I n t r o d u c t i o n elcome to the All Flesh Must Be Eaten introductory game kit - PDF document

I n t r o d u c t i o n elcome to the All Flesh Must Be Eaten introductory game kit
I n t r o d u c t i o n elcome to the All Flesh Must Be Eaten introductory game kit

I n t r o d u c t i o n elcome to the All Flesh Must Be Eaten introductory game kit - Description

It contains everything you need to begin playing the acclaimed roleplaying game of survival horror Just take home one of these free packs read it through get some friends togeth er gather a few gaming dice a foursidedD4 a sixsided D6 an eightsidedD8 ID: 5627 Download Pdf


contains everything you

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I n t r o d u c t i o nWelcome to the All Flesh Must Be Eatenintroductory gamekit. It contains everything you need to begin playing theacclaimed roleplaying game of survival horror. Just take homeone of these free packs, read it through, get some friends togeth-er, gather a few gaming dice (a four-sidedÑD4, a six-sidedÑD6, an eight-sidedÑD8, and, most importantly, a ten-sideddieÑD10), and itÕs time to play.One person (most likely the one who picked up this pack)should be the Zombie Master (the person who runs the game).The rest of the players are characters, or Cast Members, in aninteractive, shared storytellingÑa roleplaying game. ZombieMasters (ZM) should read through this entire pack. Playersshould read only what the ZM allows them to. We hope that you enjoy this introduction to All Flesh Must BeEatenand the world of survival horror. Further information onthe All Flesh Must Be Eatenline of products can be found byvisiting www.allflesh.com.S e t t i n gAll Flesh Must Eatenhas no specific setting. The only con-stant is the concept of survival horror.Night of the Living Deadis a movie about survival horror, but then again so is Aliens.Aslong as the characters are struggling against monstrous hordes,the game could be set in Medieval England or the Old West orOuter Space or the Biblical Apocalypse. The adventure in this demo pack takes place in modernAmerica. The characters have no idea that they are about to takepart in a life or death struggle against the undead masses. Thisis one of the staples of horror.The characters in Night of theLiving Deaddid not expect to be stuck in that house while zom-bies gathered outside. The criminals and family in Dusk ÔtilDawndid not expect everyone in a remote strip club to turn intoMexican Vampires. ZMs should try to throw a few surprises at their players. Justgive the players a copy of the Archetypes below. Hide the notesbehind a screen. Do not let the players know that this will be agame of horror until they are surrounded by zombies hungry fortheir flesh. Then have fun scaring the group.A r c h e t y p e sArchetypes are pre-generated Cast Members that are used inthe All Flesh Must Be Eatengame. The Archetypes in this demopack are Norms, regular people just slightly above average.They are the ones in the horror movie who should at least makeit through the first fifteen minutes of the film. They should begiven a name and may even be modified by anyone familiarwith the All Flesh Must Be Eatengame.All characters have Attributes. These are the basic physicaland mental abilities of the Cast Member.The Primary Attributesin All Flesh Must Be Eatenare Strength, Dexterity, Constitution,Intelligence, Perception, and Willpower. Human Attributes usu-ally range from 1 to 5, with 2 being average. The maximumAttribute possible for a human being is 6.Secondary the PrimaryAttributes. In this demo pack they have already been providedfor the Cast Members. Life Points (LPs) are the amount of dam-age that a character can take. If a character suffers from aninjury, that amount of damage is taken from his Life Points.Endurance Points (EPs) are the amount of fatigue that a charac-ter can withstand. Speed (Spd) is the how fast a person can run(in miles per hour; half that amount for yards per second). TheEssence Pool is the amount of spiritual energy that a CastMember possesses. It is the strength of the characterÕs soul. Forthe most part, Essence is employed little in AFMBE games, butit may be crucial in high magic settings. It is not of major impor-tance in this demo