taking small steps Armpit learned the art of digging ditches when he served time at Camp taking small steps Armpit learned the art of digging ditches when he served time at Camp

taking small steps Armpit learned the art of digging ditches when he served time at Camp - PDF document

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taking small steps Armpit learned the art of digging ditches when he served time at Camp - PPT Presentation

This time Armpit learns there are small steps and giant steps in life and sometimes making the choice to take a giant step leads to serious consequences By his side is Ginny a tenyearold disabled neighbor who needs him as much as he needs her and to ID: 36441

This time Armpit learns




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consequences. By his side is Ginny, a ten-year-old disabled neighbor who needshim as much as he needs her, and together Ask students to write a journal entry about a time and wrong. Have them include the following points: What contributed to their decision? How did their decision affect others? Was the outcome worth it?Encourage them to share their journal entries in class.days and bring in articles where people have been in choice that could have a life-changing impact on them or Grades 10 upDelacorte Press hardcover0-385-73314-30-385-90333-20-307-28226-00-307-28225-2 IÕm sitting in my office, which isin Austin, Texas. My dogs, Luckyand Tippy, are here with me. Theyoffice when IÕm writing.Lucky seems to understand that. Hegrowls at my wife or my daughter ifthey try to enter. Maybe he sensesme growling on the inside. I donÕtlike being interrupted. Writing is akind of self-hypnosis. Interruptionsbreak the spell, and itÕs sometimeshard to get back.You used to be a teacher, as wellas a lawyer, but now you writefull-time. How often do you write?hours a day, the first thing in themorning. After two hours, I findtion. ItÕs best to quit while IÕm stillexcited about the story. Then it willbe easier to get started tomorrow. IcouldnÕt write for a longer period,even if I wanted. Tippy has learnedmy schedule. After two hours, shetaps me with her paw, barks, howls,and otherwise lets me know itÕs timeDo you discuss what youÕve writ-ten each day, or wait until thefinished. It took me a year and ahalf to write anyone anything about it during allthat time. I do this for a variety offinish writing it.book. I start with a small idea, andit grows as I write. My ideas cometo me while IÕm writing. The storydrafts. By the time a book is fin-ished, it is impossible for me to sayYou dislike hot Texas summers.Have you always lived in Texas?East Meadow, New York. My fatherI was nine, we moved to Tustin,California at Berkeley. During mylast year there, I helped out at anIt was my experience there that ledto my first book, from Wayside School,write childrenÕs books.Tell us about your family.My wifeÕs name is Carla. When Ifirst me her, she was a counselor atThereÕs a Boy in the GirlsÕ Bathroom.We were married in 1985. Ourdaughter, Sherre, was born in 1987.series. ThatÕs why Marvin has a four-year-old sister.you like to do?In my spare time, I like to playbridge and tennis. IÕm a much betterbridge player than tennis player. Theteacher. She clobbered me. When Ifound out she was a fourth-gradeteacher, I told her who I was. Shewas very impressed. She couldnÕt a conversation with selling author of the award-Stanley YelnatsÕ Survival Guideto Camp Green Lake, ThereÕs aBoy in the GirlsÕ Bathroom, DogsDonÕt Tell Jokes,is his Photo © courtesy of author Praise and AwardsÒThere is no question, ÑStarred, ¥Winner of the ¥Winner of the National Book Award¥Winner of the Award¥Winner of the Christopher Award¥An ALA Best Books forYoung Adults¥An ALA Notable Book¥An ALA Quick PickIn this funny yet poignant story, Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake,a juvenile detention center in the middle of a Texas desert, after being falsely arrested for stealing a pair of sneakers. As the summer progresses,Stanley makes some startling discoveries about himself, and the true meaning of friendship. Grades 10 upYearling paperback ¥ 0-440-41480-6Laurel-Leaf paperback ¥ 0-440-22859-XListening Library compact disc ¥ 0-807-26202-1Listening Library cassette ¥ 0-807-28162-X Introducing Teachers @ Retailthe innovative program designed to enhance the partnership between teachers and retailers! www.TeachersAtRetail.comIntroducing Author 411the author! For more author interviews, visit us online at www.randomhouse.com/librarians Language ArtsHow does the story about Kate Barlow resemble a tall tale? Ask studentsto write the story of Kate Barlow, embellishing it with their own ÑAsk students to discuss how the study of juvenile crimeÑStanleyÕs father is an inventor. Although it is said that an inventor must have intelligence, perseverance, and a lot of luck, StanleyÕssuch as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, andthe Wright brothers. How did luck play a role in their inventions? Stanley Yelnats (Caveman, to some of you) offersanecdotes and advice on everything from digging thelizards, Mr. Sir) to help make your stay a more Yearling paperback0-440-41947-60-385-90140-2