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Maryland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Kids Martial Arts Rockville Long before we became Martial Arts business owners, we were students of martial arts. In fact, we have been training in Martial arts all of our lives. MORE THAN JUST A MARTIAL ART During the 1930 ’s Imi Lichtenfeld needed a way to protect both himself and his community against fascists in a pre - independent Israel . So with survival in mind, he combined his wrestling and boxing experience with various street fighting techniques to create what is today known as

Krav Maga . The Krav Maga system is a set of principles and instinctive movements based on those real - world scenarios, which can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels to quickly subdue an opponent of any size . Skills include learning how to protect the body’s most vulnerable points (i . e . eyes, throat, face, groin, ribs, foot, etc) while using offensive maneuvers to swiftly neutralize dangerous opponents . Today, his system is

known as Krav Maga or “contact combat” in Hebrew . It has become one of the most popular self - defense combat systems around and is used by the FBI, NYPD, LAPD and Israeli Defense Force, and other militaries around the world . Your Fists Are Your Friends While hand - to - hand combat is as ancient as human civilization itself, the regulated, modern combat sport of Boxing has only been around since around the 17 th century . And based on

the present day worldwide popularity of this gloved sport, it is probably here to stay . The goal of boxing is simple : knock down the opponent using your fists before they do it to you . And as any boxer will agree — it is the artful and careful use of the hook, jab and uppercut that will help make this happen . Come to a Pure Performance Boxing class to learn how to stay on your feet, land and take punches (while protecting

your chin and organs) and how use your fists to take control and defend yourself . Our trained and certified coaches are ready to take you to the next level . THE MARTIAL ART THAT IS BOTH GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE? It’s a 133 year - old combat martial art, and as of 1964 , an Olympic Sport as well . Judo, meaning “the gentle way”, is a martial system of throws, trips, takedowns and pins, all of which aim to immobilize and control an

opponent by throwing them off - balance and to the ground . Judo, like Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu (BJJ), is the descendant of Japanese Jitsu . Unlike BJJ however, Judo emphasizes grappling from the standing position . Furthermore, in the absence of kicks and punches, Judo emphasizes shifting balance to create sweeping momentum, as well as intense conditioning . POWERFUL STRIKES AND IMPRESSIVE AGILITY While this Filipino Martial Art may also be interchangeably referred to

as Arnis and Eskima , there is no mistaking its trademark style : knives, swords, sticks and other weapon - based fighting, similar to that seen in the Jason Borne movies . Training in Kali also includes grappling, joint locks, and weapons disarming . When all put together, this National Filipino Sport represents one of the most sophisticated empty - hands methods of short to mid - range fighting . KEEPING KIDS HEALTHY, HAPPY AND SAFE IN LIFE Childhood can be a

tumultuous time . And with so much change, it’s easy get off track . Our comprehensive Kid’s Martial Arts program focuses on creating balanced, confident and respectful children who know how to get through it all . Some children will especially enjoy the mix of movement training and martial arts . Others will enjoy the active and engaging environment where they can make new friends like them . All will love the fun and engaging workouts

with our gentle instructors . Parents, too, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is learning important self - defense techniques and the physical and mental discipline . Your child may just notice that stopping bullies, completing homework assignments and staying focused is a breeze after our kid’s training . For more information please visit http://

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