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1 Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
1 Hyperlinks and Action Buttons - presentation


This PowerPoint document will help you learn about hyperlinks and action buttons.. 2. Hyperlinks. In Microsoft PowerPoint, a hyperlink is a connection from a slide to another slide, a custom show, a Web page, or a file. The hyperlink itself can be text or an object such as a picture, graph, shape, or WordArt. .

navigation buttons within ipad applications influence the degree to wh
navigation buttons within ipad applications influence the de - pdf


NAVIGATION BUTTONS AND INTUITIVENESS FOR IPAD APPLICATIONS 36 Appendix DLetter of informed consent Sabina Idler Address line 1 Address line 2 Amsterdam. 18.11. 2011 To the parents of 2nd and 3rd gr



  By pressing the following buttons, you can access various features:START STOP:

Buttons, Headers, Footers, and Navigation
Buttons, Headers, Footers, and Navigation - presentation


CIS 136 Building Mobile Apps. 1. Buttons. Cis136 – Building Mobile Apps. 2. JQM buttons - Overview. 3. Mobile applications are built upon the simplicity of tapping things you'd want . displayed. Used to navigate from one page/view to .

Advanced GUI’s
Advanced GUI’s - presentation


Christopher Budo, Davis Nygren, spencer franks, Luke miller. Goals. Familiarization with common interface components. Text components. Radio buttons. Check boxes. Menus. Understand the use of layout managers to arrange user-interface components.

Chapter - presentation


6. Multiplayer. XNA Game Studio 4.0. Objectives. Discover how to detect and use individual button-press events in a game.. Learn . how to create and debug a complex program.. Write . one of the only 16-player games for the Xbox in the world..

Proloquo2Go - presentation


2.02. Presented By:. Carolyn Rouse. Assistive Technology Department. Special Student Services. 10.1.12. Class Outline. Before Lunch. Setting up . iPad. and . Proloquo. Introduction to users. How to store buttons and pages.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - presentation


Chapter 6. Navigating Presentations Using Hyperlinks and Action Buttons. Create a presentation from . a Microsoft . Word outline. Add . hyperlinks to slides and objects. Hyperlink . to other Microsoft .

VR Newsroom
VR Newsroom - presentation


A CGGC/GIP Project by Natan Yellin. Supervisors: Boaz . Sternfeld. , . Omri. . Azencot. , . Yaron. . H. onen. Overview. What does content discovery look like in VR?. Does anyone want a virtual office?.

AIM: - presentation


PowerPoint Unit Review . Do Now: . Using flow chart map out the steps needed to complete . 4 . of the following skills:. A. . Insert a hyperlink . C. . Hide a Slide. B. . Insert images from the internet .



Brick buttons . AS SENSORS. Lesson Objectives. Learn how to use your brick buttons as sensors. Prerequisites: Display Blocks. Copytight © 2015 EV3Lessons.com, Last edit 7/06/2016. What are the Brick Buttons?.

Homepage Overview Navigation
Homepage Overview Navigation - presentation


A. PASSPort Logo: . Clicking the PASSPort logo at any time will take you back to the homepage.. B. Navigational. Icons: . Use the. . ,. . ,. and . icons to go back a page, view history, and save .

Vocabulary Greek Roots
Vocabulary Greek Roots - presentation


Vocabulary Greek Roots 7 th Reading J. Galvan Vocabulary terms Below are Greek roots. met/ meta derma cyto / cyte proto epi Hypo ologist Mono phyto / phyte ology itis di /bi scope a/an/in litho/ lith

THE ZIPPER - presentation


A . mechanical. . prodigy. Blanca Fernández Hernando. D. escription. . The. . key. . was. . to. . design. a . unique. . piece. , . or. . tooth. , . that. has a . hole. . below. and . an.

Detailing Your e-Campus Shell
Detailing Your e-Campus Shell - presentation


Evening & Weekend Office. Buttons. Adding color to your column on the left. Buttons. Buttons. Click on customization. Click on “teaching style”. click. Buttons. There are 4 major enhancements available on this page .

Detailing Your e-Campus Shell
Detailing Your e-Campus Shell - presentation


Evening & Weekend Office. Buttons. Adding color to your column on the left. Buttons. Buttons. Click on customization. Click on “teaching style”. click. Buttons. There are 4 major enhancements available on this page .

Brought to you by PowerPoint Pros.com
Brought to you by PowerPoint Pros.com - presentation


Random Buttons. PLAY. The class should be divided into multiple teams (this template supports two.) One member from one team goes up to the board and taps on a random button. A question slide pops up, and that member has to answer it WITHOUT HELP FROM HIS/HER TEAM. If they answer it correctly, that team earns a point. If they don’t, a member of the other team can volunteer their answer. If they are correct, that team earns the point. (No points are lost for incorrect answers.) Then you repeat the same process, each time with the opposite team..

Handheld Devices 101
Handheld Devices 101 - presentation


Catherine Dizon. Jorge Andrews. tobaccoeval@ucdavis.edu. 1. Test Drive Route . 4-Point Inspection. In hand, charged, registered, powered. Common Buttons. Common Tasks & Trouble Shooting. Connecting to Wi-Fi.

Inventions with a Life of Their Own
Inventions with a Life of Their Own - presentation


Vocabulary. 1. recycle . 回收. Amy recycled . all her dead batteries . at. . the convenience store. .. Amy . 把她所有沒電的電池拿去超商回收. .. 2. century . 世紀. Computers and the Internet .

Zippers BAG Essentials
Zippers BAG Essentials - presentation


Reminders about the Serger… . a. . Do Not Serge over zippers, pins or excessive bulk. b. Always Chain stitch at the end of . serging. c. Never raise the presser foot. d. Clean . out the scrap collector each time you finish .

Website Buttons
Website Buttons - presentation


and Calls-To-Action. For PTAs & PTOs. No designer or design software required! . The Purpose of “Buttons. ” or Calls-To-Action. A call-to-action is a marketing term. It can be a button, graphic, or text that gives your visitor a clear direction to tak.

Preparing PowerPoint for Use with a Touch Screen
Preparing PowerPoint for Use with a Touch Screen - presentation


Dr. Steve . Broskoske. Misericordia University. New Way to Use PowerPoint. Another way to use PowerPoint is to create a computer-based training application (CBT).. . Actions buttons. + Action settings (objects).

IT Applications Theory Slideshows
IT Applications Theory Slideshows - presentation


By Mark Kelly. mark@vceit.com. Vceit.com. Version 2 – for 2016+. Interfaces. Interfaces. Interface = Where humans interact with and control software.. . GUI = Graphical User Interface. ‘Desktop’ metaphor - mimics human behaviour e.g. drop into trash, ‘folders’.



Step by step guide. Let’s listen!. LISTEN AGAIN!. See if you can transcribe the words of the conversation, 5 seconds at a time. Don’t worry about pauses or anything yet – just get down all the words said.

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