan is imp erf ect, the n God is imp erf ect. God is una ble to dem onst rat rf ect chara cter in all respe cts at all tim es (th at is t he argume nt o Sa tan). (9) Rig ht and rong are relative conce pts; the re really is no such thing as abso lute standard s of rig ht and wro g. he acts o Satan and tho se angels ho ell are not inhe rently rong, beca

use the re is no such thing as inhe rent rong. (10) Rig ht and rong, good and bad , are simp ly arbitrary standard s, set up by God. (1 1) God is incapable of creatin g creatu res ith ree ill ho ill not , at
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Th A li C li som e p oint in tim e, d isobe Him. (12) FIna lly , Satan, in a sense , alleges, “I could do a bet ter job tha n God ith this rt ith His creatu res. He said, “I ill be like the Most High. (Isa. 14: 14b ). 4) If ou know mu ch abo ut the Bible, ou know tha t each of the se obje ctions is add ressed in the Bible in conju nction ith h um an history being pla ed

out . 5) hat ever obje ction ou have ever orme d in our min d against God , God ’s plan or Go d’s grace, G od ill deal with tha t ob jection in tim e. 6) hat ever obje ctions unb elievers lodge against God ill also be dea lt ith in time . God ’s answerin g ll of Satan’s obje ctions ill simu lt ane ously answer all of the ob jection s of m ankin d th roughou t th e a ges. 12. he time rame of all of this is imp ortant. his helps us to unde rst and our place in th is w orld: 1) God creat ed angels. 2) Satan ell an d to ok a third of the an gels w ith h im. Rev . 12 :4 3) here w as a trial of som

e so rt. 4) Satan and the f allen angels were judged an d se nte nced . Mat t. 2 5:4 1 5) his sen ten ce is n ot ca rried ou t im me diate ly . 6) he imp lication is, Sa tan lodged an ap pea l. 7) em po ra ri ly , the hab it ation of the angels (the earth ) is roz en, hich possib ly restrains the f allen angels. 8) he earth is resto red, ma n is crea ted . 9) Hum an history is played ou t. 10) hen Satan and the allen angels are cast into the Lake of Fire. Rev . 20 :10 1) his imp lies tha t e, low ly hum an bein gs, are som eho involv ed bet een the ll and sent encin g of Satan and the carry

ing out of the sent ence against Satan. In oth er ords, we parently a re involv ed in the app eal portio n o the trial of Sa tan an d th e f allen angels. 13. his explains our place in this orld. e ere create d inf erior to angels, but ve essen ce similar to angels, inasm uch as e can think, e have self conscio usne ss, e have a conce pt of rig ht and rong, e have a ocab ulary , have io and e have olition. hese are things hich angels posse ss, and the se th ings are a ref lected ima ge of God . Heb . 2: 5–1 0 1 2:1 14. By our cre io and our liv es on this earth , God rev eals the nat ure of

His chara cter—His perf ect love, justice and rig hte ousn in ealing ith ma n. Psalm 14 5:1 7 I sa. 5 :16 Joh n 3 :16 15. By our creatio n and our life in this orld, God rev eals e consiste ncy of His chara cter throu gh His intera ction ith ma n—m an as create d perf ect and ma n as a allen creatu re. God ill in ra ct ith ma n und er a num ber of ary ing cond itions, includin g perf ect environme nt and ar less tha n perf ect environme nt. hese intera ctions, obse rv ed by angels, ill reve l God is love, rig hte ousn ess, justice, and tha t every single thing hich God doe s i s consistent

