Ahmadinejad PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

Electoral system for president
Electoral system for president - presentation


. What other country that we study has this electoral system for president? . Summary of the 17 and 24 June 2005 Iranian Presidential . election results. Candidates. Votes 1st round. %. Votes 2nd round.

BartleBull.com  Flak Jacket: Ahmadinejad
BartleBull.com Flak Jacket: Ahmadinejad - pdf


BartleBull.com Flak Jacket: Ahmadinejad

Iran: Public Policy
Iran: Public Policy - presentation


AP Comparative Government. Policy Making Factions. The most powerful policymaking institutions in Iran are the Majles and the Guardian Council. The Expediency Council referee’s between the two institutions.

How much do you think Iranians know about American governme
How much do you think Iranians know about American governme - presentation


Ayatollah you so--Jihad Walking!. Review!. Of all the historical and political influences in Iranian history, which do you think has had the greatest influence on modern day Iran?. Why did the United States support the authoritarian rule of the Pahlavi shahs?.

The Iranian Revolution 1979
The Iranian Revolution 1979 - presentation


Shia Islam. Fatima & Ali. Aga Muhammad Khan . Kajar. 1779. Reza Khan 1921. Pahlavi Dynasty. American Background with Iran. World War II – Muhammed Reza Shah. CIA coup overthrows National Front Government of .

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