pack.Qualities and Drawbacks are positive and negative traits thathelp round out the character.The game effects of the characterÕsQualities and Drawbacks will be explained under each entry.Skills are the abilities of the Cast Member. Like Attributes,Skills are represented numerically. Skill level 1 represents anamateur2 or 3 represents general competency. Extreme com-petence from years of study and practice are represented by a 4or 5. Higher levels are possible and would indicate a true mas-ter of that skill. The following Archetypes are simple versions of what can becreated with All Flesh Must Be Eatenand are provided to get thegroup playing as quickly as possible. The ZM should hand themaround the table and have each player read the personality textin the order presented. Flesh MustIntroductory Game KitAll Flesh Must Be EatenIntroductory Game Kit Flesh MustIntroductory Game KitThe Dutiful Boyfriend P e r s o n a l i t yAmber and I have been going out since the ninthgrade. We have always been together, and wealways will be together. I have never met any-one who I could connect with the way I have withher, and she feels the same way about me. Allthrough High School, we never spent more than aday apart from each other.So it came as quite a shock to me when sheannounced that she was going to school outof state. She said they had a good programthere for what she wanted to major in, andthat she needed to go away to school sothat she could grow as a person. Grow asa person, what is that mean? She also said that this would bea test for our relationship, and that ifour love was meant to be then the dis-tance would just strengthen it.God, I hope she isnÕt planningon with me.has someone else andshe is just too afraid to tellme. She wouldnÕt that afterthree and a half years, would she?IÕve got to see her now.Q u o t e"I canÕt wait to see her." Q u a l i t i e s / D r a w b a c k sAttractive +1Charisma +1(+2 on Social Tasks)Nerves of Steel (+ 4 to Fright Checks;only needed in extreme situations)Obsession(His Girlfriend) S k i l l sBrawling 2Computers 2Dodge 2Driving (Car) 2Driving (Truck) 2First Aid 1Guns (Rifle) 1Mechanic 2Play Instrument (Guitar) 1Research/Investigation 1Smooth Talking 2Sport (Football) 3Sport (Baseball) 3Stealth 2Swimming 3Throwing (Sphere) 3G e a r WeekÕs worth of clothing (jeans, tees andsweatshirts), a baseball bat, a baseball,some photographs of his girlfriend, someletters from his girlfriend, a roadmap ofAlabama, a box of moonpies, a liter ofcola, $52 Dex Per EPs Spd Flesh MustIntroductory Game KitThe Cool Dorm Mate Dex Per EPs Spd P e r s o n a l i t yI came to the university to become a writer, but Ialso came here to get away from my old neighbor-hood. Things were starting to get so bad there thatyou couldnÕt think. I just needed to get away. So Iend up at this school and end up sharing a dormroom with this love-sick fool. My manÕs all right most of the timeÑheÕs been a pretty good friend. Buthe has got to get over this girl-friend of his. HeÕs always show-ing me her picture and I willadmit that the girl is fine,but you know a womanlike that is not staying purewhen she is hundreds ofmiles away. High School rela-tionships never last through col-lege. Everyone knows that.So homeboy decides he canÕt take itanymoreÑhas got to see her now. I fig-ure I should go with him to be a friendwhen the girl breaks his heart. Thesooner he gets it over with, the soonerhe can move on. ThatÕs what college issupposed to be about. ItÕs a sign of ourfriendship that I am willing to help himdrive to Whereinthehell, Alabama though.I think I have relatives that were lynchedthere.Oh well. If you donÕt do it, then you canÕtwrite about it later.Q u o t e"I canÕt believe I let your dumb ass talk meinto driving to Alabama" Q u a l i t i e s / D r a w b a c k sCharisma +2 (+2 on Social Tasks)Fast Reaction Time(+1 on FearChecks)Situational Awareness (+2 onPerception Tests to noticetrouble)Minority (African American)(willexperience prejudice in most areas of the county)S k i l l sActing 1Brawling 3Computers 2Dancing (Hip hop) 2Dodge 2Driving (Car) 1Hand Weapon (Club) 2Language (Spanish) 2Notice 2Seduction 2Smooth Talking 3Stealth 2Streetwise 3Writing (Creative) 3G e a rWeekÕs worth of clothing (Jeans and khakis,some