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Trend Monitoring
Trend Monitoring - pdf


The Path to Recovery Delisting the Grizzly Removing a species from the Endangered Species List is the ultimate goal of any wildlife manager. But to do this certain criteria must be met. The criteria f

Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality - presentation


2018 303(d) Listing and Delisting Update. WQC, July 11, 2018. Pam Behm, DWR Modeling and Assessment Branch. Summary of Updates to 2018 303(d) Listing and Delisting Methodology. Updated data window: 2012-2016.

Biological Status Review for the Gray Wolf in Oregon and Evaluation of Delisting Criteria
Biological Status Review for the Gray Wolf in Oregon and Eva - presentation


April 24, 2015. Russ . Morgan. Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. Purpose of This Briefing . To evaluate the biological status of wolves in Oregon and determine if significant information exists to justify rulemaking to delist the wolf under the Oregon ESA (OESA).

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