FEBRUARY alph Langner and Perry Pederson YBER S UR IT ER CENTER FOR st CENT - PDF document

FEBRUARY     alph Langner and Perry Pederson YBER S UR IT ER CENTER FOR  st CENT
FEBRUARY     alph Langner and Perry Pederson YBER S UR IT ER CENTER FOR  st CENT

FEBRUARY alph Langner and Perry Pederson YBER S UR IT ER CENTER FOR st CENT - Description

In essence the executive order puts the emphasis on establishing a framework for risk management and relies on voluntary participation of the private sector that owns and operates the ma jority of S critical infrastructure oth approaches have been a ID: 4018 Download Pdf


essence the executive

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Bound to Fail:Why Cyber Security Risk Cannot Simply Be “Managed” Away\r\f \n\t\f \b\t\f\n\f  CENTURY SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE   \f \n\t\b Bound to Fail:Why Cyber Security Risk Cannot Simply Be “Managed” Away\r\f \n\t\f \b\t\f\n\f \f  ­\f\f\n\f\n€€€€‚\fƒ \f„\f\f\r€€‚\f\n\f\n „\fƒ…\f €\r \f†\t \f€\n\fƒ‡\fˆ\f‰\f €‚\f \n\f Š € ‚€\r  €€ €Š    \f \bƒ\f \f  €\b€ \f €\fŠ  €\f\nŠ€ \f‹\f\f \f†\f\f‰\f €‚\f \n\f \f\f€\fƒ€€\rŠ \fˆ „Š  €„\r\f\f\n \f€\f‚ \b € €€Š\f €‚\f\f  ˆ\n\f \f\f… €\bŠ‹‹  €€ €Š    \f‹  \f‚\fƒ\f\f\f\f\nŠ  \f\n\f \n\fˆ€\f ƒ\f  \f‹Š\n\f \fŠ €Š€ \f€\f \f€ \f\f  \fŠ €„\r\f\f†ˆ€ Š \f\fˆ\f ƒ\f€ƒ€\f\r€ ‹€\f\r€ €\f\b\r€‚\f\f €‚\f\f  \f‚\f \b \f \r\f\fˆ\b\b\f€  €„ˆ\b† \f ‚€\r\fŠ  ƒ\fŠ€\f\b‚\f ƒ\f \bƒ\f \b\f  \f€‡  €€ €€‹\f \r\r\f€ \b­ƒ\f\n  €\f\n\f \f \r€\n\f€\fŠ \fˆ\f † €\rˆ€ \f\r€Š \fˆ  €€ €Š    \fŠ €€€\f†\n\f \fƒ\b‚€\n\f \f€\r\f ƒ\f€\b\f\n  €\f  \fˆ€ƒ\f \nŠ \n\f \n\f \f‹  \f\f  †\f€\n €  \b\fŒŽ„\f\f\f€‡  €€ \b\f €\r \f €\f \n \f\n\b€  \f  \b\b\f†ˆ€ „\f\f€€€\r \bƒ\f ‚\f ƒ€€€\f†Šˆ€  \f\n\f€\r\f\n€ \n \n\b\f  €\f  \f† \b€ƒ\f‹€\b†\f\b \r\f\n€€ €ƒ\fˆ\f\f  €€ \n­  €€ \b\f€ƒ\n€\n\f  \n€ \f ‚€‚\f\f\n€ƒ€€\bŠ\b\fŠŠ  €‚\f ƒ\nˆ\f­ \f \f\n\b\f‹   \f \n\t\b \f \f€€\f\n€\r \f\f\f…    \f €€ Š\f‘‘ \f€\n\f \b€\f\r ˆ€\r \f \bƒ\f \b\f\n€\f \f‰Š€\f  €\b‹\t \f€\n\fƒ‡’ \f ˆ „\f\nƒ\b\f€  \f\n€ƒ\b“€ „\b\f\b€\fƒ€\nŠ\fˆ \n‡ \r\f \bƒ\f ’ \fˆ\f †€ \n€\r “bits on the ground”\f €€€\f  \bŒ‰\f‡ \bƒ\f ƒ\r\fŠ € \f  \f\f  Ž‹\f‚\fˆ€\f Š\f€\f\n\f‡ŠŠ\f€‚\f \bƒ\f  €‚€€\f‚\fƒ\f\f…€’\f\nƒ\b\f\r‚\f \fŒ €‚\fŽ\n\fŠ\f\f†\f \f ƒ\f\n\f\f‚\f €\r€’  \f\r\f†\f\f €\b­€\n €€”\f\n\n‚\f  €\f\n­\f  †ˆ€ \n\bƒ\f€ \f\f\nƒ\b \n\f\f \f \bƒ\f Š  \f‹†\t \f€\n\fƒ\f €\f€ \bƒ\f  \f €Š€  €€ €Š    \f\fƒ\f\r€€\rŠ€\f \n\f ‹\f\fˆ \f€\n\f€\f‰\f €‚\f \n\f €\f\n• ‚€\r €€ Š    \f\bƒ\f \f  €\b–€€\f\b „ˆ\f\n\r\f\f\f\t\f\r‡ ƒ€€€\f \fŠ’ €\f \f \f€‡  €€ \b\f‹\f \n\f \b“The cyber threat to critical infrastructure continues to grow and represents one of the most serious national security challenges we must confront. (…) It is the policy of the United States to enhance the protection and resilience of the Nation’s critical infrastructure and to maintain a cyber environment that encourages efficiency, innovation, and economic prosperity while promoting safety, security, business confidentiality, privacy, and civil liberties. We can achieve these goals through a partnership with the owners and operators of critical infrastructure to improve cybersecurity information sharing and collaboratively develop and implement risk-based standards.”Š \f\b†€\fˆ \n\f €\fŠ€‹\b €\r‚ \b €ƒ\b\f €‚\f\f   \f\nƒ\b€Š € €\r \bƒ\f  \f\n €„­ƒ\f\n\n \n†\f\f‰\f €‚\f \n\f \n\f‡\n\f€‚\f Š \f  ‹ŠŠ \n\n \f\f‚\f \b\f ƒ\fƒ\b€€ \f\rƒ „\f€\n€€ €\n‚\f \f\f\n€\b\f ƒ\f€ ‚\f\f‹€\n†  €€ €Š    \f \f €€ \fˆ\f \f €‚\f €\f \f\f‰\f \f\n\f  \f \f€ƒ€€\b\n\f‚\f\b\f Š €\f  €\b‹—€\f€€ Š ƒ\f€„\f €‚\f\f  ˆ\nƒ\fˆ€€\r\nƒ\f‚\f\f ƒ\f†\f€\f \f€ ˆ ˆ€\f\fŠ\f\r‚\f \f†­ \f\nƒ€ ­ €‚\f \f €†\f‰\f €\f \fˆ\f ˆ€\f‹ \f‰\f†ˆ\f­€\f\n\f\n\r‚\f \f\fŠŠ  \f€\fƒ\f\nŒŽ\f€ €\f\nƒ„Š\n\f€\r‚\f ƒ€€€\f€\f  \b\f \n  \f\f\n  \f€‡  €€ €€‹—€\f\f\f‚\f ƒ€€€\fˆ\f \f\f\n\f‚\f\n €“\f€†\f\b\bˆ\f\n\n \f\f\n‹ \b\f‚\f\n \n‡\f\fƒ€\f €\b€€ ‚€\r\f \bƒ\f \f  €\bŠ\f€  \n €Š€‡\f€\r €€‹ \f\n€\r \r ƒ\b\f‹‹\f \fŠ˜\f\n\f  €\b€\n\f€’\f\n  €€ \n\f€\r‚\f ƒ€€€\f \f  ‚\f ƒ€€\bŒ\b€ \n\f  €Š\f\f  € \r\f\f  ƒ\b \bƒ\f Ž \f \f‚\f ƒ€€\bŒ\f \f ‚€\n‹\r\f †Confront and Conceal. Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American PowerŒ\fˆ „ ˆ†Ž‹  „ƒ†• ‚€\r €€ Š    \f\bƒ\f \f  €\b†–‰\f €‚\f \n\f †\fƒ  \b††™™ˆˆˆ‹ˆ€\f\f‹\r‚™\f­ \f­Š’ \f™™™™\f‰\f €‚\f­ \n\f ­€ ‚€\r­  €€ ­€Š    \f­ \bƒ\f \f  €\bš\f\t‹ ˆ\f†•\n \b‡›€\f€€\bƒ\f \f  €\b†–Strategic Studies QuarterlyŒ—€\f Ž‹œ‘‹™™ˆˆˆ‹‹Š‹€™™“™™ˆ€\f ™Š ˆ\f‹\nŠ•\bƒ\f \f  €\b›\f ƒ€€€\fƒ\f ‚\f\n€ \b\f\f\fƒ\b\f\t \r †–‹‹\f \fŠ\f \r\b†\n€ƒ  \b†‚\fƒ\f ž†™™ˆˆˆ‹€‹\r‚™ \n™ƒ€ €™\n™€ŸƒŸ Ÿ‚\f ƒ€€€\f‹\nŠ   \f \n\t\b 3 \n€ƒ€\rŠ  \f ƒ\b\n€\r€\f\n’ ˆ \fŽ‚\fƒ\f\f€€ \b\n\n \f\f\nƒ\b\f… €\bŠˆ\f ™\f   ‚\f\n \f‚\f’‚\f\b\f Š\f \f\b‚\fƒ\f\f\n \f\f\n‹\f  \fŠ  €\f\nŠ€ \f€\f\n\r€ ¡ˆ‹€ \f\n€‚\f  \f€\r\f  \fŠ• €„†–ˆ€  \fƒ „ƒ\fŠ\t \f€\n\fƒ‡\r\r\f\f\n \f\r\b‹—\f‚\f„\f\nƒ €„\n €„\r\f\fŠ\fˆ\f‚\fƒ\f \f ‚€ \f\nŠ\f€€\bŠ\f  \f \f \r€‚€\r€ \r\f‰€€\n \f€\b \f „‹   €€ €Š    \f \f €† €„\r\f\f€ \f €\fŠ Š€ \f‹ 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really referring to when talking ƒ   €\f€ Š   €\r €„\b\f\f†\r\r\f€\r €„€\f‰  €\f \f†\b\f€Š\f\f‰€€\r\n\f‚\fƒ\f\f‚€\n\f\n‹€ \fƒ\f\f \f \f \f‰ €„  €\r\f†\f\f\f\b  \bƒ\f€„\f\n\f€ €  \f€\b‹\f „ \n\f €\fƒ† Š\f ƒ„The Black Swan† \f \f\b \f\f\n€\f \f \b†’ €\n\f €€„\f Š‚ \f\n\f€\b•Š\f \f€Š €€†\n‡\f€–ˆ\f€„€\rƒ€\f \f €„€\f €’  Š€ \f\r€\f\n’ \f \n ‹€ \f\nŠ\f \f \b\n\f ˆ\f Š\n \f‚\f ˆ\f\fƒ„€\r€\n \b\n\f’ €\f Š— \f\f\fƒ  \f\n\f‰ \f\f\b \f‰ €„Š ‹\f \f€€\f \r\fƒ€\n  \f \fŠ\fŠ €„  €€\f\b  €ƒ\f\n\f\rƒ’ €  €€Šž‹\f‚€\n€\bŠ\f \f\f\f\n€\n\f\f €\f\nƒ\bˆ   \f\b€\f \fˆ€ €\f \f‹€\f\n \bƒ\f  €„†\f“\f€€†\n\f\f €„­ƒ\f\n   \f\b\f \f\f€„\f€\nŠ\f‰\f €\f €\r \bƒ\f  „¢€€ \f €\b€ “\f€Š \b\r‚\f \f \f\r \n\f‚\f \f \b \f†‚€\n\f‚\f \r\f†\n\f¯ƒ\f†•\f  €\b€ €\n\f\n \f\n€\n  \f€\n €\f†–The Industrial Ethernet Book‚‹®†€\fŒ¥\b«Ž‹­‹™™ˆˆˆ‹­€‹ ™€\r\f™\n™\n\f\f™„Ÿ¥\bŸ«ŸŸ\f  €\bŸ \f\n‹\nŠ›€\f›\f \f\n\f†•°€’\f\n\f  €\b€ˆ\f„\b\f€  €€  ‚\f\bŠ \f\n€†–€Proceedings of the 2009 workshop on New security paradigms workshop†‰Š \n†¯†\f\fƒ\f ž­†®†™™ ‹ ‹ \r™ €€‹ Š¢€\n¨«®‹«®¤†‹«­£‹€€ \fƒ†The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbableŒ\fˆ „\n˜\f†«Ž‹\f€‰†•\f €\fŠ €\f \f ¯€\f\n— \f\f†–Wired ‚«†€\f†Œ\fƒ  \b†Ž†™™ˆˆˆ‹\nˆ€ \f\f‹\f™ „\t\r\f™\f\f  \f ¯€\f\n— \f\fŸ®‹\nŠ   \f \n\t\b Š \b\f‰\f €‚\fˆƒ\f€‚\f\f\n\f €€ €„\f\f‹ \f‰\f†ˆ\f‰ \b\n\f•\f  €\b  –  ¢\f\r\f\f  ƒ\f€\f \f€\f€ €  ­‚ €€ƒ\fˆ\f\f\f  €\b  \n \f \f\n \bƒ\f \f  €\b€ €\n\f€  €€ €Š    \fª\n€\r€\rŒ€\f Š\f  €\b  Ž\n\f\f \f €\b \f€\f  €\b€ €\n\f‹\f ˆ \n†“€Š\b€\r\f  €\bƒ\f\f ‚\f‚€\n†\n\f€\f  \f \f\n\fŠŠ €\b’\f\n  \f  €\f \f\n\f € ‹\bŠ ˆ \n­„€\r€ \fƒ\f\nƒ\f‚€  \f \fˆ\f­„ˆŠ \bªƒ\f \fƒ\n\b\b\f\n\f€€ Š€ ƒ\f\n\f‹ \f€€†\f‚\f ƒ€€€\f\f‰€\f\nƒ\b‰\f\nƒ\f\f\n