tees, some nicer shirts), CD Discman, MixCD (Everything from Miles Davis to WuTang), ananthology of spoken word poetry from theNuyorican Poets Cafe, a pair of really cool sun-glasses, a journal, $23.81 Flesh MustIntroductory Game KitThe Naive Freshman Dex Per EPs Spd Q u a l i t i e s / D r a w b a c k sHard to Kill 2 (+2 on Survival Tests)Photographic Memory (+1 on any skill involvingmemory, +1 to +3 on any Task using memory,both applied at the ZMÕs discretion)Resources 1 (some independent wealth)Attractiveness -1 (-1 on Social Tasks)Cowardly -1(Simple Willpower Test requiredto avoid fleeing danger or even taking smallchances)Emotional Problem (Fear of Rejection)(feels hurt and angry when rejected orignored)S k i l l sComputer Programming 3Computers 3Electronics 3Engineer (Electrical) 2Humanities (History) 2Language (French) 1Language (Spanish) 1Piloting (Motorboat) 1Research/Investigation 3Science (Astronomy) 3Science (Mathematics) 3Science (Physics) 2Sports (Golf) 2Stealth 2Writing (Academic) 1G e a rWeekÕs worth of clothes (Corduroys, button-down shirts, college sweatshirt), a lot ofhomework and study material, a 12-pack ofJolt Cola, a Taurus Sedan, a Visa GoldCard with a $5000 limit, $462 in charges,and express instructions from his parentsthat it is for emergency use only, $35 P e r s o n a l i t yHigh School was hell. I was always picked on forbeing smart instead of athletic. Like those dumbjocks are ever going to do anything with theirlives. I couldnÕt wait until I graduated so I couldgo to college where my talents would beappreciated.Imagine my surprise when I found outthat college was just high school withdrugs and alcohol. I got picked on forbeing smart. I got picked on for notgetting high. I got picked on forbeing a virgin. It wasnÕt until I started hanging outwith these guys that I finally madesome friends. They sometimestease me about being too uptight,but they never pick on me and oncethey even stood up for me. So when one of my buddies says heneeds to get to Alabama and that I amthe only one he knows with a car, howcould I not help him? Besides, I hateconfrontations and couldnÕt really sayno even if I wanted to. Now I just haveto figure out a way to explain this tomy parents.Q u o t e"Hey guys? That gold card is sup-posed to be for emergencies onlyÓ Flesh MustIntroductory Game KitThe Manic Party Animal Dex Per EPs Spd P e r s o n a l i t yThink about it. College is supposed to be a timeof experimentation, a time of opening oneselfup to new experiences. When else are yougoing to be given this amount of freedom, thismuch opportunity to get incredibly wasted andhave sex with as many people as youwant? YouÕve got to do that now.ItÕs all about priorities. So I havebeen in college three years and IhavenÕt declared a major yet . . .so what? There is always goingto be time to do that. YouÕve gotto live in the moment, you canÕtspend your life worrying aboutthings. So what if they kick meout because IÔm on academicprobation? So what if I donÕthave enough money fortuition next year?What am Igoing to dowith my lifeanyway? Who cares!?!The guys are talking aboutgoing on a road trip to see somechick -- that sounds like fun. An entireschool full of women who donÕt knowme, so donÕt realize that I will nevercall them. Aweekend of parties atanother school, thatÕs what IÕm talk-ing about.Q u o t e"WhereÕs the free clinic at?"Q u a l i t i e s / D r a w b a c k sCharisma +2 (+2 on all Social Tasks)Hard to Kill +3 (+3 to all Survival Tests)Addiction -2(Heavy drinking, occasional use ofmarijuana and LSD) (withdrawal causes a -2 toall actions, penalty for being constantly buzzedis up to the ZM.)Clown(Never takes anything seriously andjokes constantly)Covetous (Lecherousness) -2 (May act against his better judgmentto pursue the opposite sex, maydo something reprehensible inthe face of temptation unlesssucceeds at a SimpleWillpower Test with apenalty of -1 to -3)S k i l l sActing 3Brawling 2Cheating 3 Dancing (Industrial) 3Dodge 2Driving (Car) 2First Aid 2Gambling 3Haggling 2Play Instrument (Guitar) 1Play Instrument (Drums) 1Science (Chemistry) 1Seduction 2Singing 1Smooth Talk 3Streetwise 4G e a rNot quite one weekÕs worth of clothing (jeans, band tees, someHawaiian shirts), lighter, pack of Camel Turkish