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Th A li C li ith His ch aracte . All of the obje ctions hich I suggested wil l answered in hum an history . 16. By the unct ion of Bible doct rine in our souls, God rev eals the imp ortance of truth hich is em bod ied in the Bible tha t e have. God rev eals the imp ortance of His creatu res knowing and adh ering o His ord. Prov . 8 1Cor . 2:1 6 Philip. 2:5 3:1 5 4 :7 17. God ’s judgme nts are rev eale d as bein g holy and righ His chara cter is rev eale d as bein g perf ect in all respe cts. Our unct ion on this earth glori ies God . John 1 1:4 1Co . 10 :31 18. he simp lest ay

or us to rs ta nd this is by our relation ship to our own children . hen the do rong, e pun ish the m, and som etim es the pun ishm ent is difficult or us and the m. How ever , idea lly spea king, bef ore, afte r or during the pun ishm ent , e explain to the m hat the have don e rong and hy it is rong. In this ay , a child develops norm s and standard s; he develops conscie nce; and he learns how to f unct ion in this world in su ch a w ay that is bot h m oral a nd rig ht and is ben ef icial to him and to tho se arou nd him . his allows a child to build up an ent ire rame ork of norms and

standard s hich ill carry him throu gh his ent ire life . Paren ts ho do not do this are dest roy ing the little souls the children God ha s en truste d to the m. 19. his is how God intera cts ith us, and helps to explain hy , over and over again, believers are called His children . explains hy God disciplines us. Heb. 12: 5–1 20. Men and angels, in this proce ss, develop an und erstanding and an app reciation or W ho and W hat God is an d f or th e wonde r of the ir ow n e istence . 21. he Angelic Con lict explains a gr eat m any things to us: 1) y we exist. e resolve the Angelic Conf lict

and bot h glori indicat e God . His love and me rcy toward His creatu res is rev eale d in the cross, as is His rig hte ousn ess and justice. Our daily intera ction ith God afte r the cross rea ffirms G od’s ch aracte r and esse nce. 2) hy is there sin? Sin is a result of our ree w ill. Sat an and a third of the angels chose to sin, and ma n chose to sin. here is the diffe rence tha t are born with a sin nature beca use Ada m sinne d; all allen angels had to go f rom a sin less state t o a f allen state. 3) hy Go d cann ot overlook or tolera te sin. here is not hing mo re icious tha n ma n’s

inhu ma nity to ma n. het her this begins as a schoo ly ard taunt, a me an piece of gossip exchanged, or a radical relig ious mo em ent hich kills peo ple in orde r to ma ke a political statem ent ; sin cause s gr eat pain and suffe ring. Sin is not som eth ing hich ple are illing to engage in on the ir own. As an examp le, peo ple claim tha t porn ography is a ictimless crime. How ever , peo ple are kidna ped and ensla ed en tod ay in orde r to urthe r the porn ography (and sex- trade ) indu stry . Peo ple are led toward drug-addictio n in orde r to keep the m involv ed in the sex trade .

Marriag es are dest roy ed and children ’s liv es are ruined beca use of porn ography . he results of any sin can be carrie o rev eal how
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Th A li C li dam aging that sin can be . 4) hy sin mu st be judged. here are ew am ong us, hen e obse rv ma n’s cruelty t o his ellow m an, not desire to see justice don e. Even in a mo ie, hen e are drawn into the evil of som e of the chara cters, it is a gr eat release it is to see the se chara cters receive the ir com eup pance at the ery end of the mo vie No atch es a Die Hard mo ie and is disap poin ted tha t Bruce illis prevails at the

end of the mo ie. hat is the satisf ing resolutio n to good ersus e il. 5) hy is the re suffe ring? Men suffe r as a result of sin. his is hy God ill remo e sin com plete ly rom our liv es in the utu re. his is also hy He ill create a new hea ens and a new earth , com plete ly separate rom the stain of sin. 22. he Angelic Conf lict is not a static event or series of events. Satanic strate gy and Sat ic ttacks chan ge rom dispe nsat ion to dispe nsat ion. Altho ugh I ill perso nalize this, and spea k of Satan’s attacks, bea r in min d, tha t e are dea ling specif ically ith his strate gies, but

tha t mu ch of his strate gy is executed by allen angels, called dem ons (altho ugh, on occasio n, Satan ill perso nally attack som believers). 1) At the Age of Inn ocen ce, Satan obse rv ed the ma n and the om an, and not bein g cont ent to leave ell eno ugh alon e, inte rf red, causin g the om an to sin by dece iv ing her , and the ma n to sin knowingl , beca use the om an he loved ha d sinn ed. 2) Satan’s strate gy in the Age of the Gen tiles: hen God prom ised a Savior (f irst to Ada m and Eve and later to oth er believers), Satan’s ocus as on this Savior and dest roy ing the line of the

