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for SIZING of Difficult to Screen Bulk Solids with embedded Multifrequency KROOSHER system 2 P ROD UCT LINE Circular Screeners SXE Rectangular Screeners ULS Sieve Analyzers MSA Unique Action ID: 245579

for SIZING Difficult - to - Screen Bulk




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Multi Frequency Vibratory Screeners for SIZING of Difficult - to - Screen Bulk Solids with embedded Multifrequency KROOSHER system 2 P ROD UCT LINE Circular Screeners SXE Rectangular Screeners ULS Sieve Analyzers MSA Unique Action: - Continuous SELF - CLEANING of the mesh - Vibratory - impact processing of the material - Increased product output - Improved product quality - Reduced screen area Options: - to reduce aperture size - to size “impossible” provides - Aggregates - Minerals - Fertilizers - Chemicals - etc. industries applications - Sticky mesh blinding - Sticky agglomeration of particles - Particles Pegging / Wedging - Low screener output - Inaccurate separation Solves the problems: Dry screening - alternative to usual wet classification of moist sticky quarry fines – Money - saving – Energy - saving – Nature - saving suggests: Kroosh Rectangular Screeners: Major Applications • Screening of quarry fines and wastes (natural moisture crushed dolomite, limestone, granite, basalt, etc.) • Classification of bulk solids - quartz sands, silica, coke, etc. (dry but with complicated shape, near - sized blockage) • Slurries – classification / dewatering 8 Major Advantages in Processing Comparison to traditional screeners: • Continuous Self - Cleaning of the mesh • Increased Screening Capacity per sq. m. Compact design - less necessary space • Improved product Quality: More clean oversized product - due to mesh self - cleaning and disintegration of cohered particles • Increased undersize output Self - cleaning and disintegration of cohered particles 9 Kroosher® MFV converting system Beaters Multi - frequency converter 10 Kroosher® MFV system: properties • Robust - pure mechanical system • Realizes the “attractor” mode Contains : • actuator (beater grate, bars), supported by • MF adapters 11 Kroosher® system functions • Converts single frequency vibration into multifrequency vibration - repeated impact pulses • Amplifies vibration 12 Kroosher® MFV converting system functions • Transmits activation to the sieve • Distributes it evenly over the sieve surface via an interface device (rigid support screen, perforated plate, etc.) 13 Multifrequency activation: • Normal acceleration of the sieve up to 500 Gs • Pulses – locally, at the sieve surface Filtering: body has traditional acceleration 4 - 6 Gs 14 Self - Cleaning of the Sieves • Prevents wedging, clogging particles • Near - sized particles “dance” and leave the openings • Sieve wires shake off adhered particles 15 Multifrequency activation of the bed Fluidization – loosening and stirring of particles inside the material bed Accelerated stratification - small particles are quickly submerged down to the sieve • No need a long way for separation – � lesser required screen area Disintegration of agglomerates ( cohered particles ) onto separate particles – which pass via the aperture 16 Multifrequency activation: Vibratory fluidization/boiling – � loosening and stirring of particles inside the material bed Intense fluidization quickens stratification of the bed 17 Multifrequency activation of the bed Stratification • accelerated • small particles are submerged down to the sieve quickly • Less way need for separation • Less required screen area 18 Multifrequency activation Disintegration • Agglomerates cannot pass via the aperture; • MF activation disintegrates clusters on pluralities of separate particles; • These smaller particles (former agglomerates) now can pass via the aperture 19 Multifrequency activation: Disintegration Effects: • Increased undersize output • Improved quality of products • Usual wet screening processing may be replaced with dry screening 20 Multifrequency advantages • Shorter way is need for particle to pass via the aperture • Lesser length is need to reach good separation quality • Lesser required screen dimensions • Lesser residence time on the screen • Increased screen capacity • Improved separation quality 21 Major adjustments ULS: • Vibrator weights • Frequency • Direction of weights rotation • Sieve tension • Body inclination 22 ALL OUR PRODUCTS meet international quality standard ISO 9001 - 2000 23 Attractor Method 1. We use mathematical simulation to get these vibratory impact modes stable - in spite of changes in processing load 2. We use “strange attractor” nonlinear phenomenon 3 . Attractor effect provides stable boosted vibration mode of the system under fluctuations of the load 4 . Multifrequency wide - band spectrum vibration enables screened material to absorb vibration energy optimally 5 . Useful part of energy, transferred to the screened material, increases several times with regard to conventional screeners 6 . Distribution of energy over frequency spectrum may be optimized for each specific application