Gold, half drunkenbottle of Sauza Hornitos Tequila, a rapidly shrinking "stash," threedollars worth of Canadian money, and pack of Lubricated TrojanPleasure Mesh Condoms, with added spermacide, $7.83 Flesh MustIntroductory Game KitThe Professional Student Dex Per EPs Spd Q u a l i t i e s / D r a w b a c k sNerves of Steel (+4 Fright Check; onlyneeded in extreme situations)Situational Awareness(+2 toPerception Tests to notice trouble)Impaired Eyesight (Vision-basedPerception Tests are -3 without hisglasses)Lazy (Avoids Work)S k i l l sComputer Hacking 2Computer Programming 2Computers 3Electronics 2Engineer (Mechanical) 2Humanities (History) 1Humanities (Economics) 1Humanities (Law) 1Instruction 2Language (Latin) 2Mechanic 1Myth and Legend (Medieval Europe) 1Research/Investigation 3Sciences (Astronomy) 2Sciences (Mathematics) 2Sciences (Physics) 2Smooth Talking 2Writing (Academic) 2G e a rAfew extra clothes (jeans and old shirts), twoliters of Mountain Dew, a 20 oz. bag of Salt &Vinegar Potato Chips, a bag of Nestle Crunchbars, some beef jerky and a Key LimeiBook which has some MP3s and gameson it, $16.90 Flesh MustIntroductory Game KitThe Well-Meaning Slacker Dex Per EPs Spd Q u a l i t i e s / D r a w b a c k sHard to Kill +2 (+2 on Survival Tests)Good Luck +3 (+3 to any action onceper game session, can be taken as onebonus of +3, three bonuses of +1, or abonus of +2 and one at +1 at playerÕsdiscretion)Honorable (Does not lie to orbetray friends or loved ones)Talentless (-3 to anything cre-ative, including artistic endeavorsand Social Skills like Intimidation,Seduction and Smooth Talking)S k i l l sAcrobatics 2Brawling 2Climbing 3Dodge 2Fine Arts (Painting) 2Gambling 1Intimidation 2Lock Picking 2Smooth Talking 1Sport (Skateboarding) 4Sport (Surfing) 2Sport (Volleyball) 2Streetwise 3Throwing (Frisbee) 3Throwing (Sphere) 2G e a rCouple days worth ofclothing (really baggypants, tight tees and a capmade to be worn backwards),skateboard (+10 Speed if prop-er surface is available), hacky-sack, extra large bag of Fritoes, sixpack of Heineken, $2.00 in changeP e r s o n a l i t yDude, so this college has turned out to be a majorparty school. ItÕs totally awesome! All you have todo is kick back, listen to some tunes, grab a brewand some honeys. They donÕt even make you goto class! I havenÕt been to a class in like threemonths dude!Even though this is a great place and allthat, it still gets like kind of boring andstuff. IÕve beaten all the games I havefor Playstation 2 and I keep gettinghassled about doing skateboardstunts off of all the steps on theQuad. I just want to go somewheredifferent for a change. Somewherelike Alabama.Alabama? Why not?Q u o t e"Dude!" The Rules Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit Outcome TableGetting Scared Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit on this table. If the final result is less than 9, the character was only scared for a few seconds. If it is more the 9, the Fear Tableuses Success Levels to determine the effect that fright has on a character.As with anything else, if the ZM feels the result is inap-propriate, he can always change it to something else.Fear TableSuccess Level Effect1Shakes:All the characterÕs actions suffer a -2 penalty for 2 Turns. Lose 1 Essence Point.2Flight:Victim runs away screaming for 1 Turn. If cornered, the victim may fight or react in a more rational way. Lose 2 Essence Points.3Physical Reaction:Fear causes a messy physical reaction (often involving bodily functions best left tothe imagination). Not only is this embarrassing, but it imposes a -1 penalty to all actions for D4 Turns.Lose D4 Essence Points.4Paralyzed: Character cannot move for D4 Turns. Only intervention from another character (like a slapto the face) allows her to take any action. Lose D6 Essence Points.5Faint:The experience is so severe that the character collapses unconscious. ADifficult Constitution Test is required to recover consciousness. This can be attempted every minute or whenever somebodytries to stir the character. Lose D10 x 4 Endurance Points and D8 Essence Points.6Total Hysterics:The victim becomes a screaming, babbling, totally useless maniac for D8 Turns. LoseD10 Essence Points.7+It Gets Worse:Higher results are left to the ZMÕs imagination (heart attacks or coma, or a bout of insanity lasting hours, or worse . . .) Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit In close combat, the character with initiative gets to strike firstA r t smay attempt to parry a weapon with their bare hands; those withA t t a c k i n gand defending are treated as Resisted Tasks. Ranged attacks use a weapon skill and Dexterity Task. ThisTask has modifiers based on the range. Point blank range adds a+1 to the strike Task and +1 to the Damage Multiplier. Shortrange has no modifier. Medium range suffers a -1 to the strikeTask. Long range has a -3 to the strike Task and the DamageMultiplier is reduced by 1. Extreme range has a -6 to the strikeTask and a -2 to the Damage Multiplier. Ranged weapons listtheir ranges in yards, separated by slashes (for example, a shot-gun with buckshot is 10/30/50/100/200).Lighting can affect any combat. Poor light (a dark alley ormoonlight) gives a -1 to the combat Task. Bad lighting (a moon-less night) gives a -4. Total darkness is a special case. Roll aD10 and only a natural 9 or higher strikes the target. If the char-acter makes a Difficult Perception Test, she can add the SuccessLevel to the D10 roll. This signifies the use of other sensesbesides sight to hit the target.Multiple shots are possible with ranged weapons. For eachadditional shot fired in a single Turn, the strike Task suffers acumulative -1, or -2 in the case of weapons with heavy recoil.Some guns have scopes. These add anywhere from a +2 to a +5to the strike Task. All this gunfire can be pretty distracting.Anyone who is being shot at must pass a Simple Willpower Testin order to carry out her stated intention. Otherwise, she freezes,hesitates, or huddles down in a corner and tries desperately notto be hit. Once everyone has finished hitting, slashing, or shootingwhomever they intended, damage is determined according to theweapon used. Armor Values (AV) are rolled (if necessary) for thetarget, and that much is subtracted from the damage inflicted. Inthe case of a bullet, the remaining damage is doubled. The Effects of Injury Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit Endurance LossEssence Loss Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit Road Trip of the Damned Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit has been converted into a restaurant. The town hall is next to thebridge that crosses the big Kowaliga Creek part of Lake Martinin the southern part of the town.Traveling north out of town, the area becomes increasinglyrural. Alarge cow pasture off of Route 63 is owned by theUniversity (for the Agricultural Studies Department). East ofthis pasture is Willow Point Airport (little more than a hangerand crop dusters). West of Wherewith is Bleys University.Bleys UniversityBleys University is comprised of brick antebellum buildings,trees, and students putting off getting a real job for as long aspossible. The Student Union is next to an old Clock Tower andthe school buildings cluster around a grassy quad. All of thebuildings are two to three stories tall. The dormitories are oldbrick buildings and range in height from three to five stories.The campus has a free clinic, a gas station, a small motel for vis-iting parents and Owain Stadium. There are some docks on thebanks of Lake Martin.Entering WherewithAfter hours of driving, the party arrives in Wherewith. On theway into town, the characters pass the cow pasture owned by theUniversity.They are able to tell the owner from the sign thatsays ÒBleys University Agricultural Department.Ó Asimplewood fence surrounds the pasture. If any of the characters suc-ceed at a Difficult Perception Task, they notice that the cows arenot exactly normal. They seem laconic and sick. Still, theDutiful Boyfriend is not going to stop for cows. He wants to seehis girlfriend.Seeing AmberSoon the party is in Wherewith and enters Bleys Campus viathe north road. They notice the gas station, the stadium, and theclock tower immediately.The streets are pretty empty, as theyarrive close to suppertime. Amber lives in Branwen Hall, a five-story coed dormitory near the quad. Acentral elevator is usedmore than the stairs at either end of the building.Amber lives on the fifth floor.When the