The Whole Brain Model Understanding Working Styles
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The Whole Brain Model Understanding Working Styles

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The Whole Brain Model Understanding Working Styles

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The Whole Brain Model: Understanding Working Styles
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The Whole Brain Model The Whole Brain Model The Whole Brain Model
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The genda Step 1: Sort Cards Step 2: Trading Step 3: Choices Step 4: Explanation of Whole Brain Model Step 5: Small Group Discussion -- by Color Step 6: Report Back
Page 5
The Whole Brain Model Styles at Work Logical Rational Big Picture Creative Organized Planned Interpersonal Feelings
Page 6
The Whole Brain Model our quadrant metaphoric model referred modes of thinking, learning and

working ased on brain research ature and Nurture ll styles are neutral e have all the styles references different from competence imilarity and complementarity rganizations need all styles nderstand and value diverse styles
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L A inear Thinking uantitative ere-and-Now
Page 10
BLUE BLUE rgue Rationally eneralize from specifics roblem-solve logically now the bottom line ritical Analysis olve tough problems ather facts Measure precisely ake things work ational, unemotional onsider financial aspects oals & outcomes ealistic & present-oriented fficient

Page 12
rganized S afe-keeping P etailed mplementer
Page 13
GREEN GREEN table leadership & supervision etailed plans & procedures ne thing at a time eep financial records straight eatness & protocol count isciplined & reliable rder & control rule and a place for everything f it aint broke, dont fix it O t ction-oriented pproach problems practically tand firm on issues aintain standard of consistency
Page 15
nterpersonal eeling-oriented T ntuition ommunication
Page 16
RED RED articipation & collaboration xpressive, talkative, friendly pirituality

Personal growth uild relationships & teams ttuned to people & group dynamics mpathetic & nurturing xperience is reality ntuitive, understanding are about values Recognize interpersonal difficulties elping, coaching, partnering
Page 17
C nnovative olistic ynthesizing isionary
Page 18
YELLOW YELLOW se metaphor riginality & imagination urious & adventurous esign/Artistic ike variety & multi-tasking nvision the future mpulsive & playful ee the big picture Risk-taker Recognize new possibilities ntegrate ideas & concepts end or challenge established policies roblem-solve in

intuitive ways
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Being Challenged Analyzing & Diagnosing Logical Processing nanc e & N mber Making Things Work Solving Tough Problems Clarifying Issues Explaining Things Dealin g with the Future Seeing the Big Picture Inventing Solutions Developing New Things Providing Vision Taking Ris Integrating Ideas Bringing About Change Administering Attending to Detail Being in Control Building Things Establishing Order Timely Implementation Planning Things Out Providing Support Coaching Working with People Communicating Building Relationships Expres sing Ideas Teac hing/ raining Per

uading People Being part of a Team How I Like to Put My WHOLE BRAIN to Work
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Whole Brain Model Communication Preferences Whole Brain Model Communication Preferences Whole Brain Model Communication Preferences BLUE Facts, no Fluff Technical Accuracy Articulated ideas Brief, Clear, Precise Critical Analysis Straight forward YELLOW Metaphors Big Picture Overview Imaginative Conceptual framework Exploration Visual GREEN Details Thoroughness Rules & Procedures Action Plans Explanations Stay on topic RED Feelings & values Open discussion Expression Personal touch Empathy &

consideration Stories & examples
Page 22
Define goals & objec ives Logically solving problems Critical analys is & theor Efficiency, cost & data Working toward quan tifiable outcomes Strategize & visualize the future Risk taking & experimenting Comb in & co nnectin con ts Bra nstorming n w i ea s & solutions Big picture perspective Att ntion to detail & procedures Movin from point A to point B Task allocation, or ganization & planning Follow-up & scheduling with time lines Making sur ever ything is in order & in control Mediating & facilitating Sharing, listening & expres sing

Collaborating & building relationships Intuitive sensing of underlying issues Being sensitive to other people Team Approaches MOVING TOWARD CLOSURE How can we make t is happen? KINDLING THE SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY Being part of the team GETTING DOWN TO BUSIN SS Whats the Theory of the case? BREAKTHROUGH THINKING Challenge the Status Quo
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Blue Yellow Green Red Authoritative Directive All-business Analytical Factual Adventurous Visionary Entrepreneurial Idealistic Holistic Traditional Conservative Organized Accountable Safe-Keeping Team-Oriented Supportive Personable Intuitive

Communicator Management Styles
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