Š ‚\f \b\f ‹—€\f€\bƒ\f\f ƒ\f€\b•ˆ€–Š \b€ €\n\f\f €€”\f ŠŠ €„†\f \f \fŠ €€€\f†Š \f‰\f€\f \f €\n \b†ˆ\f \f  \f€‚€ƒ\f‹›\f ƒ€€\b\b€€ƒ\f‚€ \f ƒ\f\f\n \f€ƒ\b€\n\f€Š\b \f‚\f ƒ€€€\f€\b•ˆ€–ƒ\f\f‰€\f\n‹€€\r€†ˆ€\f \f€€\r€\fƒ\f‚\f ƒ€€€\f \f ’‰€\r\f†\b \fŠ\f \f\n•\f  €\bƒ\bƒ  €\b†–ƒ\f\f €\n\f \f\n•ƒ\f  € \f–Š \n\f \n\f‹   € \f \r\f\b\f\f\nƒ\fƒ\n\f\n‹\f €‚\f  €€  ƒƒ€€\b \f€\f€ € \n€\f\r€  \f­\n­ \f“\f \f\n\f‹€\n\f\f\r€  \f€Š \f\n \f“\f \f†\n\f \f\nƒ\b \f €\b‹€„€€\f \f\n€ \b  \fƒ\fˆ\f\fŠ\f\n \f €\b‹—\f \f \f\n \f“\f \f \f\n\f\f €€€ †\fˆ\f€Š €„ƒ\f \f€  €\f‹\f\r€ €„ƒ\fˆ\f\f  \f†\n\f €\rŠ  †\n\fŠŠ\f  ƒ\f\fƒ€\f\n\f€\f ƒ\b\f‰\f €\fŒ\n\f \f\n €\bŽ ƒ\b€€ Œ€Š\f \f\n €\bŽ‹Š\f€\f €€ƒ\f†€€€  €\f„€\f Š €„ƒ\f \f\f€ €  \f\n€ € ƒ\f\n\f‹\f ˆ \n† \f\n€ €ˆ€\f€ƒ€€\bŠ \f€ € ‚\f €’ € \f\f\f \r\b‹—€\f€\bƒ\f\n€Š’ Š  \f  €\f€\n€† \bƒ\f \f  €\b€\b\f €\f \f‹  \bƒ\f \f  €\b†€ ˆ€Š\f \fŠ\f \f\n €„€…• \f €\b†–\b\n\f €\rŠ  \f ƒ\f„ˆ €\f ƒ\f‹“Maneuver speed” of risk mitigation in critical infrastructure environments \f\n‚\f ƒ€€€\f \f‚€\r \r\f‹\fˆ \f\n‚\f ƒ€€€\f ‚\f €\r‹ƒ€ €Š €„€€\r€€Š\f ‚€\r\f Š \f\n €„\f\f†\f  €\b   ƒ\f€\f\f\f\n€\f€\fƒ\fŠ \f€ €\n\f\f €€”\f†€\r\n\fŠ\f\n\f \n „\f €\f„€\nŠ  \fˆ\f \f\f\n\fŠ\f\n\f  \b  „\f ƒ\b€ €€\r\f€ ‚\f\n€\f\fˆ „€\r \f \f \f€€\f‹‚\f€Šˆ\nˆ „\f\f‰\f†€\n €\f‚€ \f \f\n\f€\r\f\nŠ  €\n \f ’\r €†„€\r€  € \b€€ƒ\f€\f\f€€\r€Š \fˆ \f€  \n\f ‹ \f \b€ €\b\f\f¡  ƒ\f \f•  €€ –Š\n\n\f\n\f\f\n€ ‚\f \bŠ\fˆ \f \fˆ‚\f ƒ€€€\f†ƒ€\b„\f\b\f  ›\f \f\n\f†•°€’\f\n\f  €\b€ˆ\f„\b\f€‹–\r\f †Robust Control System Networks: How to Achieve Reliable Control After StuxnetŒ\fˆ „¥\f\t \f†Ž‹‹¥ ¥ ˆ†• €\f \fŠ\bƒ\f ­\f  €\b†–\f¥  €†‚\fƒ\f †™™ˆˆˆ‹Š‹ \r™€ ™\r\f \b™\n\n™…™ \bƒ\f ‹\nŠ   \f \n\t\b 7 \n\f‚\f\n™ €\f\f \f  \f €‹\f\f €€ \f Š\f  €\bª€ \nƒ\f‚€\fˆ\f\n\f\f  €\b•\f‚\f \f\f\n–Š  \b\f€€‹\f  \b\fˆ \n†€€€ƒ\f€€\r\f‚\f ƒ€€€\fˆ€€\n\b \f‚\fˆ\f\f„‹\f‰\f \f ‚€ \r€‚\f\f‰\f\fˆ\f €\f\n€\r€€\r\f\f €„Š \b  „ˆ\n\f\f\n\fƒ\f­ \f\n\b\f ˆ ­ \f‹ € \f†€\n €  \b\f€ˆ\f  ƒ\f \f ’\r \f\n\b \f\f \b\f €€\f \fˆ€\nˆˆ\f \f\f€\nˆ†ˆ€ €\b \fŠ\f \f\n\r\f‹Š\f  \f †€ˆ€„\f\f \b\f €Š \f  ’\r € \r\f ƒ\f\n\f†“€\f\r\f\n€\f„ˆ\n€ŠŠ\f \f \f\fˆ \nˆ\f \f\f  €\b \f ƒ\f \f\nˆ€€ €‚€ €”\f\n\f‚€ \f‹\f\f‚\f \f\f\n\f\f\n\f\n \f\n\fˆ‚\f ƒ€€€\f\n \f€  \b\f€€\n \f¡\f  \r€”€‡ˆ€€\r\f  \f\f€ Š  €\f‹\f ˆ \n†€Š\b   \f\f€ Š\fˆ\b\n€ ‚\f \f\n‚\f ƒ€€€\f†\f\f‚€ \fˆ€ˆ\f‚\f \f\f\n \f€\f \f €‹˜ˆ\f‚\f †ƒ\f \f€€\fŠ \f€\f‰  \n€ €\b \r\fŠ \b€ \f‚€ \f€  €€ €Š    \f†\f‰\f\n€\rˆ\fƒ\f\b\n\n\f \n\f€\f \f \f€\rƒ\f \fŠ\f \f“€ 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\f‰ \f\f\n†£¥—€€\r\f€\f  \f €• €€ \f‹–\r\f ‚€\fˆ\f­\t\n \n‚€\r€\f\r \f\n €„€\f€  \n €  \b\f \f\f\n€\r€\n\f‚€ \f \f\f\n  \n€ \f €Š\b€ \f“€\f †‚‚\f† † ƒ \f € \f€\f‹\f\b\f \f \f  €\r\f—€\nˆ\f €\r\b\f\n\n‡‚\f„\f\bƒ \n†€   \n\n €‚\f \f\n‹ € \n €€\n €  \b\f\n\f€  €  \f  €\b \f\r\f\f\fš\f—\f€†Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic ThreatsŒ\fˆ „¥\f\t \f†Ž‹•\f\f \b\f \n € \b\f\bƒ\f \f  €\b—\f„\f\f†–\n€ƒ  \b†¥\b†™™ˆˆˆ‹Š‹ \r™\r™\f €™ƒ‹\nŠ\f€ƒ€€\b\n \nŠ \f\f  € \b\fŠ \f € †– \f € \f€ƒ€€\b  €†š \b††™™ˆˆˆ‹\f  ‹ ™\n ™\n \n™ ™\f€ƒ€€\bŸ\n \nŸ\f\fŸ\f‹\nŠ   \f \n\t\b   €\f €€„€\r† €’ €\b   \f\n\f €\f\f \f‰€\b€\f€\nŠ\f\n\fŠ\f\n\f \n\f\f\f€„\f\fŠŠ\f €‚\f\n\fŠ\f\f‹\f \f‰\f†\fŠˆ€\r€\n\f’€€Š €„­ƒ\f\n\n\f €€„€\rŠ \f\n€‰Š\f\f \fŠ˜\f\n\f  €\b‡€„\f‰€ €„­ƒ\f\n\n\f €€„€\r€\n\f’\f\n\f\n\f\f €€Š  \fŠ € \f\n€ \f\n € €\b\f\f\fŠ 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\b€\rˆ\fˆ \r€\f­ \f\n’ €  €€Š«­žŒ\nƒƒ\f\n•\f§ \f\f \f€– \f \f \f\bŽ‹\f \n\f\f\f ƒ\f €\r\nˆ\f \f\f\f \f\nˆ€€\fˆ €„Š \f\nƒ\b\fƒ†•\b€\r \f€\f  \f€€  €‹–€\f€\f€\f \f\nƒ\b†•ˆƒ €€€€’ €Š€  ƒ\f ƒ\f†–\nŠ \f \f€”\f\nƒ\b€€\fŠ†•\f\n\r\f  €ˆ\f\f\fƒ\f€\f‚\f\f‚\f \b€\r €\rŠ€‹–\f \f \f\b  \f\n\n \f€\r\f€\fŠ \bƒ\f \f  €\bŠ   €€ €Š    \f†ˆ\f‚\f †\n\n \f€\r\f€ \b’  ‚€\n\f\f\r \f\f\n‚\r\f‹—€\f\f \f \f\b€ €„\f‰€ \n€€†–\f \fŠ˜\f\n\f  €\b€„\f\f €\r€\f\f†\f\fƒ\f †™™ˆˆˆ‹\n‹\r‚™‰€ƒ  \b™\f™\n­ €„­\f‰€ ­‹\nŠ†•§€\n\fŠ \n €\r\f\f‹–\fƒ†The Black Swan†•\f €\fŠ €\f ‹–\f‚\f‹ƒ€„\b†•\bƒ\f \f  €\b \f\r\b\t €\f Š \t€ \b¥„\f \n\f\f €\f†–Journal of National Security Law & Policy‚‘†€\f«Œ\r†Ž‹«œ®‹Cyberspace Policy Review:Assuring a Trusted and Reliant Information and Communications Infrastructure†\f—€\f˜\f†¥\b®†®†™™ˆˆˆ‹ˆ€\f\f‹\r‚™\f™\n \f™\bƒ\f  \fŸ\t€ \bŸ\f‚€\fˆŸ’‹\nŠ  „ƒ†•\f „ƒ\b\f\t \f€\n\f\f  €\b €‡\bƒ\f Š    \f†–—€\r††¥\b®†®†™™ˆˆˆ‹ˆ€\f\f‹\r‚™‚€\n\f™\t \f€\n\f­ƒ­­\bƒ\f \f  €\b±   €•\bƒ\f \f  €\bˆ\f \f †–\f\f Š  \f\r€ \n\f €\n€\f†š \b†™™ €‹ \r™’\f™ƒ€ €™žŸ\fˆ€Ÿ\bƒ\f \f  €\bˆ\f \f Ÿ—\fƒ‹\nŠ Agencies are expected to make sound decisions on unsound (non-scientifically validated) methodologies.   \f \n\t\b €€ˆ€ \b  €\f‚\f†€\f Š \f‚\f€\r\f Šƒ\n€\rŠ \f€\r€ \b€‡\f\f‹\f‚\f \b €\r† \f‚\f\n\b†\f\b \r€ ƒ\f­\fŠŠ   Š \b€\rŠ ƒ\f‹\fŠˆ€\r\f €†ˆ\f€\f \f\fƒ€  € €\f€\r\r€\n\f€ \b­ƒ\f\n  \f\n\n \f\f \bƒ\f  \f€  €€ €Š    \fˆ€ \fŠ\f €\r\f  \fŠ €„‹\f€\f€Š   € ‚€\n\fŠ \fˆ „Š  \f­ˆ \n \f €‚\f €\b\fƒ \f„\fƒ€Š\n€ €\r \f€\r\f \f \bƒ\f  €„\n\b\f‰ \fŠ \n€\r€\r‹\f \f\f € €\f†ˆ€ \r\f\f Š \f  €€ €Š    \f \bƒ\f  \f € €\n† \f\f†\f € \bŠ€€ ‚\f \f € ªˆ†Š   € \fŠŠ ’‰\n\f€\r‚\f ƒ€€€\fª\n \f\f†\f ‚€‚\f\f \f  \f € €\r \bƒ\f \f  €\b\fŠŠ •  €€ –\b\f‹ †€‡politics, practicality, pervasiveness† \t\t\t‹ Principle 1: Primacy of Politics Critical infrastructure protection is a political issue, it doesn’t necessarily generate profit. ‰€€\r  \f \f\n€ \f\n €„ \fƒ\nŠ€ƒ\f \f\f\b \fˆ€\f €\fŠ\f€\r €‚\f   €€ ‚\f\f€ ƒ€\fƒ\b \f‚\f€\r \bƒ\f  „‹ €\r  €€ €Š    \f \bƒ\f \f  €\bˆ€€\f  \fŠ €„€ \b€€ƒ€\f \f‰\nˆ€€\f‚€ƒ\b \f€ƒ€\f\n\f €€„\f \n\f\f €€\r\f\b \fƒ\f\f ŠŠ€\bˆ€\n\n€\rŒ€‹\f‹†•  \f\f €„–Ž‹\f Š€ € \fƒ\b\f\f €‚\f\f€\f \bƒ\f \f  €\b \f €Š \bƒ\f ­\b€ \b\f  \n \f   €€ €Š    \f \n€  € \f‚\f\f\b€\b €\f€ \f\f‹\f † €\f€„\f\f \f€‚\f\f€ \bƒ\f \f  €\b\b \b\bŠŠªˆ\f…\n„ˆ‹¥ \f‚\f †\f€Š‚€\r €‚\f   €\f\b  \f\bƒ\f\fŠ  €\f Š \f€\f  €\b†\n  €€ €Š    \f \f € \f €\b€€\f  €\b€\f‹ \f‰\fˆ\fƒ€\n€€ \b ƒ€€\bƒ\f\nˆ \f\bˆ\f ‚\f¢\f“\f€\n\f €\fƒ\f \f€\n\f„\f\f\f‹\f \fˆ\n\fƒ\fˆ\f\f \f‹‹\f \fŠ\fŠ\f\f‡ €‚€€\f€ \bƒ\f  \fˆ\nƒ\fƒ\f\f’ €Š \f\f \b\n €\r\b‹ \b€\n€‚€\nƒ€\fˆ\f €  €€ €Š    \f† \f €\r\r€ \bƒ\f  „ \bƒ\f…€’\f\nƒ\b\f \f Š€ ‚€\r\fƒ€\f€“ \f \b \f‹ˆ\n€\bƒ\f…€’\f\nƒ\b€ ‚€\r\f € ‡\f  €\b‹˜ˆ\f‚\f †\fƒ…\f €‚\fŠ\b \f  €   €€‰€€”\f’ €  \f‹ ‚€\r€\f  €\b\n\f‡\f \f €\b\bŠŠ€ \n  \f \b‹Š \bƒ\f \f  €\bˆ\nˆ€ƒ „ƒ\f \fƒ \f\f\f† €\fˆ\n‚\fƒ\f\f\n€\r€Š \b\b\f †ˆ€\f\t \f€\n\f‚€\r \fƒ…\f ‹¥\fƒ\f Š\f‹‹\r \f\n€\n‡ \f€”\f€€ˆ\f\f\b \f…\f \f\n\f€\n\fŠƒ€\n€\f ‰ƒ\f\f’Š \fˆ\f €\f\f€\r \bƒ\f \f  €\bƒ\f \f\f\b\n€\n‡ˆ €‚\f\f   €\f\f…\b\f \bƒ\f\f’Š €\b•\n€\r\f €\r€\r‹–€„\f€  Š’ \f  €\b†ˆ „ \fŠ\f\bŒ\f‹\r‹†˜Ž†\f‚€ \f€† \f \f\n €Š‰€ ƒ \f€„\f\f\n€ \f  € \n Œ\f‹\r‹†˜Ž†\f \bƒ\f \f  €\bŠ  €€ €Š    \f€\f \f\f €  ƒ€\f€\fƒ \f €€ \f‹Š €\f \f\fŠ\f\n€  \f€Š\n\f €€„\f € €‚\f   €†€\f \r \fˆ€ƒ\f\n\f‹\f\f \n†\fˆ€€  € €€\f\n \f\r \b \f„€\r\n  \f\f\fˆ „\f €€\fŠ \f €‚\f\f  ‹  €\f\n\f€\r \r\f€ \r€”€\f  €\b \f€\r \fŠ\f \f \f  €\f  \f ƒ\f\n\fˆ€€\r€’  €  \f\f€Š\f\f€€\f  \f\b\f“€€\r\fˆ€   \f \n\t\b €†ˆ€ \nƒ\f\f€\r\f € €\b‹—€\f \f €\r  \f ’€\r€\f  \f\f\r \b\f \r\b€\r\f„†\f \f€ \f €\f   €\r†€€\r\n €€€\r\f€\f  \f \n ƒ\f\f‚\f \b€ \f€€†ˆ€ ˆ\nƒ\fˆ€Š \f \n\f \n\f  \f‹€ \f\n€\f €ˆ \n“ ƒ\f‚€\fˆ\f\n€\fŠ ˆ\f €\b\f \bƒ\f \f  €\b€\f€  €€ €Š    \f€ƒ\f€\r„\f‹ \f\f€€ ˆ€ \f \f\n \f€\f\f \r\f†€€\f\f€€\b  \f\n \n€ \bƒ \f ƒ\b\f\n€\r€€\fˆ€€‹ \f‰\f†ˆ\f\f \f€\n\f €\n\f\n \n€€€\rƒƒ \fƒ\nƒ\f \fŠ\f€  \f\f \r\b\fŠ’ €\f \b†\f‚\f \n€ ˆ \f \f\fƒ€€Š€\rƒƒ€\fƒ \f  \fƒ\f€\r\f\r \b€\rƒƒ‹€€   ˆ€ \f\f \f‰€€\r€\f  \f­ƒ\b­\n\f€\r€\n €  \nŠ\f\b\b\fˆ\nƒ\f€€‚\f’ \fˆ \n \f €Š\b€\r\f ƒ\f‹€ \f\f \f \f \fƒ\f\f’Š   €€ €Š    \f \f €Š  €\f\bŠ €\n€‚€\nƒ€\fˆ\f †ˆ\f \f \f\nŠ\f\n\f ƒ€\n€\f ‰ \f\n €Š \f€\f\f€Š  €\f \r ‹ Principle 2: PracticalityFix the design vulnerabilities rather than \n\f‡ \f“€ \f €„\f\f \f\f \f€”€¡\fˆ „ˆ€\n\fŠ\f\f­€­\n\f†­ \n\f\f\n \f \f €\r\b\f†  \r €\r\f €“\f†\f€ \f\n\n\n\f \r€ \n’ ˆ \f\n† \n­ \n\f\n  \f  \f\n\f€†\b\f\n‡ ‚€‚\f\fˆ „ † € \f\f\n€   \f\n \f€ ‚€\n\f€\f \f €\r€ ‚\f€ˆ \f†\n”\f  \f €\r€ ­ƒ€ˆ \f‹—€‚€\r„€  \bƒŒ€‹\f‹†\f Š  €„\f\fŽ†   € \f€ˆ \r\n\n\r\f \n€\f €\r\f‰€€  €€ €Š    \f€€‹ƒ\f\f\n\f \f\n\b€\f€ƒ\f‚€ \f   \b\f \n  \f€\r\b \bƒ\f ­Š \r€\f\n€\f  \f†\r\r\f€\r\f\b \f€ƒ\b\f‰€ƒ€\f€\f\n\f\n\n\f\f €€€ ƒ\f‚€ \b\n\f \f €’ \fŠ\f‚€ \f \n€€Šˆ€ \fˆ\f ™\f  \b\f‚\fƒ\fˆ \f‹\f €\f \fˆ ˆ \f\f\f‰\f\n‚\f\n ˆ†\r€†\f\n“€\b\r\f\f\b€ \n Š\f \f \f €\n\f \f\n\f€\r €€‹\f ƒ\f \fˆ€\f €„­ƒ\f\n  €\f  \f\n\n€ \f \r€ €„ƒ\fˆ\f\f \fŒ \fŽ†  €ƒ€\rŠ  Œ‚\f ƒ€€€\fŽ†\n \f“\f \f‹ €„\r\f€Š\f\n€Š’ \n\f\f €\f† \r€\r\f  €\b\f‰\f  ‚€\n\f\f‰€€ \f €€\f\b \f“€ \f\b € ƒ€€€\f‹—€\f\f \f €\f\n\f€Šˆ†ˆ\f \f†\nˆ\f ‚\f ƒ€€€\f \nƒ\f\f‰€\f\n†\nˆ\f \f€\r\n\r\f€\rƒ\f \r\f\b \f €† \f\n€ €€ \f“€ \f\nŠ  €\r \f\n \f‚\f ƒ€€€\f‹  \f\n\f†•€\r  €\f  \b€Š ƒ\f\f  \f €\n\f €€†– \f\n\f² €\f† ƒ\f ¤††™™€ ­ \f ‹­ \f ‹\r‚™€ …ˆ\r™ \f\f€™Š™­­Ÿ  „Ÿ\fŸ Ÿ€\f­  ‹\nŠ€\f¥ €\b \f†\f „\f †\n˜ƒ\r\fˆ †•\f  €\b¥\f € Š \t  \f \b\f†–\n€€ƒ  €\f†\f\fƒ\f «†™™\f\f \r\b‹\r‚™€\f™ \n™’\f™\f \n™ \f\n¥\f\n€™ž­\f  €\bŸ¥\f € ŸŠ Ÿ‹\nŠ•\f\f \b\f ‹–¯\f€ŠŠ\f †š\f †\n¯ \f  Š\f†•§€\n\f\n € \b\fŒŽ\f  €\b†–€€\fŠ\n \n\n\f \r\b\f €\tƒ€ €†\f\fƒ\f «†™™€\n \b €\r‹ \r™\nŠ€\f™ Š­\tž­ž‹\nŠ\n‚€ \t€\f \f­ƒ \f\n\f†¥   € \f †\n§ ‹ € †•\bƒ\f \f  €\b¥\b\tˆ\f  \b\f¥€  \f€\n\f\f€\fŠ‹–IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery‚¤†€\fŒš \bŽ†™™€\f\f\f‰ \f‹€\f\f\f‹ \r™‰™ƒŸ‹…¢ ƒ\f ¨£¤«««†‹¤œ«‹¥ €\b \f†\f „\f †\n˜ƒ\r\fˆ †•\f  €\b¥\f € Š \t  \f \b\f‹–   \f \n\t\b €€\f\f €\b \fˆ\f 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Principle 3: PervasivenessDon’t restrict cyber security efforts to “critical” systems \f \f€ \f€ƒ\fˆ\b \f\n€ ˆ€ \f €Š€ ‚\f ƒ€€€\fˆ€ƒ\f\f‰€\f\n€ \f\f\n „† ˆ\f\f €’  \f“\f \fˆ€ƒ\f‹  € \f†\n\f\f €€\r\f•  €€ –\b\fŠ\r€‚\f€€ƒ\f \f\n€Š’ €€ƒ\f„ƒ\f \f  €\fŠ\b\f \f\f ­  €€ €€€\bƒ\f \f  €€ ˆ\f „\f\n€\f\b €\f“\f \f‹\f \f€\b€€\n\n\f\n\f\f\n\f €\fƒ€ \bƒ\f \n€\b€  \f\f †\n \f“€ \f€­\n\f\b€ƒ\b\f‰\f \n€ ‚\f ‹\b\n\f€\b \f\f‚\fˆ€€\f €’ €€ƒ   \f‹ \f‰\f†\f\n\f \f \r\b\f\r \b€€Œ\f‰\f ‚\fƒ\f ‚\f\nˆ€\f€\n€‚€\nˆ\f €\r„­  €€ ˆ\f‚€\fˆ\f\n€€€†€\b€\b   € \fŠ \f \f€ƒ€€\bŠ\fˆ\f \r €\n€\r€‚\f€€‹\f \n ˆƒ „Š\f  €€ €\b  \f€\f\r\r\f€€€  \fƒ\f\f€\f  \f \n †  €\f  \f†\n  \f\n \f€­  €€ \b\f‹ €†ˆ€ \n\f  €ƒ\f\f \f€\b\b¡ †„\f€‚\f \b\n€Š’  \f \fƒ\f\f‚\fŠ \bƒ\f \f  €\b‹\f\f  †€\f \fŠŠ†\n    †ˆ \f\b€ \b\f‰\f € \bƒ\f \f  €\b† \f ƒ\fŠ€\n\f€Š\b€\r  €€ \b\f   \f\b\n\n\f 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\fˆ\f\n‚\f\f‰ \bŠˆ€€\rªˆ\f‚\f \f\n\b\f\f\f‚\f \b€€ \f\n \bƒ\f  „‹\n\n\r\f\b€Š\f\b\f€\f \f\f‚\f \b ƒ\f\f\n„€„\f€‹  \f\n\f \n\f†\f\f Š €„ƒ\f\f€\f\n\f ƒ\fŠ \bƒ\f  The reality is that hidden dependencies...are the norm, and require an in-depth analysis by experts to discover.   \f \n\t\b \f  €\bŠ   €€ €Š    \f‹\f \f \f \f€\n\f€\f‰\f €‚\f \n\f \f\f\n \f’\f\f€”\f†\f†    €Š\f\f €\fŠƒ\f\f  \f‹Š € €\r€\fˆ†ƒ€ ­ €‚\f \f € \f\fˆ†\n €„­ƒ\f\n\n \n \f\fˆ‹Š\f\f\f \f‚\fƒ\f\f€\f\nˆ€€\r€’ \b\f €\r\fƒ \f  \f\b\f\fŠ‚ \fˆ€\fŠ €€\f‹—\f \r\f €\b\n \f \nƒ\f\f ˆˆ\f\n€\n \f‚€\b‹—\f‚\f  \f\fŠ ˆˆ\f‚\fƒ\f\f\n€\r€ˆ „€\rŠ   €€ €Š    \f‹—\f\f\rŠ\f €€\r„\fŠ\f\fƒ\f\f Œ€‹\f‹†\f  €\b\f\f Ž\n† \f † Š  \f €‚\f €‹ €\r\f €„  ƒƒ€€\bŠ „  €\f\f€\f Š\f\fƒ…\f €‚\f‹\f\n\f\t \f€\n\f‡ \f „ƒ\f\fŠ \bƒ\f €€’ \f †€€…€’\f\n\f\fƒ\n€€ €€€ƒ\f\f €€’\b €‚\f\f ƒ\f\nƒ€  \f€ 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