party gets to herdorm room, they find that the door is slightly open. Pushing thedoor open confirms the Dutiful BoyfriendÕs worst fears. Amberis on the bed with another guy. Her back is to the door but sheis straddling the other man and leaning down towards him. Itlooks like the Dutiful Boyfriend has caught Amber in the mid-dle of a delicate situation. Still, Amber does not answer to questions. Acloser lookreveals that she is not making out at all. She is chewing on theboyÕs brains through a gaping head wound. AmberÕs face is cov-ered with blood and her complexion is all wrong. Hey, at least she was not actually cheating on the DutifulBoyfriend.As soon as the party figures out that Amber is a zombie, theynotice that some students are beginning to enter the hallwaysand are heading in their direction. Three zombies (a frat boy, apreppy girl and some guy in a Bleys University sweatshirt), allsplattered in blood, approach from the stairs at the end of thehallway. One zombie (in a Bleys University football jersey)comes from the direction of the elevator.This would be a goodtime to leave the dorm.If someone scans about for a weapon, a baseball bat (damage:d8 x Strength), a glove and ball (range: 3/7/10/13/20, damage:Strength) are next to the bed. If anyone in the party waited in the car, they see a few peoplestart to walk towards them. The longer any Cast Member staysin the car, the more zombies gather around the vehicle trying toget in. Still, the ZM should limit the crowd around the car to nomore than five zombies per Cast Member.The Nightmare BeginsIf they do not think of it, the party should be encouraged togather at the car. Once they leave Branwen Hall, they see thatthe streets are becoming more populated with the reanimatedcorpses of the student body.When the Cast arrives, the zombiesstart to shamble in their direction. Naturally, at this point, one of the Cast Members notices thattheir fuel gage is on empty. If the Dutiful Boyfriend was not issuch a blessed hurry . . . Anyway, the car does not have enoughgas to make it out of town. Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit If the party drives to the gas station, they see a group of sixzombies feeding on the corpses of two attendants. No matterwhat, they cannot get more than a gallon or two of gas beforethe horde gets too thick. If they search, they find a medicÕs kit(+2 to First Aid Tasks), a cutting torch (damage: D10), and a tireiron (damage: D6 x Strength).It should also be noted that driving at high speeds throughcampus streets that are getting crowded with zombies requires aDriving Task. If the Task fails, plenty of trees, bushes and polesÒjumpÓ in front of the car. If this happens, roll a D10 and addfour (double the carÕsToughness 2). If the result is less than 9,a depressing amount of smoke rises from the engine and theparty will not be able to start the car again. Time to walk.We Gather TogetherDuring all this, Cast Members who succeed at a SimplePerception Test notice the zombies seem to be heading towardsthe Stadium. The stadium parking lot is full of cars that may beused as an alternate means of transportation if the NaiveFreshmanÕs Car ends up wrapped around a tree or overturned byzombies. Any of the Cast Members with the Streetwise Skillmay try to hot wire a car.The Task suffers a -2 due to the dis-traction of having about twenty zombies roaming around theparking lot. If a new car is secured, the same driving penaltiesapply and the same Toughness Test can be used to see if that carbecomes inoperable as well. Even better, on a roll of 3 or less onD10, any given pick-up truck that is searched has a hunting rifle(range: 10/50/150/600/1000, damage: D8 x 6) or shotgun(range: 10/30/50/100/200, damage: D8 x 6) in its gun rack, anda small box of ammunition (24 shots) on the floor.If the party wants to investigate the Stadium, and manages toget close enough without being eaten, they hear the sounds ofscreaming. There are about twenty-five people huddled togeth-er in the middle of the field and twice as many zombies sur-rounding them. The undead systematically massacre the remain-ing survivors, leaving the Cast Members the only prey left oncampus. Unless, of course, the party figures out some way tostop the killing . . .Strange