Savior . he killing of Abe l as prob ably the irst Satanic attack against the li of the Messiah (Satan possib ly assu me d th at A bel was the One prom ised b God ). 3) Satan’s trate gy in the Age of ra el, part s I and II: hen God called Abrah am , and prom ised to prese rv e his line and to ma ke a gr eat nat ion of him , Satan began to attack the line of ra ell as the nat ion Israel. (1) As a n a side, I shou ld poin t out tha t, if the Jews are rem oved f rom this earth , mo st the prop hecie s oun d in the Bible beco me null and oid; the cann ot be ulf illed. re re , rom the exodus to

this ery mo me nt, Satan enco urages ant i-Sem itism and doe every thing th at h e ca n to rem ove Jews from this e arth. (2) God ma de a num ber of prom ises to Israel—th e Abrah am ic Covenant and the Davi dic Covenant , to nam e tw o—an d Satan has acte d not only to eep this covenan ts rom bein g ulf illed, but he also acts to cast dou bt upo n the ulf illme nt of the se covenan ts. Many Jews tod ay ond er abo ut the ir relation ip to God and the prom ises hich He ma de to the e end time s, Jews are going to rediscover boo ks like Esth er and passa ge li e Gen . 22, Psalm 89 and Isa. 53,

and sudd enly the ir eyes ill be ope ned , and
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Th A li C li y ill und erstand hat tho se passages are saying to the m. believe tha t this is here the 144 ,00 0 evangelist s ill spring rom during th e T ribulatio n. (3) Satan also inspires dou bt in Gen il es, hich respe ct to God ’s ulf illmen t of His covenan ts ith Israel. One of the results of this is known as Covenant heo logy , here all the prom ises hich God ma de to Israel are reinte rpreted and spiritualized, and tha t the church is seen (f alsely) as spiritual Israel and tha t God ’s covenan ts are t ransf erred o er

, som eho , to Gen tile believers in the Church Age. he idea is, the Jews just sinne d too mu ch, God decid ed tha the ere not His peo ple, and He started up the church , hich has en mo stly a gentile organiz ation (altho ugh Jews do believe ). is is a alse sy stem of the ology beca use it calls into questio God ’s v eracity , His imm utability an d His om niscience . Is God really truth ul? He ma som e ery clear prom ises to Israel, and it is dif icult to t ake God seri ously hen these prom ises are spiritualiz ed . ii e are told tha t God doe s not chan ge, but , if He just gav all his p

romise s to Israel ov er to the church, w hich re quires the se prom ises to be spiritualiz ed in orde r or the m to ma ke sense , th en He is no t im mu table. iii How can the Jews go so ar as to all outside of God ’s plan ? Isn’t an om niscient God able to know this is going to hap pen and to ma ke p rov ision f or it? iv At the ery least, Coven heo logy end s up calling into question the se 3 attribu d (these are not ten ets of Covenant heo logy , but the re logical question s hich arise rom believing in Covenant heo logy (a dispe nsat iona interp retation of history is the altern ati e to

Covenant heo logy ). (4) Satan did every thing tha t he could to dest roy the nat ion ra l, inspiring coun tless attacks against the m. He had a han d in splitting up Israel into tw o nat ions (the north ern and sout hern kingdom s), and a han d in remo ing Israel’s sovereig nty on several occasio ns. (5) his shou ld help to explain not only the cont in l tacks of the surroun ding nat ions against Israel, but it explains the holo caust and it explains th e rem arkab le ha tred of Islam f or th e Je tod ay . 4) Satan’s st rategy f or th e A ge of the Hy postatic Unio n: d irect at tacks upo

