Puppy Raisers of UD New Member Meeting – Fall 2018 PowerPoint Presentation

Puppy Raisers of UD 		 New Member Meeting – Fall 2018 PowerPoint Presentation

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Contact Information. Club Leader. : Kim . Winnington. . (kim@udpuppyclub.com). President. : . Tesa. Stone (. tastone@udel.edu. ). Vice President. : Emma van . Golen. (. emvg@udel.edu. ). Treasurer. ID: 732324

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Puppy Raisers of UD

New Member Meeting – Fall 2018


Contact Information

Club Leader

: Kim






Stone (



Vice President

: Emma van






: Sarah Clarke (

















Seeing Eye Area Coordinator: Kim





**Instagram: @




What you all want to know!

How do I become a puppy sitter?

Attend two meetings (or new member meeting)

Complete a certification quiz before your new member meeting

Complete a training circle @ a new member meeting

How do I become a puppy raiser?

Be in good academic and disciplinary standing50+ hrs of puppy-sitting/puppy hrsMust have approved housingMust complete the Puppy HuntHave active club status


Puppy Hunt

Make an album in our Facebook group

Can be found on our website under


Take photo (or video) of hunt items and post in facebook group (create your own album) with caption (#, and description)

Photos should demonstrate puppies behaving properly!

Several items require you to speak with an e-board member First seven items are required if you wish to raise a puppy

ex. From Puppy Hunt #44: All in the Family


The Seeing Eye and Puppy Raising

The Seeing Eye enhances the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people through the use of Seeing Eye® dogs.

The Seeing Eye is located in Morristown, NJ.

Breeds and trains

German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Lab-Golden Crosses.

The Seeing Eye will also occasionally use

Poodles.12 times per year a group of up to 24 blind students train with their new Seeing Eye® dogs at the Morristown campus. It costs $150 for a person’s first Seeing Eye® dog and $50 for each dog thereafter.


Rules to follow with Seeing Eye® puppies

NEVER let a puppy off leash in public or outside (unless in a fenced yard)

NEVER feed a puppy people food

NEVER take a puppy on an escalator or in a revolving door

When leaving a puppy unattended he

must be in his crate

(take off ALL of his collars)Tie downs should be attached to the puppy’s flat collarPuppies should stay off furnitureAlways wear sneakers or closed toed shoes while handling puppies

Our puppies go to the bathroom on command “Park Time” we do not let them eliminate en route

NEVER hit a puppy!!


Appropriate toys and play


large balls,




, hard rubber toys NO: Raw hides, soup bones, rope toys, anything smaller than the puppy’s mouthPlease no tug-of-war, Fetch is OK (toys only please)Our puppies are NOT altered – no humping!We like Balanced Play!


In case of an emergency

Call Puppy Raiser and Kim!!!

All medical treatment that will cost

more than $150 must be approved by The Seeing Eye

. The attending vet (not the puppy raiser) must call and speak to a Seeing Eye veterinarian

In case of extreme traumas: have pup stabilized and given essential treatment, but make sure a Seeing Eye vet is contacted as soon as possible

Vet forms can be found online by puppy raisers


Puppy Sitting

The puppy raiser should give

you puppy kit and instructions, leash & training collar/martingale, food, tie down/crate

(make sure you have these! – before the raiser leaves)

Be on time picking up and returning a puppy

Keep raisers updated! Always ask before doing something with a pup. Don’t just assume anything.

You may only sit


puppy at a time!

Make sure puppies are placed

in crates if left alone, NEVER leave a puppy on a tie down

Understand that

all puppies are different!

What may be OK for one puppy, might not for another. Respect the raisers wishes

Ask for help if you need it!


Things to always have with you

Puppy Kit:

Copy of TSE health card

Copy of rabies certificate

Emergency contact numbers

Seeing Eye I.D. card

Poop bags!!

Paper towels

Soapy water/ vinegar and water



On puppy:

Bandana or vest

Tags on flat collar

(name & number, TSE tag, rabies)


Why we’re different

The puppies we are raising have a unique job ahead of them. Some fundamental parts of that job set it apart from most dog training.

Our dogs need to be eager to pull out in front of their handlers and

lead on the left side

; they should not be content to follow!

Our dogs must be confident enough to

disobey a command that can lead to a dangerous situation. This is called intelligent disobedience.

The basis of other types of training is “command and obey” with guide dog training, the basis is “command and obey if it’s OK.”

This is the difference between training a dog and


a dog.



Our Puppies can go to:

Our Puppies can NOT go to:

Retail Stores (with permission)

Class (with


. permission)All university buildings

Approved housing on campus

Sporting events

And much more!

**consult the puppy exposure guidelines and raiser before any new experience.

Dog Parks


Dinning Halls

Inside grocery stores

On Amusement park rides

On escalators, moving sidewalks, or in revolving doors

Lab classrooms where there could be harmful chemicals

If denied access

Say “Thank You” and go somewhere else.

Remember our puppies


have the right to be there. It is the disabled person, who has the right to take their service dog (ADA).


General Outing Tips


Stress travels down the leash

Puppy dragging you?

STOP and SIT, change direction, or do a recall. Get the focus back on you, and


himPuppy barking? Give a verbal “quiet,” do simple obedience, get focus on you and praise. Ex. Whining in classWatch for alert ears! Give the verbal “quiet” before the sound comes out


General Outing Tips


puppies before going into buildings and

ALWAYS pick up

(don’t throw poop away inside or near an entrance)

Make sure your puppy is tucked and

out of the way. Don’t stop and chat in front of doors. Know where his head is.“Three Second Rule”Yes, he can be petted. Make sure he is under control – all four paws on the floor or in a sitThe puppy can great other dogs, but ASK the handler first


Getting Started!

Join our Facebook Group and message raisers or email them. All emails are on the website including pictures and info about our puppies.

Have FUN!!

Relax and enjoy the experience.

Remember our puppies are learning and so are you, don’t expect perfection. Celebrate their spirit and…






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