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Short for . Internetwork. AKA: The World Wide Web, or the Net. This is defined by the system of communications channels. Cable. Satellite. Fiber Optics. Telephone. A Network of Networks. Connected by a common set of rules: TCP/IP. ID: 727974 Download Presentation

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The Internet The Internet: A Definition

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The Internet


The Internet: A Definition

Short for


AKA: The World Wide Web, or the Net

This is defined by the system of communications channels



Fiber Optics


A Network of Networks

Connected by a common set of rules: TCP/IP

Populated by services:

WWW, Communications, Data Transfer



Advanced Research Projects Administration



of Defense

Funding of Communications resourcesFirst to Universities and Tech CompaniesUCLA & SRI Int’l – 10/29/69UC Santa Barbara, U. of UtahWent international in the 70sUK, Sweden, Norway

Wikipedia, 2012


History… continued


National Science Foundation - 1981

TCP/IP standardized

Protocols that make communications possible

NSF Net expanded to allow access to supercomputers – 1985Commercial usage

CompuServe, America Online, ProdigyEmail, live chat, remote access to databases1989 – Tim Berners Lee – Hyper Text Markup Language

Protocols for graphical display of the World Wide Web


Public can surf the web with Web Browsers

Dial-Up services and special Web Browsing software

Had to pay for each

Uses in business, gaming, personal life, communications

Huge impacts!








So Many




The World Wide Web

Public can surf the web with Web Browsers

1993 – Mosaic Graphical Web Browser

1994 – Netscape Navigator

1995 – Microsoft Internet Explorer

Became and remains the #1 browserBundled with Windows (#1 Operating System)1996 – Opera (mostly used on mobile devices now)

1998 – Netscape becomes Mozilla Firefox2003 – Apple SafariBundled with the computer

2008 to 2010 – Google Chrome


How Does It Work?

Client Web Browser


Browser sends DNS request

DNS returns IP

Browser sends “GET” to IP

ISPs take packets of data through many routers and networks

Server receives GET and returns packets of data

Again, networks

Local machine receives requested data



The Internet

Top of the screen is a Address Bar

This defines the URL of the website or file currently being explored

URL: Universal Resource


essentially like a street address but it doesn’t refer to an actual physical location, but a file location on a server or in a directory








Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Domain Name

As registered with a Domain Name Serivce

Top-Level Domain

Defining type of domain

Path or subdirectory and actual page file

How does this work?

Hyper Text Markup Language:

A simple programming language that universally tells a web browser how to set up and define a web page

Gives formatting and parameters for display


A simple web site



→ NotepadEnter in the text

Save As:index.htmlTo DesktopOpen with a web browser

Should automatically choose this



<title>A simple web page</title>



This is a really simple Web Page!




Navigating the Internet

Very large with well over


billion registered websites

Also full of questionable contentIdentify some useful Search Engines:


Let’s compare these web search engines…

Everyone choose at least one of these services

You can open multiple tabs at the top of the web browser content frame

Brainstorm topic:

Type keywords into search bar and hit enter

Describe top 5 returned itemsWhat are they?Do they want money? Personal info?

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