Jesus Christ (and , to a lessor extent, His disciples). Here, e have one of the mo st am azing historical events, simp ly rom the standpoint of strate gy . Satan knew ho the Messiah as, and Satan attacked Him in every ay possib le. Satan did every thing he could o mo e Jesus to the cross, to hat he believed ould be trem end ous hum il ia tion. Satan as able to exercise his consid erab le hat red toward Jesus throu ghout this proce ss of
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Th A li C li Jesus in g ta n to the cross. How ever , hat Satan did not seem to realiz e as, God ould provide our salvation by mean s of the

cross, and tha t the cross as His ultim ate dest inatio n. Blinde d by inten se red, Satan mo ed Jesus toward the cross, not realiz ing tha t the cross ould be the turnin g poin t in the Angelic Conf lict. it is ith the cross tha t Jesus provided all ma nkind salvation. Had Satan bee n able to igure this out , he ould ha e d one every thing po ssible to kee p Je sus f rom the cross. 5) In the Church Age, the Angelic Conf lict is inte if ied or the individual believer . he Messiah prom ised by God has com e, died or our sins, and bee n resurrecte d. here ore, Satan attacks ma n in general and

believers specif ically . S atanic strat egy m oves on tw o f ronts: (1) Satan tries to blind the unb eliever rom the gospel and tries to keep any perso n rom believing in Jesus Christ. Religi on plays as gr eat a role in th is as d oes sin. 2 Cor . 4: 4 (2) Once a perso n believes in Jesus Christ, Satan doe s every thing tha he can to neu traliz e his spiritual impact. Satan again uses relig ion to neu traliz e the spiritual impact of individual believers. his is one reaso n the re are so ma ny Christian cults; this is re ason the Catho lic Church h as b ecom e so corrupt; this is the reaso n

so f ew Prote stant churches conce ntrat e o n th e te achin g of the Bible; this is the reaso n tha t so ma ny church es lean toward social action and even toward liberatio n the ology —the se attacks ep a believer ro gr owi ng and having any sort of spiritual impact. Quite obviously ta ont inue s to use sin to keep ma n rom gr owi ng spiritually . 1 im. 4:1 6) church is taken up (the raptu re), the re ill be no one wh believes in Jesus Chr is le the earth . here ill be 7 mo re ears of the Age of Israel to play out , called the ribulatio n in the Bible. Satan ill have mo re power at this time

and he ill seek to kill every perso n ho be li ve in esus Christ. e know tha t, or instance, in the history of Com mu nists nat ions, the re w ill be a strong, charism atic leade r ho rises up to liberate his peo ple and to offe r the m hop . Mea nwhile, beh ind t he scene s, he is killing every perso n ho is against his revolut ion for freed om . he Bea st ill rise up in mu ch the sam e ay red by millions, if not billions, of peo ple; ho ill, at the sam e time , engage in a icious holy ar against God ’s elect. is wil l be a dou ble-inte nsif ication of the Angelic Conf lict. 7) he Mill enn

ium w ill be ma rked by perf ect envir onm ent , the knowledge of God throu ghout the earth , peo ple bein g born ithou t sin re , and Satan bein g locked up, so to spea k. How ever , Sa tan ill be let out of conf inem ent of the Mill enn ium , and he ill again be giv en limited power , and he ill lead som e gain st God —me n ho have enjo ed a th ousa nd ears o pe rf ect e nvir onm ent . Rev . 20 :2 9 8) Gen eral strat egies in a ll dispen sation s:
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Th A li C li (1) Satan ould do anything to ma ke God a liar . So, he ill co ntinu to attack and atte mp t to erad icate the

