Angara Baikal PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

1) How is our amazing lake described in the poem?
1) How is our amazing lake described in the poem? - presentation


2) What disobedient daughter is mentioned in the poem?. 3) Guess the topic of our lesson . Oh, Great Baikal! . The world of gods – . ezhinz. ,. the land of miracles and legends.. Where is your . disobedient .

Great Lakes of Eurasia
Great Lakes of Eurasia - presentation


Europe – Asia: Caspian Sea. Asia: Aral Sea. Asia: Lake Baikal. Complete map of Eurasia….label the lakes (seas) and countries surrounding each.. Great Lakes of Eurasia. Where is the largest body of freshwater located?.



MASTER’S PROGRAM. Baikal State University . . has been offering Master’s programs since 1998:. 39 . M. aster’s Programs. 2 . M. aster’s . P. rograms in English. International Management. &.

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