VisitorsEvery once in a while, the ZM may ask for a DifficultPerception Test to spot the National Guard Helicopter that occa-sionally passes overhead. At night, the helicopter intermittantlyshines a spotlight on the ground (making it much easier to see).It does not land, nor does it fire at anything . . . yet.If the party had a run in with the bikers earlier, they soon hearSend in the CowsAs the evening progresses, the party soon has something elseto worry about. The cows from the north pasture have brokenthrough the fence and are now heading towards Wherewith andBleys Universityherd of three zombie cows per Cast Memberencountered is recommended. Things are starting to get freaki-er by the second and the party must either find shelter or a wayto escape.Give Me ShelterThe Cast Members can identify several buildings strongenough to hold off the hordes of hungry dead. If they chose tolock themselves in a room, it is only a matter of time before thezombies become aware of their presence and try to force theirway through the door.The door locks have an Armor Value of 6and the doors themselves have a Damage Capacity of 30. If theparty picks a room on the ground floor, windows only have anArmor Value of 1. If they are real lucky (1 in 10 chance), theyhappen across a chainsaw full of gas (damage: D10 x Strength).s i n-gle staircase leads to a top room full of mechanical gears that keepthe narrow edge at the top of the requires Getting Out of Dodge Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit Quite a few motorboats are moored on the campus docks. Ifthe Cast Members can make it to one of the boats, the lake is anescape route. Anyone speeding a motorboat through unfamiliarwaters at night suffers a -4 to their Piloting (Motorboat) Task. Afailed Task may result in the boat hitting a rock and overturning.At that point, the party has to make their way back to the zom-bie filled shore. The party might be able to drive out of town. Between thehorrified remaining bikers, herds of zombie cattle, and sham-bling hordes of the undead, whoever is driving will have to rollquite a few Driving Tasks. If the group heads south over thebridge, they come across a National Guard roadblock. Anotherroadblock is set north of town past the UniversityÕs pasture.Naturally, this roadblock was established just after the CastMembers drove into town.Agas station is located near the downtown area, one blockwest of the park. Much like the campus, downtown Wherewithis becoming overwhelmed by the dead. If the party makes it asfar as downtown and are then forced to seek shelter, they can trythe municipal buildings or any of the stores. The shops on eitherside of the downtown park are all two stories tall. The groupcould also try to hide out in the police department. There is onecell with steel bars that the zombies cannot get through, but theparty cannot get out of either.The party could raid the policedepartment for weapons (baton damage: D6 x Strength, hand-gun range: 3/10/20/60/120, handgun damage: D6 x 3, shotgun:see above) and a radio to try to call for help.If the group tries to call for help, they find that none of thetelephone lines are working, and no one answers the radio calls.After the first few hours in town, the power goes down as well.Free At LastIf the party makes it out of town and avoids getting shot byoverzealous National Guardsmen (by this point, the charactersare covered in blood and looking pretty bad), they are immedi-ately put into quarantine. If anyone has been bitten, one of thescientists gives the Cast Member an injection. If the scientistsucceeds at a Science (Chemistry) Task, the character is nolonger in danger of changing into one of the hungry dead. If any of the party thinks to ask the scientists what is going on,they must succeed in a Smooth Talking Task to get an answer.The scientist explains that Bleys University was doing somebiological research on the cattle. They were testing out differentcompounds and one of them had the effect of turning the testanimals into undead creatures. The problem could have beencontained if a few frat boys had not sneaked into the field for alittle cow tipping fun. They got bit, turned within a few hoursand spread their condition throughout the student body and lat-ter the town itself. The whole area is now under quarantine andthe characters that survived have a great many of painful testsahead of them.Hey, they did not get eaten by zombies . . . Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit Road Trip of the Damned ZombiesStr2Dex1Con2Int-2 Per1Wil2Dead Points15Endurancen/aSpeed2Essence6Skills:Brawling 2Attack:Bite damage: D4 x 2 (Zombie attacks with aDifficulty Dexterity Text; for each zombie crowdingaround (if more than one and up to five), victim suffers a-1 per zombie on any defensive Task or Test.)Weak Spot:Brain (The only way to harm the zombie isto attack the head, which is -5 to hit. All the Dead Pointsare located in the head. 15 damage points or more in asingle attack will sever a zombie limb. Azombie withone leg moves at half speed and suffers -2 on attacks. Azombie with no legs has a Speed of 1 and suffers -4 onall attacks as it crawls around. Doing 20 points of dam-age or more to the torso in a single Turn knocks the zom-bie down for one Turn. During the next Turn, it gets backup again (and looks much worse for the wear). Otherdamage short of 200 Dead Points has no effect on thewalking dead, other than cosmetic. At 200 or greaterDead Points, the zombie is neutralized.)Getting Around:Slow and Steady (The zombie does notrun, or even walk very fast. It just sort of shambles.)Senses: Like the Dead (The zombie feels no pain and canonly make out dim forms.) Life Sense (Regardless of itslow Perception, the zombie can sense the presence of anyliving being within ten yards. Once the zombie has locat-ed food, it stays as close as possible until it can feed. Ifthe characters hide out in a secure building, the zombieswill keep massing outside until they find a way to get in.)Intelligence:Dumb as Dead Wood (The zombie just issmart enough to find things and kill them. It cannot opendoors or climb over things very well, it basically movesin a straight line and knocks things over.)Spreading The Love: One Bite and YouÕre Hooked (Thezombie needs only bite its victim and he turns into azombie in 2D10 hours. The last few hours before thetransformation bring increased hunger for meat, a sicklypallor and a marked decrease in cerebral activity.) Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit Road Trip of the DamnedZombie CowsStr6Dex1Con2Int-2 Per1Wil2Dead Points15Endurancen/aSpeed2Essence6Skills:Brawling 2Attack:Bite damage: D4 x 6Weak Spot: BrainGetting Around: Slow and SteadySenses:Like the DeadIntelligence: Dumb as Dead WoodSpreading The Love: One Bite and YouÕre Hooked. Angry Bikers N a t i o n a lG u a r dStr2Dex2Con3Int2Per3Wil2Life Points30Endurance26Speed10Essence14Qualities/Drawbacks:Contacts (Military) 2 S k i l l s :Brawling Computers 2, Demolition 2, Dodge 2, Driving (Jeep) 2,Driving (Truck) 1, First Aid 2, Guns (Assault Rifle) 2,Guns Hand Weapon Pilot(Motorboat) 1, Stealth 2, Survival (Forest) 2, Swimming 2 Gear: 5.56 mm assault rifle (range: 10/50/150/600/1000,damage: D8 x 4 damage, shots: 20), .38 caliber handgun(range: 3/10/20/60/120, damage: D6 x 3, shots: 8), largeknife (damage: D4 x Strength), fatigues, Class IVVest(Armor Value: (D8 x 5) + 20), Class III Helmet (ArmorValue: (D8 x 3) + 18), backpack full of assorted survivalgear (rations, compass, flashlight, matches, etc.) University Scientists M o t o r b o a tThis is a small boat with an outboard engine capable of car-rying four people safely. If all six Cast Members are tryingto use the boat, a Piloting (Motorboat) Task must be rolledevery minute to avoid capsizing.Weight: 1400 lbsSpeed: 20 mph/20 yards per secondAcceleration: 4 mph/2 yards per secondRange: 150 milesToughness:2Damage Capacity:38ArmorValue:2 Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit The Naive FreshmanÕs Sedan J e e p.Weight:2000 lbsTop Speed:70 mph/35 yards per secondAcceleration: 20 mph/10 yards per secondRange:320 miles Toughness:4Damage Capacity: 70ArmorValue:2 Deuce and a Half Military Truck M o t o r c y c l e.Weight: 500 lbsSpeed: 160 mph/80 yards per secondAcceleration:45 mph/22 yards per secondRange:225 milesToughness:1Damage Capacity:33ArmorValue:2 Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit Flesh MustIntroductory Game Kit

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