Jews. If the re re no Jews in th e e nd time s, Go d ca nno t f ulf ill His plan. (2) In orde r to ma ke God a liar , Satan wil l yt hing to show even one prom ise of the Bible to be rong. (3) e all associa te Satan ith sin and evil , ta is hea ily involv ed in goo as ell. Satan a ttem pts to p rodu ce h um an good panace as—which panace as ofte n den the existence or imp ortance of God . Socia lism and Com mu nism are clear examp les of this, here ma n has tried to ma ke me n equal, hich involv es the erad ication of relig ion, reed om and , in ma y cases, life . In this past Am erican

preside ntial cam paig n (200 8), I saw ma ny le paraded in ront of us, and the ir sad and difficult liv es rev eale d, and ho or w hat ould solve this? he cand idate w ho parades the se peo ple bef ore us. He or sh wo ld the solutio n to the ills of the se p eop le. T he idea is, we ought t o put our trust and hop es in a p articular man or a particular f orm of g overnme nt, rathe r tha n in God . If our liv es are difficult, this has not hing ith God nor doe s it have anything to do ith us, but it is beca use the rong ma or the rong party is in power in gov ernm ent . is is atanic strate gy

and it is all abo ut goo . Fana tical environme ntalism is Satanic strate gy . Clean air and clean ate r are good ings, and tha t is a part of our taking cont rol of our environme nt. How ever environme ntalism has g otte n out of control to day w ith su ch th ings as g loba l armin g ma nia and the preserv ation of such anim als as the sna il darte r or the spo tted ow l. On e o the m any reaso ns why US jobs have shipp ed overse as is environme ntalism, hich has shut down indu stry and buildin g all over the United tates (e.g., the lum ber indu stry in the north ern United tates). hese re

all strate gies here Satan inspires ma n to try to create a perf ect intern ation al kingdom he re on ea rth. (4) Alon g the sam e lin of Satan’s involv em ent ith good, ma ny ana tical Islam ic gro ps are also associa ted ith doin g good as ell e.g., eed ing tho se ho are hun gr . Here, Satan is able to com bine good orks w ith religion. (5) Satan oul li to establish a perf ect environme nt on this earth and ma n is constant ly rustrating him . So Satan seeks to establish as mu ch cont rol over ma n’s ree ill ssible, to the extent of det ermin ing the am oun t of mo ney ma n ought to be

allowed to ma ke and at hat tem pera ture he ought to set his the rmostat at hom e. Satan ould like to create a hap py lance d orld of peo ple, anim al life and nat ure. In this ay , he could prove him self to be like the Most Hig h. Satan is beh ind all intern ation al effo rt s and intern ation al cont rol, beca use it is easie r or im to direct and
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Th A li C li cont rol hum an beh avior if e re ll subje ct to the sam gov ernm ent . (6) Satan ould like to est ablish equality on this e arth (not equality of opp ortun ity , which create s inequities, bu t act ual e quality ).

(7) Satan ould like to imp ro ve ho and hat ma n is, me ntally and physically , an d e limina te p eop le who are substand ard. 23. Beca use of Satan’s origi nal sin, beca use all of hi s app eals ill have bee exhauste d, God ill toss him , the angels hich ell and all unsa ed me n into the Lake of Fire at the en d o the Millennium . Rev . 20 :10 –15 24. hen God ill create a new hea ens and a new earth , as the Angelic Conf lict ill have be en resolved. Re . 21 :1 A num ber peo ple have covered this particular top ic, and the ir stud ies are available online : http ://ww .gbible.o rg /_f

iles/pd /T he_ Angelic_Con lict_Pa rt1.p df http ://ww .gbible.o rg /inde .ph p?p roc=f ea& pid=2 http ://ww .m arkkw illiamson .com /an gelic_conf lict.htm http ://ww .ecce ntrix .com /m em bers/b eaco n/co nf lict.htm http ://ww .ironran m/ gr if ith/A ngelic_Conf lict/angelic_co nf lict.htm http ://ww aq/Mean ingOf Lif e.h tm as well as http ://ww es/sp ecialstu dies/A ppe alT rialOf Satan. htm http ://ww .verseby erse.o rg /do ctrine/a ngel_con .htm http ://ww .an sw erba q_v iew /52 397 (go down to Moose mo se a nd his an sw er) R Vo his

stud doe s not even begin to exhaust the once pt of the Angelic Conf lict; howev er it is good to ind out just hat Satan and allen angels are up to, so tha t e can recogniz it hen Satan tem pts the om an in the garden, or hen e see examp les of it arou nd us.