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Francium By Brandon & Connor

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Francium By Brandon & Connor

What is some of The History? Francium was discovered in France, and of course named after the country that it was discovered in. It was discovered by Marguerite Perey in 1939, in Paris at the Curie Institute.

How much Francium is on Earth? Not as much as you would think, there is only ever 30g of Francium on Earth and any one time.

What is Francium’s Boiling point? Francium has a boiling point of 676.8 degrees Celsius.

Where is Francium on the periodic table? Francium is an element of the Alkali Metals and is in period 7 of the periodic table.

What is it’s atomic weight and density? Francium’s density of 1.873g/cm makes it a heavy element, weighing in at 223 AMU.

What is francium’s atomic number? After the discovery of Caesium, scientists always thought there should be another alkali metal just under it with the atomic number of 87, and then in 1939, it was discovered, and that element is Francium.

What state is Francium usually in? Well, as Francium’s melting point is only 27 degrees Celsius, in many normal conditions it would be a solid but in a relatively warm environment could be a liquid.

How does the creation of Francium occur? Natural or synthetically? Francium, while it is a standard practice to pur p osely create it in a lab for observation by scientists, it can and has occurred and been found naturally.

What is Francium used for? Francium, due to it’s instability and it’s extreme rarity, it has absolutely no commercial uses and there would likely never be enough of it accumulated for any type of uses.

What would francium look like? Francium has never been viewed in bulk, but it has been assumed, based off of the other elements in it’s column on the periodic table, that it would appear to be a highly metallic metal.

What is francium’s atomic symbol Francium’s atomic symbol is Fr, an abbreviation of it’s name.

What is Francium’s melting point Francium, although being a metal, still melts at only a low 27 degrees Celsius, meaning that if you could actually obtain enough of it, you would have liquid Francium in a warm room.

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